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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 01, 2010

My Heart Houses The Most Precious Love

My most perfect moments...kissing you good morning,
waking to your charm, strolling through life
safely arm in arm.

Rolling on over each and every night to feel your flesh
entwined with mine would be a moment filled with delight.  

Gazing into your eyes, tender lips to lips as I trace the
outline of your face with my fingertips. Feeling your love
 inside and out, knowing that what we have is more than
a dance upon the clouds.

Sharing the moment, defining the time as we ignite the
passion in the blaze where our souls align.  

Good Night My Love... It matters so very little of what others may think, for these words are written to bring reality to your dreams. 

 To roll into your arms and kiss you goodnight...

There is only one true love and that is that which can be felt in the most simplest form of touch. Kiss my lips, touch heart, embrace my soul... I feel your loves surface beyond all barriers of place and time. 

Here is the battle as my soul will tell, 
for it is the wants and the needs that
created this hell. 

I listened closely to the wide debate,
is it of circumstance or is it of fate?

The day was filled with loneness 
and despair, not sure of the journey
that brought me here. 

What is the conquest where shall it
lead and does any of it matter of 
this self written creed.?

I have challenged the heavens to listen to my plea, 
for the heavens sent to me his love for which I was in 
desperate need. The sun surely has set and the moon
now rules the sky, so if you think it possible place
him in my arms and not my mind. 

The darkness overwhelming and I knew not what
to do, I wanted him so badly that the ache in me just 
grew. Entrapment the moment, web like were the years
and as I try to break away, I stumble on that of fear. 


One cannot own love nor keep it contained for it is
 as magical as the blue sky and free it shall remain. 


This is my love, I give it you,
 to hold you safe under the
  night shades of blue .

This is my soul, the soul in 
need and that loves you
for all eternity. 

This is the song which
flows from my lips
with words the 
hearts gift. 

I was asked once if prose was a repetition of my wants and desire? and my reply,  I write each word in celebration of the day  from the moment when I first felt your love in the most unique way. My promise is from my soul to record to history the emotions of love which you stir in me.  The dreams but a gateway, the heavens but a start for you my sweet love truly have my heart. When days are shadowed by the darkness of the hour, I think of you my darling and your love which blazes like a fire.

When I am feeling lonely I reach on out to you and feel your embrace like a rainbow in the storms that shadow the blue. The colors of love bring happiness to me, for your are created of more than simple day time dreams. Yellow like the sunshine, red of passion and desire, blue the sky a stage for memories and all the other colors are faith and love inspired. When I am feeling lonely I reach on out to you, for you are my dreams come true. 

The closer I am to you,
 the more at peace my soul is. 

The reality is neither of my wants nor my needs
for the bonding of souls consist solely of our love for one anotherr.

As if turning my head upon the pillow would reveal an image of your being.. 
it wasn't until I looked into my heart that I saw the truth of love.
I saw light in the darkness,
laughter where once silence 
and joy to replace the sorrow... 
welcome to the canvas of love.
I am confident of the love that embraces from a distance
 and yet is so close that it is one with my being. 

Only For You

Each and every morning before the sun is yet to rise,
I lay here with my head upon the pillow as the tears
 flow from my eyes.

My heart sings of love and  my soul knows the verse
so well, the words which seem quite magical
cast a lovers spell.

 Restless  is the spirit, troubling the mind as it hungers
 for your presence to embrace this flesh of mine. I
write the words that only angels would know,
sung for your ears and your ears alone.

I start each day in the very same way, celebrating
each moment from the very first day. The moment
when you said hello and took my hand and the rest
is the simplicity of hearts drawn in the sand.

I live each moment only for your sweet love, you
are the energy which ignites from the heavens

I wasn't looking nor did I hope to find,
the gift of your love which caught me
by surprise. The heavens were gracious,
abundant the dreams as they guided
your love directly to me.

I tried to deny from the start but you were
persistent in taking my heart. You never
gave up and you never gave in, you
stood beside till your loved seeded

The days are lonely, my soul feeling
blue, as I eagerly await each moment
with you. It is not my want or my needs,
it is simply that you are a part of me.

There are no words to read or to write
, even the heart don't know what to recite.
The soul feels the darkness the heart
knows it true that life is empty without

The day is ended, the stars now shine
and I'll celebrate when souls entwine.
High above the mountains and at the
crest of a dream is the images
cast of you and me.

Our love is blessed indeed, as the
Lord responded to my hearts plea.
I wasn't looking nor did I hope to
find a love so precious and rare
from inside.

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