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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's more than fall folliage...

Dancing with Autumn

I saved this dance, I saved it for you,
I was sitting here waiting and the
dreams took the blue.

Incredible visions,visions of love, where
you and I embrace what God sent
down from above.

I saved this dance, I saved it for you,
I was sitting here waiting and the
dreams took the blue.

There is so many things I could be doing and okay lets me real should be doing, but I can't really explain, when you remove expectation from the moment,this is the time you are blessed with peace. I was making gift baskets out of the flute bowls and somewhere in between my mind drifting a way, to the dance in the kitchen, I found an emormous amount of pleasure. I guess it was a little bit of everything that kind of took control of the moment. Almost as if the negativity of others, their dark energy didn't exist or maybe didn't have the power over me that they had hoped. It was as if all of the seasons came together to document life lived.

Embracing the Seasons

Spring brought flowers in every shade and hue, painted the mountains with a gift for me and you. The birds were busy, they build a nest or two in a celebration of love as a reminder of how much I love you.

Moving along spring time took a bow and in the invitation summer was found. This season passed quickly not the usual warm, lots of rain fell, a bit out of the norm.

Saddened that fall had now begun, until I recogized the colors of our love. Red for the fire that warms my soul, and yellow for happiness and green the life with you that unfolds. Orange is the awakening to brighten up the day and no matter of the change the blue sky always stays.

I shall embrace the winter and the storms of life, I'll take whatever they bring, I'll stand up to them and fight. I ask of you just one thing, that you hold me in your heart and whatever life sends my way I'll know we'll never part.

it's the sharing of souls through the view of the heart.

It's not the whisper of angels nor the song of the wind,
the sounds of passion which can over flow an ocean are
from my heart to you my love.

It's not the sun that brings such warmth nor the friction
when souls touch, the fire that burns was ignited by
devotion as a reminder that you are loved so very much.

It's not the dreams that stir such commotion, nor the
images where you are next to me, the magic which
moved to make a motion infused you into me.

Sings>Incredible love and magical dreams, built rivers and mountains and fine memories. Jump started my heart and freed my soul on a journey where our life unfolds. Silly laughter and dances on blue, smiles of happiness shining on through. The thought of your warm embrace takes me to our special place. Incredible love and magical dreams, built rivers and mountains and fine memories.
Come sit beside me and I'll tell you a tale, of love and the magic without heaven nor hell. This paradise is made for two and the invitation was addressed to me and you. Friendship layered with trust with additional moments of romance a must. Unconditional a treasure of blue, we took to the sky and danced the whole night through. Singing like children at play, there's no age in the world we made, the songs of the heart are the music of love that gave the story its start.

It is when the silence reigns and the darkness
blankets the night that I beg to feel your love.

The day I close my eyes and open them to find you there...

The energy of our being is conforming to earths demands.
Sings> I don't need treasures, no castles for me,
I have your heart and that's all I need. You are
the gift, precious as can be, you are the love
that has become apart of me.
Don't send no rainbows, don't need the sun,
you can keep the rain, I have your love. You
are the colors in all my dreams and I feel
the flames burning deep in me.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words with the beautiful pictures.

Rachel C Miller said...

Wonderful Photographer!