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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Touched my heart

In every sweet  love song
and in the stars above,
I hear and see the magic,
that we call love.
Peace in the morning
and throughout the day,
just thinking of you darling
touches me in a warm way.
There is a dream waiting,
and a journey for you and I,
our wonderful love that grows
like a wild entwined vine.
Holds me close in the night
in the most majestic way,
the moment our souls collided
my life was never quite the same.
" I cast a ribbon red into the darkest sea,
whispered to the wind to send my love to thee. "

Povestea noastra-Directia 5

Lyrics in English
Our Story

A star from the sky showed itself to us, but it left
I search for you late at night,
Near the stars, I would like to be.

We aren't going to ever find out what connected us
so suddenly
When maybe I forgot
But what remains of our love is our story.

Alone now, here I am, all by myself,
No one replacing you, I am alone
I search for you late at night
Close to you, I would like to be.

Barry Gibb - "To Love Somebody" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

The way I love you...

Sunday, August 30, 2015


It's a I need to get away moment. Before I had my drivers license I had several places that I would go to escape the craziness in the day. Sometimes the attic, I think that was the ten year old in me, hiding but never very far away. But more peaceful was going down to the water fall that fed into the ten mile stream. But as I quickly found out for everything that stays the same nothing stays the same. Today I could have taken time away from the day and gone for a drive and yet I did not.  It was kind of a screaming in silence moment.

Soul to soul,
I reach out to you,
soaring like an eagle
to the heavens blue.

Feel my being,
I am there with you,
always beside you
no matter what you do.

Sunlight in the morning,
warms the spirit so,
but nothing warms my
heart like the love
I have come to know.

Restless Soul

I am miserable without you...

Little Treasures

To this day people ask me who or what is kimblake. As I look back on that time period, it was a time of discovery, standing my ground, growth, transition, experience, heartache, sadness and a time of facing the challenges that living life can bring. Maybe a bit cliché it was a time of finding myself. Even more so it was a game of "chutes and ladders" climbing up and sliding back.
It was the morning flowers that made me think about that time. Little pinwheel like blooms that reminded me how life goes around and around. Usually I know when I am feeling anxious, what is the cause. But lately I am not aware of what is causing this internal battle. I race heart and soul to be near you, to feel the comfort of your arms. Leaving behind the fear that has traveled with me through life.
I question my own choices in placing myself through such time of struggle and wondering if those I sacrificed a lifetime for would even appreciate or realize all that was done for them. My flower garden has away of teaching me all I needed to know about life and through them finding a sort of solitude. It was my place of escape a world that I created and yet ruled by mother nature.

Little treasures
in the garden bloom,
reminders of life
and of you.

Spinning in circles ,
my mind never rest
as I gaze unto the heavens
and wonder if this is a test.

Love is what I carry,
I hold it in my heart,
like a flower blooming
from hello it got a start.

Our Moon

Let everyone sleep,
this moon is yours and mine,
our hearts close together
and souls entwined.

The stars a blanket
where magic transpires,
bringing love together
more with every hour.

keep your eyes closes
and you will sure know,
I am right there beside you,
I never left your side.

Reach out to the heavens,
to the stars that shine at night.
I'm as close as your thoughts
under our moon light.

Haunting music
wordless song of the night,
exudes the love
from the heart the love of you and I.

Like whispers from the mountains
or the sound of the seas,
the heart speaks of what you
mean to me.


Heavy tears,
a life time hold,
memories of yesterday
that never get old.

Flowing from the heart,
weeps the souls,
reaching out to you
to forever hold.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

You and I

Share a moment
and a dream a day,
sit here next to me
and rock life away.
Simple pleasures
for you and I,
that is how love
caught us by surprise.

Enter the garden
where butterflies play,
their wings flutter for
a short time each day.

Sunshine bright as can be,
lays a foundation for dreams.
Your presence around me,
your love surrounds me.

Enter the garden,
where faith remains,
giving hope to happiness
that in my life you'll stay.

Skies of blue blanket
over you and I,
removing the barriers
of distance and time.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Souls

One cannot calculate
or measure the time
for our joy is infinitely
the endless love of you
and I.

Seen upon the heavens,
the celestial stars of bright,
but nothing is more beautiful
than two souls as one in flight.

Just a dream away
from holding you,
a mere thought
of a love in bloom.

