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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Validation of Love

The wind talking, rustled up the leaves, documented our story, recorded memories. Elm and Sycamore battle for the sky as their branches dance with the wind creating shadows in the sky. The last of October is now on display, toying with the mountains, the colors begin to fade. The season is passing with hello and goodbye, preparing us for winter through the chapters of our mind.

As time progresses and love grows, the truth becomes eminent.We are passing the stations of our life where there is no separation between the earth and the heavens.I can feel your love embrace my spirit as it pulls close my earthly form and merges one to one, soul to soul.

I was taken back by the dates of when I first decided to validate my love. It wasn't a response that I needed, it was acknowledging that my love was real. My thoughts, dream and aspirations for the future did indeed exist. Looking through the archives there was an amazing amount of emotion that flowed by means of the written word. Validation became merely proof of my experiences and the freedom of my thoughts.

It was a little more than six years ago that I felt physical pain to my hands. I had limited access to the world and my hands and wrist could barely type. The computer which was the only real window to the world that I had gave me an insight to people and experiences that I never knew could exist. It was the stubborn streak in me that encouraged me to find access, whether that was making the fourteen mile trip on a bicycle to the library. From the library I would send emails, I wrote the letters and I never received a letter in return. In the email there was a copy of each letter and I reread over the years my own thoughts, it became a sort of self analysis.Through my own words I gathered knowledge which led to a certain amount of strength. The days that would proceed were filled with many horrid memories and some awfully beautiful ones. I felt lost and yet a sense of struggle as I tried to surface and find my place in a world that I myself didn't recognize.

Time, in some ways it has flown by and I wonder where this path is taking me and why life was revealing itself to me in such a way. So much has happened, from realizing I had an ability to reach people to discovering that anything is possible. There were trials and triumphs, from gaining transportation, to creating companies, writing and doing the unimaginable. When I think about exactly how writing fit into all this, I had to remember exactly where I was at that moment emotionally. My daughter at my bedside, a candle lit and a pencil and paper. I was able to not only validate my emotions but escape through the written a word to the world of my choice. Writing in a sense became my world as if I spoke to the darkness and darkness replied with light.
Lately I have read various blogs and many themes, from those who suffer from medical illness to stories of survival and others that are bent on educating. Reading through my own archives I saw that this validation was and is my heavenly escape. The documentation of heart felt emotions, the exploration of love through the soul and the magic that the words bring to life, create a warm and wonderful place within the clouds.
Some people ask " do you have to suffer to appreciate and understand the beauty of life?" I would imagine that who I am has evolved due to circumstances and the situations that I had surfaced from. I don't believe that means I wouldn't have identified love when it came by, but I surely know what it was I hadn't experienced, so what was revealed throughout the journey became an enlightenment that warmed the soul.
I think about what differences can I make in this world?, what can I leave behind that will alter the way people think?Looking over the various causes that the civic group works to provide funds and education for, I saw there was great need in many areas and that I enjoy reaching out in ways to help and make a difference,but as love would have us believe, the joy of life is given at birth and only disrupted by man's own greed and selfishness.
As I continue to write on prose I sense a certain amount of serenity which creates a calm within my spirit. I find that I am continuously amazed at the journey and where tomorrow takes me. Once I remembered every name and every face of every person who hung my words in their home, now the faces and names have melded into a collage like visual. That any one person finds joy and the love within the words, totally amazes me. That they care enough to read them daily mind boggles me, that they decorate their homes with it truly brings a sense of peace to the soul Incredible as it is each step on the journey brings lessons of love, life and happiness, a happiness that I had never known existed. The simplicity of gesture as simple as catching a snowflake with your tongue, enjoying each moment that we have and celebrating all the life has to offer.
Who am I? I am just me, a woman walking through an incredibly amazing journey with the most unique characters. Why am I here? To celebrate all that life has to offer. Where am I going? With you my friend the destination is not as important as the companionship we keep as we travel. Why do I write? To Validate my love.

...it feels so right, how could it not? It is love!

Friday, December 30, 2005

More Precious

It's not that I need you to feel complete, I know I can stand on my own two feet. Nor a partner of need I plea, It's the walk side by side that compliments me. I don't request that you need to deliver, because from the onset my heart start to quiver.

Love is not challenged by how much one can give,
it's weighed by how deeply you're touched from within.

I felt it as it brushed gentle to the soul and I held it in my heart where it bound and took a hold. I saw it in the morning before my eyes awake and then again in the evening where it shook me like a quake. A duo with the nightingale a song I did hear, the words that broke the silence were simply that you care.
More precious then any treasure royalty could hold, more valuable then that of the most highly prized gold . Heavier then a mountain , lighter then the breeze , warmer then the sunshine and more beautiful then any dream. You can float it on the river, and hold it in your heart and when you close your eyes at night you can see it in the dark.It can comfort a distressed baby , wipe the tears from a broken heart , it can halt raging waters and cause a fire to spark. It can knot a field of flowers and at your feet a bouquet lay and when distressed and overwhelmed allow the child to play.

What is in a song?

Holds eyes closed tightly and whispers words of love. The song sung in my heart is by my souls desire and is filled with love, happiness, memories, dreams and the magic that bridges the miles to place you in my arms.

