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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Love is...

I know that everyday brings more,
is it possible to love you more?

I want to remember the rain as it falls from the sky and awakens my spirit and to my soul a subtle but real surprise. I want to taste the sweetness as our souls merge into one and embrace all that life has to offer under the rays of an Autumn sun. I want to live each moment like the day when we first met, wondering what tomorrow will bring and knowing it is your arms I'll rest.
It was my heart that tweaked my soul
into responding to the passion of love.
Life plays such beautiful music,
but it is the heart that sings with such passion.
Love is a gesture of the soul which awakens the heart.
I ask only that we nurture our love
so that it flourishes as it continues to grow.
Forever is pretty amazing,
these words are our forever.
I always said that if tomorrow never comes... I have loved,
but if tomorrow never comes, I've am loved.

1 comment:

Margie said...

Loved this Rachel!
It's beautiful!