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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am but a thread stitched into the canvas

There are days when my want for more clouds my judgment of all the good in life. The trails and tribulations of my personal experience reveal the love that expands within each moment . Because we cannot step into the mind of another we are only responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Like the threads in the canvas as each is pulled tighter to prevent a hole, we so want to pull people closer to prevent a void from forming in our very own life. It was my misunderstanding of various situations that placed negativity and doubt in my mind. I now have comprehended more on a level that explains how people like the treads of life are woven to create and provide us with the full experience.
I thought of the many people who have been stitched into my own heart and soul and how I wanted to unravel the threads of experience. It occurred to me the canvas of life is filled with many beautiful memories and that I am ever grateful for all the joy and happiness that was so magnificently and powerfully stitched into my life.

I have seen the love and joy,
and felt it touch my soul and
as the canvas of life is stitched,
it is woven with friendship in
threads of gold.

The sunshine warm each morning,
the moon light bright each night,
all simple reminders of the love
which I cannot deny.

Grateful am I  for all the blessings
graciously bestowed and I thank
the Lord daily for the gift  of love
which continues to grow.

You are my first thought in the morning
the arms that hold me in the night and
when the silence surrounds the day
you're the voice of song that
 brings our love to life.


I love you more with each breath of day,
for my heart is yours in the most magical way.

I have been given the greatest of gifts,
friendship all rolled up in a state of bliss.
I am ever so aware of the beauty of life and
 I shall respect each moment as the magic it truly is.
I have been given the gift to see 
and in your heart I see the dream.

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