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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Forever Love..

Complete love is when you can see it with your eyes closed 
and feel it at a depth so deep that it touches your soul.. 


I have stood strong against the many storms of life and yet my soul feels the abrasion of the mighty winds as they tether my spirit anchoring it to the pits of hell. In my own foolishness,I have explored the many emotions that have surfaced from the diverse experiences that teased both the heart and the soul. As the darkness fell the ache inside of me became a fresh reminder of the past. It was not until I reached and you accepted my hand and pulled me close with my heart to your heart that I felt a renewed sense of hope. The gates of reality had opened and I walked side by side through to a sunlit valley that replaced the stars in the sky.

Am I saving you or is it you that is saving me
? In the vast endless ocean to the shores of
make believe.

I reached for your love and I found you
reaching back and there is something awfully
special and that my friend is a fact.

Am I saving you or is it you that is saving me?
In the madness of the moment I felt a love
that sets my soul free.

Like the wind against my face and a kiss out
of a dream, I held to your love in a dance
to the song my heart sings.

Am I saving you or is it you that is saving me?
Reaching for your hand I felt your push as I
pulled you next to me.

I can't deny and I dare not let go of the
mystery in the making that through the
soul flows.

Am I saving you or is it you that is saving me?
The reality has me surfacing above the heavens
high in bond that entwines our soul in the blue
of the sky.

One moment of laughter and a forever smile
comes from the love of you which I declare
crosses many a mile.

Am I saving you or is it you that is saving me?
The answer is simple as the love that brought
you here on a journey of forever where I am
in your arms my dear.

Beyond the darkness and the gates of despair,
I found the warmth of your love that sent
which I wait each day to share.
I never saw a brighter sky with stars to many to count,
but as I looked at the vastness of the heavens blue, I
realized there was nothing that could keep my love for
Why is it that when you do without,
you more easily recognize the 
beauty of a forever love.

It is my hunger for love that 
so understands your very own needs.  
It was from the very first moment that I realized who I was on the inside that I knew how important it was to have someone who understood that internal part of me, loved that part of me and wanted that part of me. 


amrit said...

love birds can fly to any height,dive down to any depth,fight any adversity smlingly,stength lies in pursuit to unite with each other.amrit

Anonymous said...

I believe you must be joint heart and soul to overcome all adversity and unite.
Leery Spirit