I spend my day
in this simple way
I spend my day
thinking of you.

Just a dream away
from holding you,
a mere thought
of a love in bloom.


Late Day Of Summer

I don't like the darkness,
or the skies of grey,
looking for the sunshine
it is you who makes my day.

These late days of summer
are filled with many goodbyes,
but I like your sweet hello's
they make my heart sigh.


Snuggling in your arms,
listening to your heart beat,
the easiest think I'll ever do
is choreographed by the dreams.

I feel your presence near me,
your arms close as can be,
comforting and loving
your the best part of being me.


I didn't go looking
didn't expect to find,
such a wonderful love
through my life it shines.

I wondered about the time
and why we had to wait so,
for our souls to cross and
our love to grow.

It is certainly no surprise
why I'll never let you go,
for life revealed its magic
when you set it all aglow.

The world has its share of hell
which makes me appreciate my
heaven that much more with you.


To wake each morning is beautiful indeed,
but to wake unto your love is our destiny.


Emotion on a Page

As amazing as sharing a conversation with you can be,
sharing in a moment of silence is just as wonderful.
It is not what you think you can see and feel,
but what your heart can see and feel.

It is not important the destination
but who travels with you on the journey.
It is not that I don't like the various seasons,
but without love they are all cold and dark.
It is funny how the heart speaks truth but
we at times refuse to listen to it.
I have the seen the power that love so employs, like reaching through the darkness to find the light of joy. Taking on the distance, barriers and all to find that nothing can keep apart two hearts deeply enthralled.  Arching the blue, like a rainbow in the sky and connecting the dots in the stars beyond the clouds of high. Some may call this magic or a fantasy of sort but I know this is love and to the heart it courts.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hold My Hand

Loving you brings smiles each day,
a joy into my life, like sun when it rains.
Touches my heart and soothes my soul
in a unique and wonderful kind of way.

I repeat the words of love for all to hear
a documentation of how much one can care.
Wanting to remind you just what you mean to me,
your the love of my life for all eternity.

Taking a deep breath, exhaling slow
remember the feeling as our love grows,
seeded by the soul in the heart it's sown
and roots itself like a miracle on loan.

I live to love you in this special way,
like walking through a dream that never fades.
From the moment I wake up till I fall asleep,
your vision is with me, a view of eternity.

They say time is fleeting
and soon will fade away ,
but our love is forever
and stronger with each day.

I won't waste a moment,
in telling you how I feel.
You have my heart
in this unwritten tale.


Heaven the pilot,
we the passengers
on the clouds above
where we meet with love.

Gently embracing,
a soul to soul bond
where we dance
to a love song.

I dedicate each day to you,
a true celebration under the heavens blue.


This is my promise,
to always be true,
speak from the heart
of my love for you.

It takes no effort
and no sacrifice,
with you everything
is a wonderful delight.

My goal is to leave behind
and document each day,
in which you touched this heart
of mine in a special kind of way.

I believe in love
and I believe in you,
from the moment of hello
a dream came true.

I believe in happiness
and the touching of hearts
from the moment I wake up
until I am under the stars.


I traveled the mountains
and I crossed the sea,
thorns and brush
to a clear passing.

It took time
but love endured
as you stood by me
from life's shore.


The devil knows no peace and surely no joy,
but on this path I travel the angels love is employed.

I am wealthy beyond wealthy
for your love flows generously through my heart.


There are many who journey with us,
some hold our hands for a moment and
than there is you.
Goofy is a sign of comfort,
I am comfortable being goofy with you.

No one gives you happiness
but sharing happiness is a true joy.

My wants and needs are  identical,
I want and need you.

I love gone with the wind moments, "darling I just don't give a damn" I am me, not perfect but me.
I need very little for I have your love
which is truly priceless.

unchained melody lyrics the righteous brothers

MORE Andy Williams

When I Need You - Luther Vandross

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Raindrops to Kisses

Teardrops to raindrops
and raindrops to kisses
all of my love sent from
my heart to your lips.

Heartache and sadness
when we are a apart
until the night fall and
we are joined by a star.

Music and song in the air
celebrates the love we share.
From the moment we wake up
till we again begin to dream.

From my heart to yours
and your heart to mine
as nothing can separate
what love has entwined.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sing >In My Heart For All Of Life

On my pillow each night
in my heart for all of life,
as we share day after day
in the most amazing way.

