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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Set My Heart Free

It has been a very hectic week and trying to accomplish a variety of things seems to put an added pressure on the moment. The early days of autumn are a bit titillating, they are a combination of the warms days of summer and the coolness is a reminder of what is yet to come. In some ways as I walked through the garden, I saw not only nature documenting the moment, but the reward of such a moment through the bountiful harvest. There is an eeriness, it is as if I were one with this so called canvas of life. Spinning and still at the same moment, almost like running and not, my heart races and my feet yet to move.  I laughed as I glanced back and than forward, the past and the present and the future teasing my spirit. I felt at times childish, questionably so, as I wanted clear cut answers for that which there are none. Taking a deep breath and exhaling , all thoughts to the wind. If it were simplicity which spoke the heart would step forward and in your arms I would be standing. I again imagined your heart next to mine and a chill came over me. I quivered as if you were being pulled away by the abyss. Desperate to hold on to your love, I reached with my mind and pulled you next to me. The embrace of such joy brought a happiness that soothed troubled soul.

Everyday a little bit more,
there is so much still in store.
Loving you is a daydream
come true.

Roll on over, this pillows to share,
I am now in your arms and there
is no room for tears.

One moment, one day, one night with you,
it's the magic of love that makes
dreams come true.

Roll on over, this pillows to share,
 I am now in your arms and there
is nothing to fear.

One hug, one kiss, one lifetime with you,
and it is so obvious how much I love you.

Roll on over, this pillows to share,
I am now in your arms and in your
eyes I stare.

One heart, one soul, now into two,
as this bond is sealed with my love
for you.

Roll on over, this pillows to share,
I am now in your arms and I'm
whispering I love you dear.

Shhh close your eyes my love and sleep peacefully, shhhhhh close your eyes my love , you are here with me. Shhhh close your eyes my love and i'll roll into your arms, close your eyes my love as I embrace your heart. Good Night....

Sings:>;I need, I need you now,
 I want you to want me,I can't hide that smile.

The stars now shine in the sky and here
I wait for the love of my life.

I need, I need you now, I want you to
want me, I can't hide that smile.

The dreams are waiting to come true,
they cast you my love with only skies of blue.

I need, I need you now, I want you to want me,
I can hide that smile.

My body quivers at the mere thought of you and
just one night of my loving you.

I need,I need you now, I want you to want me,
I can't hide that smile.

The heavens are now open wide and we're
on the clouds and we're sailing up high.

I need, I need you now, I want you to want me ,
I can't hide that smile.

I took all of my emotions, I gathered all of my dreams, I counted the nights and I added  the memories.  I tossed  them to the wind and I set my heart free and they landed with you for all eternity. I felt the magic of love, I knew that it was special, sent from the stars above.

I held the moment, I held it with my mind, your voice so awfully special it soothes like years of time. I kept the words, the words of love and stored them in my heart for future research in the heavens above. There is no mistaken what you bring to me, your embrace so warm and tenderly.

My eyes adjusted to the dark of night and
all seemed rather simple to focus on my life.

There were days which rarely made much
sense, until I opened the gate in the
surrounding fence.

Free am I to allow my heart to feel to share
in the moment with a love story to tell.
I feel your love in the night, your voice so
gentle makes everything seem so right.

The stars a blanket, the moon leads me
to you and there I find you waiting in
the heavens blue.

Love is magical indeed, it can take a
mountain and flatten it with a dream,
turn a puddle into a a raging sea and
sail your love directly to me.

I feel you at this moment, I know you
are here with me, you are the love of
my life and are meant to be. The sun
that shines,the stars in the night, we
are the moment that give sense to this

I don't know how to explain, except
to tell  the world the heavens are to blame,
indecisive they waited way to long, to
send us on a journey where I would
end up in your arms.

To love you is not a dream come true,
 it's destiny in the making where I spend
 my life with you. 

I can't stop dreaming, dreaming of you, to feel your warmth would make all of my dreams come true. To live and love at the angels request, I give you my heart on this life long test.

I can't stop singing, singing of you, to bring a voice to the silence with words of I love you.Dancing under the skies of blue, I'm dancing with my heart open to you.

My hearts revelation reveals in away,
the map of love which leads me to
this day.

Circling on a detour, you seemed
a lifetime away, I knew not where
the road would lead or if I'd find
my way.

Somehow it happens, in away I
can't explain, like sunlight in the
night that makes the darkness

The road is much more clearer
and I now understand, that I
am your woman and you are
my man.
Some thought they were a chapter,
others believed they were the whole
book and a few are just a memory
and not worth a second look.

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