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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Magic of Love

The Magic of love is in the happiness we share!
I gazed into the blue sky,
a smile was on my face,
as I thought of your love,
my heart began to race.

The sunflower documents,
a season on the move, 
as my heart recognizes 
that if you snooze you lose. 

Perfect weather, 
season of bliss,
a sharing of souls,
no moment to miss.

Dreams for the taking,
from morning till night,
of the sweet embrace,
of holding you tight.

Because I have loved...
There is a silence that even the soul cannot deny,
as if lost in the moment and both deaf and blind. 


I have never seen the sky more clearer,
as if I had reached beyond the memories
to a land where dreams are reality. 
Bliss is when you are doing absolutely
 nothing and it feels so right.
Nothing is more peaceful than
sharing life in the arms of love.


1 comment:

amrit said...

tight in the arms of love-a true longing moment for soulmates.amrit