Soaring to the heavens blue
there is just me and you,
from the moment we met
your love in me was set.

Tears that wash away
all the darkness and gray,
leaving behind a canvas
clear for you and I to

On my pillow each night
in my heart for all of life,
as we share day after day
in the most amazing way.

Let it be me - The Everly Brothers

Stroll the Garden

Stroll the garden,
with you by my side.
Safe in my heart and
always on my mind.

Humming birds,
and a bumble bee
butterflies and then
there is you and me.

Stroll the garden,
with you by my side.
safe in my heart and
always on my mind.

Nothing is everything
everything nothing too,
because little matters
as long as I have you.

Stroll the garden,
with you by my side.
Safe in my heart and
always on my mind.


There is no sun in my morning
my skies are missing the blue,
the world is so much colder
when I am missing you.

There is no song or music
the silence rules the day,
emptiness consumes me
a void filled with pain.


I am not sure if work is a rollercoaster with ups and downs or a merry go round that keeps spinning. I feel distant and at the same time needy.

I'm wanting you,
I'm needing you,
like a flower needs
the sun.

I am feeling blue,
what can I do
my heart reaches
out for your love.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forever in your...

The beauty of the moment
is the sharing of two hearts
if I could hold still time
I'd choose forever in your arms.

It looks a bit like fall
as the leaves are coming down,
but all I see is love
when you are around.

The beauty of the moment
is the sharing of two hearts
if I could hold still time
I'd choose forever in your arms.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Heavens Blue

It is not my feet dancing,
my heart partnered with you,
spinning around in circles
under the heavens blue.

The rain is gently falling
and it's like music to my ears
as I feel your arms around me
and a  moment we share.

It is not my feet dancing,
my heart partnered with you,
spinning around in circles
under the heaves blue.

There is joy in every moment
and a magic that can't be explained
as we dance through life
blissfully day after day.

It is not my feet dancing,
my heart partnered with you,
spinning around in circles
under the heavens blue.

In every summer rain drop
a gentle kiss from me to you,
to waken your heart and soul
and dance under the heavens blue.

It is not my feet dancing,
my heart partnered with you,
spinning around in circles
under the heavens blue.

Round and round we go
no mountains will appear
we challenged all obstacles
in a moment that lovers share.

It is not my feet dancing,
my heart partnered with you,
spinning around in circles
under the heavens blue.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Heaven's Design

It is not a coincidence that our souls chanced to meet,
they were destined long ago on a journey incomplete.
Scripted in the heavens and sent to bring you to my side,
one to one our hearts merge for an immortal time.

Devoted to this road trip that directed the course,
to choose the time and place that love would indorse.
It is not the outer reflection that shines like a dream,
the vision of happiness is your arms around me.

Embrace the moment,
bridge your heart to mine
for you and I my sweet
are of heavens design.

Sent down to love
to bring peace to the day
with a dose of passion
when your arms I lay.

One Moon To Shine Upon the Sea

The midnight moon rules the night
casting a reflection of mystic light,
a bright sequence of moonbeams
circles in dance on the moving seas.

Silence broke by the hearts desire
with raging flames of a soul on fire.
Whispers soft from me to you sent
quickly on the clouds via the blue.
The stars connected one to one,
simply spells out the words of love.
Each day leads directly to the night
as our love scripts a moment of delight.

Preparing to close my eyes
as I send a kiss to you good night.
Visions of you and I entwined
is all that races through my mind.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I am always amazed no matter what the date on the calendar , nature itself knows the passing of a season. Butterflies know when to migrate, crickets in song, the locust morphing into its adult form , leaves falling , mornings cooler, days hotter. Yes summer is the season in passing.
I am enthralled by the Monarch butterfly. Something that lives such a short period of time accomplishes so much on a journey to reproduce.

Wake up in the morning
to your sweet smile,
it warms my heart and
removes the long miles.

I keep it safe within me
on this journey we call life,
for you are my love
that makes my world right.


Simplicity for all we need is
the magic of love to see us through the day.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


You are my need, essential to my well being.
 Therefore I close my eyes and find you waiting.
I love you..

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Treasure

My heart holds the memories,
I keep close the ones of you,
positive, warm and  loving
where skies are always blue.

This treasure is so powerful
it makes a mountain small
and turns the sea into a puddle
removing all barriers and walls.

