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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love You So Much

I love you so much,
I need your smile morning ,
your kiss in the afternoon and
your arms to hold me close at night.

I love you so much, that the stars
fall from the heavens to lift us to
the clouds and the dance under
the moonlight creates the ultimate
of dreams.

I love you so much that the raindrops
celebrate which pitter patter on the
window pane becomes a reminder of
every moment we share

I love you so much that I wait for you
till the rivers ran dry and mountains
had fallen into grains of sand.

I love you so much that I hear the
angels whisper your name and the
blue birds serenade us with song.

I love you so much , that I would
circle the world and embrace the
galaxy and never find anyone
who could match the fire and the
wisdom of your friendship.

I love you so much, that the warmth
of your memory soothes my soul and
creates a fire within my heart that
blazes out of control.

I love you so much, that no amount
words could ever document the magic
of our embrace.

I love you so much, that when night
falls and I close my eyes I can feel
the warmth of your body and the
beat of your heart.

I love you so much that a train streaming
by could not drown out the song in my heart
that sings for your love.

I love you so much, that I see the blooms of
our love even in the winter and through the
fallen snow.

I love you so much, that my soul begs for what
my heart desires. The kiss of life and the bond
which embraces every moment of every dream.

I love you so much that if the Lord ended my days
upon the earth I would Praise the heavens for
allowing me to know love, to fell love to celebrate
with love.

I love you so much, that I can feel your love
from a distance taste the sweet nectar
through a dream and pleasure the
moment with each breath I take.

I love you so much, that the clouds
write your name across the blue
and my heart beats so fast that
you would think it was a music
instrument gone awry.

I love you so much, you are
the love that awakens me in
the morning and comforts me
when the stars the rule the sky.

I love you so much that I ask
the Lord to keep you safe, to
watch over you and whisper
the words of love, so that may
you feel my love infuse your soul.

I love you so much, that tears of
joy stream like raindrops in a strom
a the mere thought feeling your
heart beat next to mine.

I have known many loves,
the love of heart,
love of soul,
love of dreams,
love of desire,
but no love compares
to that which unites on earth
and dances in the heavens.


Margie said...

Oh, such a love poem!
It is just so beautiful Rachel and I so loved it!

Thank you for all the beauty that you share!

Hope you arrived safe and sound at your destination.


Rachel C Miller said...

I am behind schedule after working at the museum this weekend and should be on the road by noon. It is about a twelve hour drive. Queen of Procrastination.

I am glad you enjoy reading the poetry as I do reading other poets. Everyone has their own unique style.

Need to leave real soon as my suitcase are over packed with just one more thing.
Have a great week!