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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Reveals All

Balancing the heart and soul is really a concept that has to do with listening to ones own inner self in a positive manner. Allowing the good within to surface brings us on a plateau that is one with nature and the world around us. The early autumn sun shines down in a way that reflects rays light which dance on  the leaves of gold giving off an essence which creates an ambiance of peace. There in the wide spectrum of life's bounty is the revelation that today has all that we need to bring about the joy of love.

Simple pleasures... to wake up in your arms,
 to feel your lips to mine, to erase all sorrow,
and to live to dream another day.

I thought to myself, is it that we are not ready to see and understand or is it that all is revealed in its own good time? Some say that "time is the great healer "and that with time we not only get a better understanding, but we allow our heart to find a sense of peace. There are so many important messages to be gained through the lessons of life.I never imagined that I would get to this place in my life where I would have a deeper and better understanding on that which we are exposed to through out our daily life. I wondered why it took so long to digest some of the more difficult experiences and than it occurred to me that it is true " time reveals all/ and heals all" It is rather complicated when you are deep in the heat of the moment and it is at this time that we need to step back and look on and take in a wider view. Yet it is at that very moment that we do the opposite and we almost drown by the weight of our own decisions. Like a delicate weave the network in which we are a part of provides us with a complex view of life. I know that today the sun had risen and as it set the moon found its place in the starry night sky. I know that my ability to experience is only limited by my own indecisiveness. I know that truth will guide us and love will follow and all will be as it is. The beauty is not in looking back nor is it about tomorrow, the joy that I celebrate is in magic of the moment. Our emotions insurmountable so much so that we are incapable of breaking through the walls that are built to protect the heart. Each person we meet has a story, a journey and a path to follow.It seems almost as if it our own personal conquest and as we surface we find our internal being becoming more complete.  I am neither separate from the heavens nor the earth, as I am one with the world around me. The blue of the sky that blankets us both day and night, is the great reminder that we are as close as two spirits can be. The stars that shine bright are the treasure that we await each night. I glanced not once but twice out the window and I felt a chill race through my body almost as if its destination was to pierce my soul. I rejoice that today we live, today we love, today we have reached beyond the dreams of tomorrow. The sky blue, the water cold, the rocks stretch across the shore and when I look into your heart I get a glimpse of our love and all that it has in store.. Evergreens rarely change, they reach to mountains high and as the sun reflects from the river, we are gifted to see,a view of life and how much you mean to me.

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