Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Silence Speaks Volumes

Built upon truth and layered with trust and respect,
provides us with a structure created of pure love.

The serpent uses language of trickery
to place its hold upon the soul. Dissecting
emotions, the truth spoke out to me and
in the reality of a moment I knew who
was loving me.

The rambling spirit spoke unto me,
we have heaven and earth and
then we have dreams.

Distant by mountains, drowning in
seas, wondering what it all really

There is the calm of the moment,
irrational desire and a heart that
still blazes wild like a fire.


Running in circles as fast as can be,
on the simplest notion that dreams set us free.


The dry stream reveals stones still unturned.

I trust in the power of the heavens,
in which love will prevail.

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