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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Death Nears

I found this from an older post and I thought to myself what has changed from that period of time? If the words are heard by one, if a heart is touched just as mine, if a soul understands the journey, than I am free to soar beyond the heavens high.

I have put off writing to my Aunt, she has outlived her children and her husband, I think that is the worst of pain to not be able to share that love with those you love the most. To grieve many times over in the passing of a soul.

We are cast a part in our time here on earth,
sometimes is is as short as a day and occasionally
we live longer only time has the last say.

The journey is in the touching, the love we share,
the magic of a lifetime for those with whom we

The complicated network  consist of heart and
 souls, one upon the other reveals the treasure we

Created with memories that no one can take
away, I dare not cry for the flesh, for the love
always remains.
Held a child, held him close,
whispered words of love,
felt such pride as I watched him grow.
Took my hand and my heart through
out all of life and now in the wind his
spirit blows.

I believe that we are set upon this earth to journey in away that leaves something behind for the next soul. In the short time period that we are here on earth, we reach out and touch more people than we can imagine. Sometimes it really is that listening ear, the smile, the hugs and the memories that are created as we touch one and other in the most profound ways. I am not sure anyone realizes the power they are given to alter a moment. So precious is the gift of life that we are never quite ready to give it up. The beauty is from the impact that those who have come into our life behind. There is a lesson to be learned from all those who cross our path, even moments that seem at the time less than pleasant,teach us something about our own human emotions.

I have lived, loved, touched and have been touched in away that is eternal, such is the magic of life.


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