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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kaleidescope of Thought

There is a chill that runs so deep within me,
even on the hottest of days I cannot shake it. 

The dreams reflect my restless and lonely hearts desire and
the love empowers more and more with each waking hour.
I don't really understand it, the journey is not how I planned
it.I'm dancing under the skies of blue and all that I can really do,
is think about how my life would be, as I share it with you.

The spectrum of color is in every shade and hue and as I
close my eyes the river turns from red to blue. The passion
is of lovers a magical embrace like no other. I'm caught up
in this silly dream and all I can really see, is the  mountains
between us and the water beneath us, as I try to reach the
heavens high and release the love from inside.
There are those who conform and thus believe love is born,
but I know that life is less certain and much more is in store.

The largest piece of the puzzle comes with self acceptance. 

The more I experience, the more confusing life becomes
One thousand deaths cannot compare with the ache
from the loss of love. 

It is possible that my own failure to interpret correctly
created a false sense of love. 
It is not what I can be for you,
 it is what can we be for each other!

The tears fall like shards of hot steel and embed into the heart.
leaving behind a piercing reminder of the dreams which 
are the making of a fools desire. 
I cannot run nor hide...

My happiness is not a part of the equation. 

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amrit said...

Never feel you are lone and furlon in love,your beloved heart equally beats for you.No calculations in LOVE,please.amrit