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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sing Heart Sing

It was years back that I first heard this statement, " we are making promises we can't keep" Do we make promises we can't keep? There are many reasons a person might not might be able to adhere to their words. The character of a person is being formed from a very early age on. A child may instinctively tell a lie, until they are told what truth is. In the ongoing lessons, we learn of integrity as we form a layer of self worth. When a promise is made, we are giving a piece of our self as good faith, we are giving our honor that we will adhere to our inner wishes.
It is possible that outside interference can and does intervene and makes holding to some promises difficult. Sometimes promises can be minor, I promise to call, to meet you for lunch or I promise to run an errand. Other times promises are more serious or meant in the forever sense, as those that we see when a couple gets together or make a commitment. No matter how or with whom we make a promise, it is important to follow through with our promise as this represents our worth as an individual, our unwritten honor.
Many years ago people were taken for their honor over a handshake and they would seal contracts with a handshake. This was a simple way of doing business and was a way of saying I value and trust your words. Whether morals are no longer being taught or instilled in people is to be seen. Today in our personal lives as well as business lives trust is not seen as it once was and we now have contracts. The contract a written piece of paper acts as a reminder that you promise to fulfill or commit to a day, year or lifetime.
All over the world and as I write people are making commitments or promises both written and verbally. I believe it is rather important that people think about what it is they are about to say as a contractual agreement of the heart is made.

From the moment when I wake up till I have fallen to sleep, I promise to send you the sweetest of dreams.With every breath I take, I'll bring to you sunshine, to erase the skies of gray and ease your troubled mind.. I'll wake you each morning with loves sweet kiss and place a trance with love in the ultimate bliss. Whether you're near me or far away, my heart is the place where you are welcome to stay. Wonderful memories, joyous from the start, I give to you the key to open my heart.

I'll pull you over the mountain and swim with you to shore, I'll walk beside you on a journey of forevermore. Whisper words of love and shout them out to sea, I'll let the world know just how much you mean to me. Sing of love, dance on clouds above, I'll thank the Lord each morning for sending me your sweet love. I'll keep the memories safe, I'll polish them to a shine and I'll never let them tarnish, they are the treasures of my heart, soul and mind.

I listened to the song bird chirp as if it were spring, he sat there at my window as his song encouraged me to dream. My eyes closed and the seasons revealed from summer through winter it's faith who allows us to heal. Everyday is springtime when you are here, the sunshine in my morning and the song in the air. The leaves are changing as they set the hills on fire with countless reminders that we're loved by the hour. I listened to the song bird chirp as if it were spring, he sat there at my window as his song encouraged me to dream.


Why is it rarely that the heart, soul and mind on the same page?

My heart sings of love,
my soul of the power and
when the two merge together,
nothing will extinguish the fire.


Mark said...

Ah, that is true enlightenment to have the soul, the heart and the mind all on the same page. May we all learn to live to are greatest promise of all, that which we promised before we were incarnated. May we remember and fulfill.

Rachel C Miller said...

" A good promise whether early form or not is to thine own self be true and to follow our heart and soul.