Michael Bublé - Try a Little Tenderness.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

To know love is to be love.

The soul speaks in soft whispers
through the willingness of the heart.
I write to validate the warmth of
your love as it felt in my heart.
The bonding of souls is an
eternal expression of love.
Love is the sharing of one pillow, the whispering of hearts
the embrace of souls, in the dance upon the heavens.
My hands are simply the hearts tool.
I am saddened by how short earths journey.
I love you too!
The smile that comes over me
is filled with the magic of your love.
Come close enough that you may hear the whispers
of my heart and the embrace of my soul.
I am happy!

In looking back, I see where denial altered
his words to soften the blow of reality.
Once there were tears of sadness and behind my eyes they laid and no one saw the madness, or the ache that wouldn't fade. I cried in the morning, I wept through the night and I feared there would be no end to the emptiness insight. I heard no angels whispering nor song from heaven high, the magic of the moment was when you first said hi. Like chemistry life was changing and it was all beyond belief, that the tears that once fell from sadness was now filled with warm and loving memories. Love had spoken, it guided gently soul to soul and as each tear rolls down my face your love is what it holds.
The fact is I have never known a greater love,
or one as immeasurable and enduring.
To know love you have to feel it with your
heart and embrace it with your soul.
I think it sad that so many will never know such love.
Singing> It's so easy...oh! so easy, to love you. It's so easy...oh! so easy, to love you. You're my sunshine in the morning, my stars at night, you are the love within me that feels so darn right. Oh! it's so easy, so very easy, to love you, Oh! it's so easy to sit here and dream of you.

There is something awfully special, that words can't describe, a bonding of the souls and a meeting of the minds. Comforting your arms, wondrous your heart, to invite me in and hold me day through dark.

It's so easy...Oh! so easy, to love you. It's so easy...Oh! so easy to love you. You're my sunshine in the morning, my stars at night, you are the love within me that feels so right. Oh! it's easy. so very easy, to love you. Oh! it's so easy to sit here and dream of you.

The angels were congregating, deciding on what to do, until they came up with the idea, to send all my love to you.They gave to us the power and the magic of the wind and when it touches down on you my darling, the kiss of love will be within.

It's so easy...Oh! so easy to love you. It's so easy...Oh! so easy to love you. You're my sunshine int he morning, my stars at night, you are the love within me that feels so darn right. Oh! it's easy, so very easy to love you. Oh! it's so easy to sit here and dream of you.


Simple little pleasures,
a moment of desire,
whispers of the soul,
talking to the hour.

Hand in hand walks,
dreams on the beach
sitting beside you
in a heavenly retreat.

Simple little pleasures,
a moment of desire,
whispers of the soul,
talking to the hour.

Lips that quiver,
a heart which beats,
to the song of love,
played for you and me.

Simple little pleasures,
a moment of desire,
whispers of the soul,
talking to the hour.

Earth is but a fleeting moment in the book of Eternity

It is not through your eyes that reveal the beauty of our love,
it is through your heart our souls soar high above.

There's a road winding through the mountains of my mind
and your love is always there waiting to journey by my side.

Like the colors of the mountains, your gifts coming shining through,
you give to me your love, in every shade and hue.

There's a road winding through the mountains of my mind
and your love is always there waiting to journey by my side.

Like the wind that touches down in a powerful way, your love
has an impact on me that never fades away.

High atop the mountains looking out to the blue
and in a breath of the moment, I sent my love to you.

The current of the river is moving awfully slow,
but when it gets to you, all my love will flow.

River blue, I'm talking to the river blue,
to send my love to you, in the river blue.

The gap of distance is closed by the bridge of love.

All that we are and all that we can be is due in great part to the contributions offered by experience. You can either fill your heart with love or weigh it down with the heaviness of sorrow. I choose your love, for it is gentle enough to embrace my spirit and strong enough to interlock our hearts on a journey that climbs mountains in the celebration of life.

There is a question raised quite often. Must we know sorrow, to identify true happiness? I don't believe you need one to experience the other. But I do believe our travels take us down various paths for a reason. Deciphering exactly what lessons are being taught is part of the great circuit board of the mind. One thought triggers another to pave a new path.

If love be our guide, why has the path been so filled with Brier? Faith climbs under the shrub, hope believes you won't get snarled, Love see's you through mending all wounds.

