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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ultimate Experience

Imagine for one moment that you never felt the rain nor saw close up a snowflake in it's magical crystal formation. If you consistently separated yourself from the world outside of your own little corner of the world, you would find your experiences limited to the walls of the mind. Nature has a way of teaching us through the seasons, the beginning of life and death. Though nature itself may throw a curve into a season, we pretty much know what to expect as each day progresses. There is a comfort that may come with knowing what tomorrow will bring and yet this comfort creates a form comparable to stagnant water.
In our quest in life to know more and experience more, we find there is no one response to the lessons revealed along the way. What is the ultimate experience? The level of enlightenment varies upon where you are in your progression of life. In many instance people will chalk up experiences to either positive or negative. I personally believe there is something to be gained by all experiences and that in itself leads to a positive outcome.
" Be careful what you wish for" sometimes when we look at the surface of a wish, we see exposed only the what we have already have experienced, when life itself will bring us a more in depth look at life. The ultimate of experiences, doesn't always mean the ultimate outcome, yet the experience in itself is an important lesson. It sometimes takes years to understand or to comprehend the revelation of a stroke of emotion. We see the world through one visionary sense and yet we encompass the ideas and views of many.
Exploring the emotions triggered by love, we find we respond to the stimuli created when souls intermingle. The combination leads us to the great discovery which is truly the ultimate of experience. Each person will gain something different,depending upon where they are on their own individual journey. I thought about heartache, romance, lust and love, happiness and sadness and whether these emotions were necessary on the journey. Do we need to experience one to appreciate the other?
They say we can only be responsible for our own actions, thoughts and progression on the journey of life and yet we find ourselves in motion with those around us. Many times in conversation I have told others to remember the positive and to carry that along with you as you open new chapters of your life. I found myself having difficulty in turning the page. I have given advice about holding the love in your heart and growing and yet I stood idle for so long, expecting someone else to see or feel the experience in the same way. This is an almost impossible feat for people to see the world and everything in it exactly the same way.
How long does it take a person reach a level of enlightenment? I would think that would depend on whether you cut yourself off from the experience or welcomed it. Like a toddler that goes from crawling to walking and than to eventually running, we do begin learning to stand up and welcome all that life brings.
In many instances it is about our own self image and our ability to explore and our desire to learn. There is a very heightened sense of being when we allow our self to step through the windows within the mountain. I opened windows from very early on and at first I saw the reflection of fear and the world unknown, idle for sometime, windows remained closed. Little by little the courage and the strength to open another window revealed all that is. I saw the intricate weave that creates individual personalities and how like ivy it intermingles with our own being. Through one window, I saw comfort and through another excitement and still again there was a view that exposed my heart and soul to a realm that consisted of mesh of thought and overwhelming opportunity.

Knight in armour, no silver or gold,
slightly tarneshed, defintetly old.
Stood beside me, drained me so,
kept in secret, what others know.

Distant, youthful, silly fool, encouraged
with promises he couldn't hold. Dreams,
fantasy, wishes and desire, ignited the
heart and set it afire.

Warm and wonderful he dares to care,
he gives his love, his heart he shares.
Knowing the moment his arms open
wide, knows the truth is from inside.

There is only darkness,
until you give it light.

The ultimate experience is in loving..

Sings>Lost in song, I sing to you, as my love grows ever strong. wanting and needing all of you, your arms are where I belong. Lost in song, I sing to you, of the magic that can do know wrong, it sent me your love, it gave you to me, in one breath of a song.


Margie said...

Rachel, this post is so full of enlightment!
It's wonderful!

So love all that you share here!
You write from your heart and it speaks to me!
Thank you!


Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie,
It is always so wonderful to have you stop by and leave a comment of what you are thinking or how the writing reflects in your own life.