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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Like A Rose...

Sometimes it is not really good to look back,
so takes your hand and jumps ahead.

I love you so much...

When coasting down a mountain side,
it's better to keep moving rather than
stop and try to restart.

When considering that humans are merely a combination of molecules and atoms and not much different than any other inhabitant that makes up the earth, it makes me wonder exactly what makes our existence any more or less important than a colony of ants. Everything that exist is somehow dependent upon one another thus creating a chain of basic matter which in turn displays an internal and external vision of all that earth is. We are not separate from nature but one with nature and our ability to validate our emotions separates us spiritually from all that exist.

The winds reaching down into the hollow toyed with the trees which framed the blue of the sky, the leaves in mass spiraling to the ground creates a moving picture that somehow sent me back in time. I thought of all that I had experienced and all that encompasses me on this short lived journey. There was a mountain of confusion from early on, from the complexity of life that spurs an array of emotions. The ability to separate good from evil and to understand the depth of our thinking troubles the spirit. The unlimited combinations of a moment created an almost troublesome view, thus like a thread of cotton spun upon the wheel, memories were formed.

There is a magnitude of energy that burst like an explosion upon contact as we allow love into our hearts. Almost as if we were the artist and the world was indeed our great design. I thought of all that the years left behind and all that was to come and I felt a bit troubled, in only that I wanted only to feel your arms hold me close and allow your love to infuse my soul with its magic.

What is our goal? Is it to achieve the ultimate in happiness? To reach beyond earths barriers into the heavens or to leave behind a crumb in which those who journey after us may follow. One piece of a bigger picture reveals only a tiny reflection of who we are in what is to be our destiny. To love and be loved is essential to life as we give of our love and accepts its return in the ultimate creation of a new thread in the canvas. I shall not give expectation a hold on the reigns of time nor a place to anchor within my heart. The love that flows from one soul is the true energy of our being. I shall feel your love from beyond the mountains as it cradles me with its warmth and comfort. I will return the love I have been given with every breath that takes to the blue. My love for you will finds its place beyond earths matter as it soars the heavens.

For all that your love brings to me and
all that we can be and all that we will be.

I think I understand and so I say I do, but it doesn't
stop me from loving and wishing I were there with you.


Mark said...

Beautiful thoughts! I don't have a goal. I simply am! I am love, as you are love!

PaRUL SooD said...

hey ...just read what uv written ...its beautiful ! i really appreciate your idea of loving without expecting anythng in return ..its hard though !!!!! after all we are all humans...n if we could learn to love without expecting ...we would attain bliss

Rachel C Miller said...

I do believe that is so true, that some people are determined to fulfill what they believe is destiny when the truth is we lay within the arms of vulnerability. Like matter we simply are, and yes good to be filled with love.

Rachel C Miller said...

Welcome Parul Sood to the blog and thank you so much for giving a little of your insight into the emotions and the excitement that love brings.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

Rachel C Miller said...


ambiguous_angel said...

it was really nicely written..

sad.sweet.cant explain it..

keep it up.

Rachel C Miller said...

Welcome Ambigious_ angel,

Thank you for coming by and visiting and leaving a comment... sad and sweet. I hope not so sad, that we miss that life is really patterned after own thoughts and that it is only sad if we place to much expectation upon the outcome.