Dreams are faith filled,
hope inspired and love created.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ultimate Experience

Imagine for one moment that you never felt the rain nor saw close up a snowflake in it's magical crystal formation. If you consistently separated yourself from the world outside of your own little corner of the world, you would find your experiences limited to the walls of the mind. Nature has a way of teaching us through the seasons, the beginning of life and death. Though nature itself may throw a curve into a season, we pretty much know what to expect as each day progresses. There is a comfort that may come with knowing what tomorrow will bring and yet this comfort creates a form comparable to stagnant water.
In our quest in life to know more and experience more, we find there is no one response to the lessons revealed along the way. What is the ultimate experience? The level of enlightenment varies upon where you are in your progression of life. In many instance people will chalk up experiences to either positive or negative. I personally believe there is something to be gained by all experiences and that in itself leads to a positive outcome.
" Be careful what you wish for" sometimes when we look at the surface of a wish, we see exposed only the what we have already have experienced, when life itself will bring us a more in depth look at life. The ultimate of experiences, doesn't always mean the ultimate outcome, yet the experience in itself is an important lesson. It sometimes takes years to understand or to comprehend the revelation of a stroke of emotion. We see the world through one visionary sense and yet we encompass the ideas and views of many.
Exploring the emotions triggered by love, we find we respond to the stimuli created when souls intermingle. The combination leads us to the great discovery which is truly the ultimate of experience. Each person will gain something different,depending upon where they are on their own individual journey. I thought about heartache, romance, lust and love, happiness and sadness and whether these emotions were necessary on the journey. Do we need to experience one to appreciate the other?
They say we can only be responsible for our own actions, thoughts and progression on the journey of life and yet we find ourselves in motion with those around us. Many times in conversation I have told others to remember the positive and to carry that along with you as you open new chapters of your life. I found myself having difficulty in turning the page. I have given advice about holding the love in your heart and growing and yet I stood idle for so long, expecting someone else to see or feel the experience in the same way. This is an almost impossible feat for people to see the world and everything in it exactly the same way.
How long does it take a person reach a level of enlightenment? I would think that would depend on whether you cut yourself off from the experience or welcomed it. Like a toddler that goes from crawling to walking and than to eventually running, we do begin learning to stand up and welcome all that life brings.
In many instances it is about our own self image and our ability to explore and our desire to learn. There is a very heightened sense of being when we allow our self to step through the windows within the mountain. I opened windows from very early on and at first I saw the reflection of fear and the world unknown, idle for sometime, windows remained closed. Little by little the courage and the strength to open another window revealed all that is. I saw the intricate weave that creates individual personalities and how like ivy it intermingles with our own being. Through one window, I saw comfort and through another excitement and still again there was a view that exposed my heart and soul to a realm that consisted of mesh of thought and overwhelming opportunity.

Knight in armour, no silver or gold,
slightly tarneshed, defintetly old.
Stood beside me, drained me so,
kept in secret, what others know.

Distant, youthful, silly fool, encouraged
with promises he couldn't hold. Dreams,
fantasy, wishes and desire, ignited the
heart and set it afire.

Warm and wonderful he dares to care,
he gives his love, his heart he shares.
Knowing the moment his arms open
wide, knows the truth is from inside.

There is only darkness,
until you give it light.

The ultimate experience is in loving..

Sings>Lost in song, I sing to you, as my love grows ever strong. wanting and needing all of you, your arms are where I belong. Lost in song, I sing to you, of the magic that can do know wrong, it sent me your love, it gave you to me, in one breath of a song.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Breath of Autumn

Sings>You're always with me, wherever I go,
whatever I do, where the wind shall blow.

You're always with me, you're here in my heart,
I take your love, so we are never apart.

You're always with me , you're love shines through,
it is seen in the sky and in the heavens so blue.

You're always with me, I can't deny, that all of my
thoughts have you on my mind.

You're always with me, in the words of love,
I document what God sent from above.

You're always with me, from morning through night,
I feel your love holding me tight.

You're always with me in whatever I do, I just want
you to know how much I love you.

Photographs of mountain, lakes and trees, creates a scene for Autumn's dream. Rivers run silent and roads lead, through my heart and soul to give you a part of me.

In the Appalachians, tucked away in my dreams, this little lake exist to create memories. The sun is setting the water is still and in the dark of the night your love is all I feel.

Pictures and words and fond memories
create the scene for Autumn's Dreams.
Rivers run silent and roads lead,through
the heart and the soul of you and me.
Here is my heart, I place it on display,
the artistry of love in an amazing way.
Pictures and words and fond memories,
create the scene for Autumn's Dreams.

Love is...

I know that everyday brings more,
is it possible to love you more?

I want to remember the rain as it falls from the sky and awakens my spirit and to my soul a subtle but real surprise. I want to taste the sweetness as our souls merge into one and embrace all that life has to offer under the rays of an Autumn sun. I want to live each moment like the day when we first met, wondering what tomorrow will bring and knowing it is your arms I'll rest.
It was my heart that tweaked my soul
into responding to the passion of love.
Life plays such beautiful music,
but it is the heart that sings with such passion.
Love is a gesture of the soul which awakens the heart.
I ask only that we nurture our love
so that it flourishes as it continues to grow.
Forever is pretty amazing,
these words are our forever.
I always said that if tomorrow never comes... I have loved,
but if tomorrow never comes, I've am loved.

You are with me in everything I do...

Golden leaves upon the lane, sunshine
overhead and in the hills, the whispering
winds reach out to you my friend
and to you my love send.

Stand here beside me and tell me what you see,
I'll tell you I witnessed lovers in a dream.

A little further beyond the autumn trees, the sun
touches down to warm beyond belief.


Misty mornings,

sweet lovers kiss,

I leave with you,

my sweet tenderness.


Over the mountains,

beyond the sea,

my love you'll find,

is not a dream.


