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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My stars are your stars...

When you gaze into the night sky you realize that no matter how different our personal world seems to be, that we share in the beauty and comfort of the celestial blanket.

 The moon is shining it's glow can be seen
and as I stare into the night mesmerized am
 I by the dreams.

The star shining brightly, sparkles overhead is
 there to comfort me as I prepare for bed.

No barriers between us, no mountains high
and as you reach for that star, it will pull you
 to my side.

There is nothing more amazing than breaking
distance down and feeling your love like
a kiss from the heavens to the ground.


Sings>I'll share the heavens, the sky of blue,
 I'll share each moment of the day with you.
 I'll climb the mountains, I'll swim a sea,
 I'll hold your hand for all eternity.

I'll kiss you good morning and good night,
I'll hold you gentle and yet so very tight.
I'll follow my heart which leads to you,
in my dreams I'll be loving you.

I'll whisper sweet words of love,
I'll send them to you via the clouds above.
I'll be here to comfort you through the
midnight sky and the morning dew.

I'll keep you close in my heart and
I'll feel your love each day spark,
I'll take each  fond memory and
write of the love you give to me.

I'll sing with the song birds, I'll
dance in the heavens high, I'll
wait for you, if it takes the
rest of my life.

My stars are you stars,
that shine so bright,

My moon is your moon
both day and night

My heaven is your heaven
and amazingly true, from the
very first moment when my
heart said I do.

I do love you, I do care, I do
need you, need you here.

I do want you, I do dream,
I do believe, believe in the
love you bring.

I do the dance, I do a song, I do
know where I belong, I know
it is true, that I belong here with

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