It wakes me in the morning
calm with peace and joy
leaving a smile upon my face
inquisitive and coy.

Carries me through the day
when darkness is abode
replaces it with gems of love
that leaves a subtle glow.

The treasure is so amazing,
like the moon that rules the night,
it is there to watch over me
like a kiss from you good night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spoken by the heart carried by the wind.

The hand types mere words,
the souls breathes life into them.
My heart speaks a language
that is unequivocally the truth.

No matter how far my feet can carry me,
my mind carries me further.

The author writes the book, the editor proof rereads,
but ultimately the story of life lies in the hands
of circumstance, choice and fate.
If I could choose the moment when time stood still...
We don't get a chance to appreciate the ease of going down hill,
until we overcome the struggle of treading up hill.
Everyone is worthy of love,
only some people don't believe it.
Every person I meet has a page,
you my love have the book.
The stars are  merely a tool that guides me to you.
There is no denying what is in my heart.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I was waiting for the monarch Butterfly to open its wings for a photograph and I realized it wasn't that I was shooing it away it was timing. The wings opened on the count of three. Every three seconds I could take a picture of it. I always said that everything you needed to know a garden could teach. Life is timing. When we are born, when we die, who we meet , when we meet them. Like being in the right place at the right time or the opposite being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The heavens must have known our needs,
merging souls together is certainly to please.
Timing placed your heart here with mine,
soothing my spirit like my life infused in brine.

As confusing as it may all seem to be,
each moment is the tool that fate retrieves.
No matter where we go or what we do,
the script is drawn upon the heavens blue.

The concept of timing is surely not knew,
life has its numbers in all we do.
The ships that sail through a storm at sea
or the happiness that true love brings.

Maggie Reilly - Everytime We Touch (Original - HQ)

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Monarch Butterfly

I have always been taken by the return of the Monarch butterfly. I was ten years old when I saw my first and last view of millions of Monarch blanketing the sky.  This year as I waited for the Monarch to return only one little butterfly came down and landed upon my Milkweed plants. You have to admire the determination of a butterfly that travels 250 miles in a 24 hour day and thousands to get to their nesting ground each year. With all that we have to combat the little butterfly battles that much more, insecticides, chemicals , disease, weather and becoming dinner is just a few of the problems the Monarch confronts as it leaves Mexico and heads towards the north. Will they be around for generations is to be seen, but for now I am pleased that my little corner of the world provides a place where they can continue this mystical stage in the life of a migrating butterfly.
This weed like garden is
milkweed growing wild,
food source for the Monarch
that migrates thousands of miles.
Patiently I once more wait
as the eggs will soon hatch
and again I'll say goodbye
as the butterfly soars past.
Sometimes it's a flower,
butterfly or humming bird,
that reminds me of the simplicity
for which there are no words.
It is something from the heavens,
you can feel it in your soul
the embrace of sweet love
like a field flowers gold.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Bound By Love

The Gabriel's Trumpet is a large flower that opens in the late evening to early morning. I caught a glimpse of it this morning and by early afternoon it had already closed up. It is a reminder of life that gifts are everywhere if we are in the right place at the right time and willing to look. The moments of simplicity are at times the best. Imagine a day watching the sunrise and set, sharing in conversation or even more doing absolutely nothing in each others company.

Taking in the sunrise,
just to watch you smile.
Our to heart to heart
without those awful miles.

Listening to the blue bird
as he sings his mating song
our hands locked together
as we have always belonged.

The treasure of a moment,
where you and I are one,
means more than anything
as we are bound by love.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Star Flickers in The Night

I was listening to music on the internet as I prepared to take an afternoon nap, with all the pages closed the music continued to play. I didn't necessarily want to restart the computer to correct the glitch. I allowed the music to continue to play.    The words of the various songs swept me up into a magical place called "daydreams."  The songs faded as my mind danced to the music played on the strings of the heart. My eyes closed and  yet a glimpse of love, seen as the heart would have love viewed, felt as love should be felt in a experience that comforts the soul. Traveling through years till I stopped at the very moment our hearts collided.

Like a star flickers in the night,
a spark of love quickly ignites.
Wondrous moments for you and I
as if the angels sent you to my side.

As close as two souls can be
our lives mirror each other perfectly.
You and I are a forevermore
no matter what life has in store.

The day will soon disappear
but not the love we share,
it is my morning delight
it makes my world so right.