Erratic my heart,

rapidly beats,

at the thought of

you my sweet.


Autumn colors in

shaeds of gold, reminder

of how wonderful your

love is to behold.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

They say that "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and that "young love speaks from the heart." Watching on as two young lovers embrace, I again was reminded of the importance of touch. There is something magical that can be felt as one hand is placed upon another or the bodies come together to celebrate that which is love.

I thank the Lord each and everyday,
I thank him for sending your love my way.
I couldn't love you more if you were here with me.
I feel your tenderness in my every midnight dream .
There were decidious trees standing next to the palm and mountains at one end and the at other the shore. The Carolina's a transition from the North to the South and as I felt the change of seasons I began my goodbye to the North. The sunshine inviting the waves reached out to me and it would all have been perfected if your arms were around me.
Captivated by the blue of the sky an end to the surface a hello to the heavens high. I tried to focus on the beauty beyond belief, but all I could think about is how much your love means to me.
My mind held captive and a bit mesmerized was I, by the road before me and the blue of the sky. I couldn't refrain from thinking or wanting you near, I raced to the heavens to dreams what lovers dear.
Passion is more than a kiss upon the lips, the feel of your flesh, a moment of bliss. It would be a lie if I told you I didn't care or that every waken moment was with thoughts of you my dear.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Incredible Sense of Touch

My heart felt your touch from the very first smile, when you said hello, I knew love was found. I laughed and I cried with happiness and glee at the image of you here with me. My soul took to the blue of the sky and somehow I knew we exited the mind. The journey written like threads of gold, more precious than any gem you can hold.

The Sense of touch it really is incredible, it is the power of love and the magic of life which bring the sense of touch to life.

The waves amazing, powerful as can be, knocked me to the ocean floor and made me laugh and scream. The sun shining and the salt a memory to explore and the waters kept on racing to wash the shore. The sky so blue, as blue as can be and when I looked into the heavens, I fell into the dream. I could feel your love, feel it in my heart, it was there from the first day you lit that little spark.

Sings>I can feel the love you give, from across the sea, sense it in the morning and at night through my dreams. I know you are with me, even though you are far away, I can feel your touch, in the most incredible way.

The rays of love are in the morning sun, shines down on me, my one and only dream. The stars at night shine through, a sparkle meant for you, to celebrate it's true of all my love for you.

When the night nears, it's when the memories appear and all I can do, is sit here and dream of you. The visions are so fine, I believe they are a sign, of all my love for you and just what it can do.
You touch me every morning,
you hold me each night and
through the gift of love,
I feel the dream of my life.

The whispers of my angel,
the magic of prayer, singing
of my love in the autumn

You touch me every morning,
you hold me each night and
through the gift of love, I
feel the dream of my life.

I couldn't wait to feel your hands gentle brush against my face,
but that which touched my soul made my heart race.


Sings>The road before me summoned me to hold, the memories of your love and the tenderness of your hold. I was traveling down the highway an mesmerized was I that you were miles a way and still by my side.

Day light made way for the stars in the sky and in the dark of night you were all that was on my mind. I couldn't break the spell you cast on me, as I traveled down the highway you were all that I could see.

Your arms opened and it was no surprise, in your heart you saved a place for you and I. Comfort can be found and happiness indeed, the moment you opened up your heart and made room for me.

Your arms opened and it was no surprise in your heart you saved a place for you and I. Comfort can be found and happiness indeed, the moment you opened up your heart and made room for me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The excitement of the experience reveals the child within.

To share in th moment is to listen
to the knock at door of my heart
and welcome you in.

The heart of an angel,
the joy of a dream,
the magic of a moment
and your sweet memory.

It is when the silence blankets the night,
that my heart can be heard singing of love.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smiles from across the room.

Driving down the highway in South Carolina I was taken back by the quartz sparkle in the paved highways. I couldn't help but think it looked like a galaxy of stars twinkling and it was as if I were soaring above the heavens. The weather is extraordinarily beautiful and I must say the sun filled days seemed to have been necessary for me to recharge, as the fall season back home feels more like winter.
It is early in in the morning and you would think I would be tired from all the driving, but I feel ever so much like an excited child that can't wait for tomorrow. Despite all the excitement I can't help but think of you and wonder how you are.

Thinks of you each morning,
dreams through the night and
when the fog lifted I found
your hand holding me tight.

Little accomplishments, few
would understand, but when
I took the wheel I knew I was
in command.

Think of you each morning,
dreams through the night and
when the fog lifted, I found
your hand holding me tight.

If you were ever in a crowded room and than you get eye contact with someone and you begin to sense a warmth of attraction...smiles from across the room.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Singing of Your Love

Sings>Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

In the clouds up high,
you're all that's on my mind,
imagining a night with just
us two.

Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

Kisses from head to toe,
a massage that would let
you know, how much I
love you.

Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

Two hearts that beat as one,
two souls bonded by love,
in this magical dream of you.

Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

Happiness is what you'll find,
when you move beyond the
mind and allow my love on

Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

Building bridges with your
smiles, brings you across
the miles to make me
feel the love of you.
Singing of your love,
wishing on the stars above,
dreaming that I am there
with you.

