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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainbows Fall

 The last dance

The tree leaves of late summer dance through the
 mid day rays of sun light, leaving shadows upon the wall.

So powerful is the mind that it can take you anywhere and bring to you anything. Close your eyes and open your heart and you'll find that I've been with you from the start. The waves race to the shore and you can feel them reaching out like my love reaches out to you. My arms tucked safely in yours as I sing softly, we are the sunshine in the morn and the stars in the night that have yet to be explored, we are love straight through the hearts core. 

There was a real sense of peace as I woke up this morning. Nothing had really changed from the long days of yesterday other than the beauty of acceptance that comes with releasing any traits of selfishness. It was and is the power of love that transforms the moment making everything possible. Surrounded by darkness and yet your love shines brightly through like a rose that blooms in winter. I felt as if I were cradled by the heavens and stars that twinkle above the blanket that provides a warmth of connection from my soul to yours.Tomorrow will not be like today nor will day have any resemblance of yesterday but through the eyes of love we shall view all that has surfaced from the heart.
There was a mountain of negativity that seem to weigh upon my spirit, none of which I can change but all of it can has been removed from my being. I cannot change the mass of people who allow hate and ugliness to guide them, One by one I can reinforce the power of love and allow that positive energy to flow. Saturday provided the stage in which the ground work was laid. I spoke with a woman who was intrigued by the poetry and skin care products she was seventy years old. We spoke of individual gifts. She said "you are so talented,". I told her what I have told my own children, from birth we are given a gift and the journey is in finding that gift and using it to better mankind. She said " I don't think I have a gift, I surely can't do what you do" Each person is unique and there gift unique. She again asked "what gave you the gift to see?" I laughed and joking responded " insanity" There were a few people who stood out that day, There was an officer of our military who spent some time reading the poetry. I had found that my concern was not in reaching every soul, but reaching out to those souls who indeed needed to be heard, spoken to and touched in away that makes my journey necessary.
I am at peace, not because of what I have lost in life, but for that in which I have gained. " Tomorrow will be nothing like today and today is nothing like yesterday " It is not a path of sorrow nor the worries of a wanting soul and as I journey forward the memories I will take are to remind me that your love is from the road called fate.

Rainbows fall, watch the rainbows fall,
listen to the mating call of love birds
Dreams come true, you can make those
dreams come true, all you have to do is
whisper words of  I love you.

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