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Friday, September 03, 2010

Our Embrace


I had at one time thought that the journey was decided for us and that we were carrying out some kind of greater plan and that it was all written into our genetic and spiritual code at birth. As time went on I thought that choice led us down one path or another and again that circumstances played a big part in whether we climb mountains or drown at sea. But I don't think anything is ever that easy and so I realize it is a combination of factors that is important for this time on earth. Will finish writing later...

There is nothing in this world more wonderful than the love of you,
 it's what I dream of and what I  live to do. To feel the magic of
 your most gentle touch, to share in the moment from earth to the
heavens above.

My heart is open and you are welcome to step on in,
for there is nothing more special than the gift from within.
I know that wherever I may travel, I packed your love
 to go, it is filled with all the elements that gives to life
its glow.

Before the sun blinds my eyes,
before my feet hit the floor,
I find myself dreaming of
you walking through the door.

Before the day is started,
before the dreams fade,
I find myself in your arms
as the joy of my day.

My head upon your shoulder,
my spirit worry free and when
I gaze into your eyes I know
we are meant to be.

Tears from the heart of all
the years that have gone by,
the struggles on a journey,
where the mountains were
awfully high.

Dreams are in the making,
and a smile is upon my face as
I feel your love and the magic
of our embrace.


I reviewed the chapters, discarded quite a few and filed the more precious ones on the clouds above the heavens blue. I placed them securely, so they would be around to light up my life when only darkness blankets the ground. I mastered sorting the memories and saved the ones with you,for they are the ones that guide me and tell me what to do.They led me over the mountains, they taught my soul to soar and when I felt a little weak that washed me upon the shore. I reviewed the chapters the ones on trust and truth and placed them all together until my heart and soul regrouped. Words are but a passage for my love to flow, because no matter where the journey, I'm never letting go.


amrit said...

the summing up of body,heart& soul-this is what an embrace is all about.amrit

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Amrit,
Yes something so natural to the spirit shouldn't be so difficult to encompass.