I can't sleep, I need you.

I closed my eyes and allowed the image near, the moment you said I love you dear. The feel of such magic deep in my heart and the warmth of your embrace that struck a spark. la la la la la .
La la la la la and I closed my eyes tighter and a light just got brighter as I felt your love infuse in me and I knew stepped out of the dream... and I knew I stepped out of the dream.

I wanna be close to you,
I want feel your embrace.

I wanna be close to you,
I wanna see you to face to face,

I wanna be close to you,
I wanna make your world go round,

I wanna be close to you,
I wanna hold you in my heart.

I wanna be close to you,
I wanna make love to you.

I wanna be there with you,
I wanna be there with you.

I Love You So Much

I love you so much,
I need your smile morning ,
your kiss in the afternoon and
your arms to hold me close at night.

I love you so much, that the stars
fall from the heavens to lift us to
the clouds and the dance under
the moonlight creates the ultimate
of dreams.

I love you so much that the raindrops
celebrate which pitter patter on the
window pane becomes a reminder of
every moment we share

I love you so much that I wait for you
till the rivers ran dry and mountains
had fallen into grains of sand.

I love you so much that I hear the
angels whisper your name and the
blue birds serenade us with song.

I love you so much , that I would
circle the world and embrace the
galaxy and never find anyone
who could match the fire and the
wisdom of your friendship.

I love you so much, that the warmth
of your memory soothes my soul and
creates a fire within my heart that
blazes out of control.

I love you so much, that no amount
words could ever document the magic
of our embrace.

I love you so much, that when night
falls and I close my eyes I can feel
the warmth of your body and the
beat of your heart.

I love you so much that a train streaming
by could not drown out the song in my heart
that sings for your love.

I love you so much, that I see the blooms of
our love even in the winter and through the
fallen snow.

I love you so much, that my soul begs for what
my heart desires. The kiss of life and the bond
which embraces every moment of every dream.

I love you so much that if the Lord ended my days
upon the earth I would Praise the heavens for
allowing me to know love, to fell love to celebrate
with love.

I love you so much, that I can feel your love
from a distance taste the sweet nectar
through a dream and pleasure the
moment with each breath I take.

I love you so much, that the clouds
write your name across the blue
and my heart beats so fast that
you would think it was a music
instrument gone awry.

I love you so much, you are
the love that awakens me in
the morning and comforts me
when the stars the rule the sky.

I love you so much that I ask
the Lord to keep you safe, to
watch over you and whisper
the words of love, so that may
you feel my love infuse your soul.

I love you so much, that tears of
joy stream like raindrops in a strom
a the mere thought feeling your
heart beat next to mine.

I have known many loves,
the love of heart,
love of soul,
love of dreams,
love of desire,
but no love compares
to that which unites on earth
and dances in the heavens.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank You

I was careless and did not wear my safety glasses while mixing soap. Stupid on my part as I know the seriousness of a lye burn. I won't be on much this weekend, need to give the eye a rest as it heals. I will be leaving Monday for South Carolina and won't be back till the following week.My son is graduating the Marine corps boot camp and I am looking forward to being a part of it. His maturity is seen in the many letters he has sent me I am proud to say that Nicholas is my son and that I am honored in every way to be his mother. So I hope you all keep in your prayers the men and women of the military who insure our rights to freedom and that includes blogging.
I appreciate those who read on a regular basis and those who feel free to comment and email me. I love poetry and its ability to take a small moment blend it with reality and fantasy to create an escape that to me is comforting. I am amazed at those who finds some amount of joy in reading my escape or is it my declaration of love, for I have loved and I love and I feel that love returned ten fold.
I have written for years and so if you haven't gone through the archives, feel free to do so. I believe there is power in holding the positive in your heart and not allowing negativity a hold . On a scale of 1 to 10 life is a ten, it doesn't mean we don't have struggles by all means struggles are what takes us to another plateau.
I don't want to get all emotional and cry here or I'll have to change my eye patch. I just want to say thank you, thank you for being my angel.

Friday, October 16, 2009

... and then the angel spoke.

The existence of love is what feeds the heart.

There are various angels from heaven above that grace us with their gifts through the hands of love. Some soar and they soar high as they embrace the soul never weakening their wonderous hold in the blue of the sky. The angel of love takes to the heart a gift that allows us the opportunity to feel from a far. Joyous the angel of the spirit can see and is capable of reaching out through a dream.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We have lived and loved

Whisper Sweet
The child in me,the song set free,
and the dance with you in every dream.
Dissecting the truth,
I place on you my claim,
like raindrops from the
heavens, my love infused
the same.
It is incredible the emotions that want to sing
from the heavens and hide under a rock.
Lust is a false representation of love...
but is enjoyable never the less.
Love is the energy that embraces hearts
and releases the soul to the heavens.
I spoke to my heart and my heart replied
" the dreams are here to soften the cry."
I spoke to my soul and my exclaimed
" you are free to live and love again."
I spoke to the heavens and they chose
to refrain, leaving me feeling a little insane.
I believe that any amount of heartache is
worth the opportunity to feel loves infusion with the soul.
It's life and the consequence of our choices
is view of our ultimate experience.
In a spiritual sense I have met both my soulmate and
my twin flame and stared the devil in the eye.

