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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wake up and feel the rain

Wakened by the heavy down pour, I listened to the rain as it fell creating its own sounds of Autumn. From the snap and crackle upon the leaves to the race down the hills, the water of the heavens performed to mother earth's expectations in bringing the balance necessary for life.
The stream that lay for weeks like a barren dessert, stone dry and lifeless quickly absorbed the water until a gentle flow could now be seen.
In a breath of a moment I was reminded of the rains of my childhood. The warm non violent rains, without thunder and lightening that we were allowed to run and play in. I smiled at the images of a child jumping in puddles and spinning in circles in the most gleeful way. From the past back to the present I again found myself giving thanks for the memories that bring a smile to the face.
The sirens from the volunteer dept in he village near by blurted out a warning, the morning alarm clock went off and the dogs began to bark and the silence of the morning was broken. It all became a reminder that some memories lay dormant within the soul to be recalled when necessary.
How quickly the chapters of our life pass and how many people enter and exit, whether we want them to or not. Many times I wish I could have held still a moment and pleasured it that much longer. They say the older we get the faster time goes by, I believe that is because we are more aware of the concept of time and how really short it is.

I know when the angels sing through the raindrops in the hollow and the spotting of the songs bird as they rest in between their migratory run, that the season is again documenting a life lived. The people we come in contact with unite like a rainbow that arches the sky. The visual brings to light the hunger for experience and the cast of characters that come and go.

I am not sure what it is about the fall season, in one perspective the glorious colors unite in the most magnificent display celebrating a new day and yet there is this haunting that reminds us that winter will soon follow. The colors perform to a unique calypso style movement that excites the spirit and tempts the heart. Strolling through the crisp newly fallen leaves that blanket the earth I reminded once again of the colors of true friendship.

You took my hand you held it tight,
you didn't let go, you never lost sight.

Never teetering, strong as can be,
side by side you are here with me.

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