I found this in the archive, I'm not afraid anymore. It doesn't mean that I don't wonder what the future holds, just that it doesn't have the power and control it once did. I have grown, is it maturity? I thought it was an awareness or maybe an acceptance of the path we travel. But I guess more than anything I realize somethings we can't change nor should we spend energy trying. Ahhhh a Popeye quote," I yam what I yam"I don't need approval or false acceptance, I am not looking for praise or to change reality, what is, is.
I find especially with my own children how my heart will go out to them without actually taking into consideration my own wishes and well being. When I don't I feel a heavy sense of guilt. I am not here to respond or in some sense live out everyone else's dream. The dream that I now fulfill belongs to me.
I am not sure why things happen as they do or why the time is chosen, this I know that my Teddy bear might have taken back seat to the drive instructor, but he remains in the front seat through life. I am not accomplishing all I should be today. I am just dealing with life one day at a time. I think about my goal and yet I know that around the bend it is already set and stone and I am not sure I can alter that. What I do know is I have learned the hard way how to deal with all that will be exposed as we turn the bend. It reminds me when I first got my drivers license, I hated going around those sharp blind bends. But as time goes on you get comfortable behind the wheel of the car and you handle the road with a little more confidence. Now in life I am taking those blind bends and digesting them in away that cleanses the soul.
I found that in business, personal lives and also even in the internet networking that its all loosely bases on a game of sort. Maybe its their goal or all that they are capable of I have heard it called the " cattle mentality" where one follows the other and may make it a cross the field and achieve. But I have learned that success and friendship is not measured by dollars or how many people you know. I am successful beyond my dreams and I have a friend who is truly wonderful and if the wind redirects and time comes to and end I can say I lived life and felt love and dreamt the most wonderful of dreams are the most amazing journey ever.

We do because we can.

As a child I raced for the light before “ the crocodiles get me”. At times I find myself still racing for the light in life, afraid of the unknown. This anticipation of danger that causes such a anxiety that it agitates the mind. It is control at its wickedest .Many times people who were aware of my background would say “ you are such a strong person”. I found the most difficult situations to be the easiest to handle , because the unknown factor was missing and I could logically handle illness, insanity and death. It was clear like a deck of cards placed sprawled in front of me. No question to how many cards in the deck , take out one and many questions. Fear the ultimate in control of the unknown. It brings to mind the attack of the woulda, shoulda and coulda. The emotion feeds off of what we can’t see and touch. The ultimate weakness with which all other emotions branch. I find that you cannot separate fear from its counter partners , that of risk,insecurities , chance , mystery , madness, doubt and confusion. I have fought several fears through out my life, the fear of height and that of dropping a new born. Yet the greatest fear still lurks , the fear of test , the biggest test “ the test of life” on going and always in a state of metamorphose. Now that is the tough one, I can’t see it , I can’t feel it and it constantly challenges me . Where is the light?Damn those crocodiles!

I was out and about walking as I was taking in the fall foliage and all of a sudden I came across a bend in the road. You can't see around it, so you really don't know what is ahead. Life is very much the same way,there is always something to catch you off guard. I kept thinking how smooth the road and then bam! and your faced with romance, heartache, success, failure, happiness, sadness, various trials and triumphs. Off all the experiences we meet up with each reveals something about our internal response to life.
Feeling the stress of all that needed to be done and reviewing my responsibility. It was difficult as I had to admit that my heart was lenient,my soul weakened and my mind so over confused. Lost in the moment, I found the cool air and the surrounding hills to be comforting. Here in the hills there is no judgement only acceptance. I felt relaxed as my mind went through a cleansing process and yet there was still no certain clarity.
I knew what I was going through was the lessons of tomorrow. Some how out of the negative would rise the positive. Thy sky remained a dark grey and the winds picked up as the misty rain continued to fall. Unprepared for the heavier raindrops, I was drenched as I started back home.
When all was said and done, yesterday and tomorrow matter very little in comparison to the moment. I felt only sadness for those who could not embrace what today brings, rejoice in the celebration of the beauty that life bestows upon us.

I can see beyond the mountains
as the greater view is through the heart.
It is clear that the changing of the leaves
documents that we have lived and loved.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's more than fall folliage...

Dancing with Autumn

I saved this dance, I saved it for you,
I was sitting here waiting and the
dreams took the blue.

Incredible visions,visions of love, where
you and I embrace what God sent
down from above.

I saved this dance, I saved it for you,
I was sitting here waiting and the
dreams took the blue.

There is so many things I could be doing and okay lets me real should be doing, but I can't really explain, when you remove expectation from the moment,this is the time you are blessed with peace. I was making gift baskets out of the flute bowls and somewhere in between my mind drifting a way, to the dance in the kitchen, I found an emormous amount of pleasure. I guess it was a little bit of everything that kind of took control of the moment. Almost as if the negativity of others, their dark energy didn't exist or maybe didn't have the power over me that they had hoped. It was as if all of the seasons came together to document life lived.

Embracing the Seasons

Spring brought flowers in every shade and hue, painted the mountains with a gift for me and you. The birds were busy, they build a nest or two in a celebration of love as a reminder of how much I love you.

Moving along spring time took a bow and in the invitation summer was found. This season passed quickly not the usual warm, lots of rain fell, a bit out of the norm.

Saddened that fall had now begun, until I recogized the colors of our love. Red for the fire that warms my soul, and yellow for happiness and green the life with you that unfolds. Orange is the awakening to brighten up the day and no matter of the change the blue sky always stays.

I shall embrace the winter and the storms of life, I'll take whatever they bring, I'll stand up to them and fight. I ask of you just one thing, that you hold me in your heart and whatever life sends my way I'll know we'll never part.

it's the sharing of souls through the view of the heart.

It's not the whisper of angels nor the song of the wind,
the sounds of passion which can over flow an ocean are
from my heart to you my love.

It's not the sun that brings such warmth nor the friction
when souls touch, the fire that burns was ignited by
devotion as a reminder that you are loved so very much.

It's not the dreams that stir such commotion, nor the
images where you are next to me, the magic which
moved to make a motion infused you into me.

Sings>Incredible love and magical dreams, built rivers and mountains and fine memories. Jump started my heart and freed my soul on a journey where our life unfolds. Silly laughter and dances on blue, smiles of happiness shining on through. The thought of your warm embrace takes me to our special place. Incredible love and magical dreams, built rivers and mountains and fine memories.
Come sit beside me and I'll tell you a tale, of love and the magic without heaven nor hell. This paradise is made for two and the invitation was addressed to me and you. Friendship layered with trust with additional moments of romance a must. Unconditional a treasure of blue, we took to the sky and danced the whole night through. Singing like children at play, there's no age in the world we made, the songs of the heart are the music of love that gave the story its start.

It is when the silence reigns and the darkness
blankets the night that I beg to feel your love.

The day I close my eyes and open them to find you there...

The energy of our being is conforming to earths demands.
Sings> I don't need treasures, no castles for me,
I have your heart and that's all I need. You are
the gift, precious as can be, you are the love
that has become apart of me.
Don't send no rainbows, don't need the sun,
you can keep the rain, I have your love. You
are the colors in all my dreams and I feel
the flames burning deep in me.


Sings> There's no turning back,that's a fact, step ahead with me.
Look beyond the bend, a new start to an end and see just what I see.

Sunshine through the mountains, river to the sea, flowing steadily
your love starts a new memory.

There's no turning back, that's a fact, step ahead with me. Look
beyond the bend, a new start to an end and see just what I see.

Dreams are happening, magic is everywhere, a dance in the
heavens and your love fills the air.

There's no turning back, that's a fact step ahead with me. Look
beyond the bend, a new start to an end and see just what I see.

Autumn the month of transition, a good bye to summer and a introduction to winter. I am never quite sure how I actually feel about this season. It has a beauty of its own and yet it has a blanket of sadness as it prepares for a time of dormancy. It always seems to be a season radical with change, from cool mornings to hot afternoons and winds that are at times more powerful than those of spring.
I have always believed even from early on in life, that to be in tune with nature would reveal the most important of lessons. The change from one day to the next shows how little prepared we are for the unknown. The highlighting of our vulnerabilities is a way of turning the soul inside out.
There are many who walk a path that appears to be well planned, they know exactly what they will be doing with each minute of an hour. I found the preparedness comes with a calm that I myself had not been introduced to. If speaking to my soul , I think it would respond with a sense of peace, the peace within that I felt necessary to survive. There is a bit of irony to my life and that there was very little structure as far expectations and a true of comfort that comes from walking a journey led by the heart. Each day always seemed a bit like a rain maker, shook up and rattled. Always in different directions and guided by survival.
I was refereed to as being street wise, but I like to think of it as being more self taught. The love for learning and the wisdom that is formed from experience, hardly did I see that as street wise I find I am always trying to make sense of that which I don't always understand. The variations in people and their thoughts, the silence that seems to strangle and a journey leading in many directions.
I think of Autumn actually as a very emotional season and I relate to the colorful change that it displays. It has a feel of a battle, a battle that I myself have experienced, the letting go of a peak season of growth and preparing for the change that is sometimes necessary. I feel a certain amount of anguish or turmoil inside as I am forced to respond to the actions of others.
The leaves spinning in circles rolled forward,the adrenaline where my heart also raced, felt the entrapment of the moment. Life much like a balancing act reminds me to take a breath, occasionally to step back and when to run. At the moment I can neither breathe, step back nor run, I feel the entanglement of the dreams of the heart, the magnitude of love, the restlessness of my soul and the words in my mind that believed all was real. No tears fallen, but I felt as if I was surfacing from a flood of tears. My head above the water, I looked around and it was the truth that was standing their waiting for me. I reached out and there you were reaching back. The tears that I held back for so many years surfaced and I felt neither happiness nor sadness, but a relief. They flowed filled with dreams, the occasional disappointments, the expectations and the wisdom needed to bring true peace.
Documentation, nostalgia, truth, wisdom...
push, pull and hold your hand.
There is a certain amount of personal discipline necessary to work alone,
sometimes we have to dig rather deep inside to find the strength.
Supplies are in yipppppe I am off to work.

The chapters may be many, the stories quite a few,
they are all included in the book of what love can do.

It can close the gap time creates, bridge the distance
earth makes and share my happiness with you.

The chapters may be many, the stories quite a few,
they are all included in the book of what love can do.

It can dance in the heavens and infuse in outer space,
bond our souls and allow our hearts to embrace.

The chapters may be many, the stories quite a few,
they are all included in the book of what love can do.

It can take my wishes and make them all come true,
place them in a dream so I can feel you.

The chapters may be many, the stories quite a few,
they are all included inthe book of what Love can do.

There is a certain amount of sadness in that he did
not understand nor appreciate the meeting of souls...
in more common words" his loss."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sing Heart Sing

It was years back that I first heard this statement, " we are making promises we can't keep" Do we make promises we can't keep? There are many reasons a person might not might be able to adhere to their words. The character of a person is being formed from a very early age on. A child may instinctively tell a lie, until they are told what truth is. In the ongoing lessons, we learn of integrity as we form a layer of self worth. When a promise is made, we are giving a piece of our self as good faith, we are giving our honor that we will adhere to our inner wishes.
It is possible that outside interference can and does intervene and makes holding to some promises difficult. Sometimes promises can be minor, I promise to call, to meet you for lunch or I promise to run an errand. Other times promises are more serious or meant in the forever sense, as those that we see when a couple gets together or make a commitment. No matter how or with whom we make a promise, it is important to follow through with our promise as this represents our worth as an individual, our unwritten honor.
Many years ago people were taken for their honor over a handshake and they would seal contracts with a handshake. This was a simple way of doing business and was a way of saying I value and trust your words. Whether morals are no longer being taught or instilled in people is to be seen. Today in our personal lives as well as business lives trust is not seen as it once was and we now have contracts. The contract a written piece of paper acts as a reminder that you promise to fulfill or commit to a day, year or lifetime.
All over the world and as I write people are making commitments or promises both written and verbally. I believe it is rather important that people think about what it is they are about to say as a contractual agreement of the heart is made.

From the moment when I wake up till I have fallen to sleep, I promise to send you the sweetest of dreams.With every breath I take, I'll bring to you sunshine, to erase the skies of gray and ease your troubled mind.. I'll wake you each morning with loves sweet kiss and place a trance with love in the ultimate bliss. Whether you're near me or far away, my heart is the place where you are welcome to stay. Wonderful memories, joyous from the start, I give to you the key to open my heart.

I'll pull you over the mountain and swim with you to shore, I'll walk beside you on a journey of forevermore. Whisper words of love and shout them out to sea, I'll let the world know just how much you mean to me. Sing of love, dance on clouds above, I'll thank the Lord each morning for sending me your sweet love. I'll keep the memories safe, I'll polish them to a shine and I'll never let them tarnish, they are the treasures of my heart, soul and mind.

I listened to the song bird chirp as if it were spring, he sat there at my window as his song encouraged me to dream. My eyes closed and the seasons revealed from summer through winter it's faith who allows us to heal. Everyday is springtime when you are here, the sunshine in my morning and the song in the air. The leaves are changing as they set the hills on fire with countless reminders that we're loved by the hour. I listened to the song bird chirp as if it were spring, he sat there at my window as his song encouraged me to dream.


Why is it rarely that the heart, soul and mind on the same page?

My heart sings of love,
my soul of the power and
when the two merge together,
nothing will extinguish the fire.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It was almost as if the music validated my love for you. I listened as the words pulled at the strings of my heart exposing all of my emotions. Caught up in the dream, I found it difficult to function as I closed my eyes to envision the beauty of our love. The dance upon the heavens, the closeness of your spirit and the memories all game together in a display that brought light to the darkness. It was as if I could at that very moment taste sweetness of your lips to mine and I trembled from deep inside at the mere thought. Allowing the dreams to rewrite the script of life, I felt the joy of our hearts as they merged into one.

I love you, because you love me?
I love you because without you my heart is empty.
A fallen strap upon my shoulder, a dream within my heart and each moment of the day brings you from afar. I hold your memory close, I trace it with a smile, the warmth of your love is seen in the star light showers. I snuggle my pillow close, my blanket I'll share and as you close your eyes my love, I promise I'll be there. A fallen strap upon my shoulder, a dream within my heart and each moment of the day brings you from afar.

To love you is to feel the explosion of magic within the day.

My heart speaks foolishly, my soul justifiably refrains and as I gather the dreams and toss them to the blue, I find that they return to earth to create another dream come true.

I wish you happiness....

Sings> I wanna be the first to wake you in the early morn,
to give to you my kisses and celebrate the day
our love was born.

I wanna hold you in my arms forever and a day and
whisper sweeting nothings in the most auspicious way.

I wanna exit the dream and feel your tender embrace,
allow our lips to meet face to face.

I wanna close the gap of time and place and use ou
r hearts to bridge our love across the bay.

I wanna be the first to wake you in the early morn,
to give to you my kisses and celebrate the day our
love was born.