Like a star flickers in the night,
a spark of love quickly ignites.
Wondrous moments for you and I
as if the angels sent you to my side.


Celebrate the Day

If I didn't know better I would have thought the fall season was under way. The sun hiding behind the clouds left a drape of dreariness to the day. Temperatures much cooler than they have been in months and even the trees are beginning to change colors as some of the leaves can be seen falling to the ground. I find that this typically happens at the end of August as I can remember school shopping for sweaters and winter clothing to find that September would think other wise and belt us with a few more hot summer like days.
There is an unusual silence to the day that seems to pare up with the stillness that  makes it feel like a freshly painted canvas. The only movement that could be found was from my own stretching to wake up and start the day. The  morning also came with a clearing of mind. On a occasion I find that I can rise above the negativity. As I listened to various people share their problems, nothing really seem to be so important that I could not put it a side. Life is the gift and in celebrating a moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. In some ways it is not that anything really changes but that our way of digesting life provides us with an optional view.
Aware that another season is not to far off, I find a sadness in preparing to say our goodbyes to summer. Yet as I look back I find that everything has a time. It may be the end of a chapter, turning of a page or the review of a story read long ago. All part of the formation of character, which reveals we never stop learning and growing.
Thinking back it reminded me of something my sister did. There were moments as children when she let jealousy get the best of her. One day we were young children and my grandmother gave us jewelry boxes that had a little ballerina that danced to a music box when you opened the lid. My ballerina had some how broken off and I didn't give it much thought. Almost fifty years later my sister confessed that she broke her ballerina and switched the boxes. She went on to tell me of a few other not so nice things that she did. She carried that with her for all those years. She needed to let go of something she did , that I didn't even know happened. The point is sometimes we carry a heavy weight which matters very little to our current moment. Waking up this morning I felt that renewal of a clear canvas. For the gift of life is magic waiting to be opened with each sunrise.

The sun is brightly shining
though the clouds are gray,
the skies a welcoming blue
come through in their own way.

Life is truly special
we get one time around
to share the magic
that in our heart is found.

Breaking the silence,
with laughter in the day,
warming the soul
in an amazing way.

The sun is brightly shining
though the clouds are gray,
the skies a welcoming blue
come through in their own way.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

One to one

It is not the fire within the soul
or the flames of burning desire,
the love that holds me in the night
grows stronger with each hour.

Removes the tears of sorrow,
brings joy to each and everyday
and when I close my eyes to sleep
its sends the nightmares away.

My head upon your shoulder,
hearts which beats one to one
and from the greatest distance
we share the power of love.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Anniversary of Prose

It is my fourteenth anniversary of writing prose. It started years before I began a blog. No computer, no access and invisible bars that no one could see but never the less were still there. Freedom started slow from the four mile walk taking the children to preschool to my father sending me the coolest bicycle. Challenges that seemed small to many were huge triumphs on a personal level. Still with all that I achieved, the bars that restricted my heart and soul remained. Feeling cut off from the world I was able to bicycle to the public library which was 9 miles one way, to send and email. Desperately reaching out to be heard and acknowledged.
The first one hundred poems that were handwritten in a notebook as I lay at night working through and array of emotion still sit boxed away in the corner of my bedroom. Some of them I still relate to and others feel more like a stranger than a diary of my own soul.
The journey was filled with hope and happiness and a not so balanced scoop of fear,heartache and loneliness. It was only through writing that I some how escaped the negativity that surrounded me. The words were not so much about the people I met along the journey but about the emotions trapped within me that needed expressed.
My first friend that stood at the gateway of experience,  was a young man whose needs were greater than mine own. In helping him get beyond his own personal demons ,  I found that I too conquered insecurities and built new steps leading to confidence.
Interpretation, that always amazed me. When people would read the poetry and feel the touching of their own hearts as they related to my journey or even more so saw themselves within it. There were times that I struggled more than others and a few stanza's from the many poems remind me of a time when the gateway to survival was opened and yet threatened to be boarded up. 

"I shall never let time deafen the sound of your voice
 on the darkest days, laughter will replace tears"
" like the fir tree whose branches were growing I too was growing
and reaching with life at my fingertips"
I thought of much of the journey like the children's story Oz, where different people I met along the way brought something along with them, like a lesson in life. I sometimes felt that maybe I had failed at some of what I needed to learn. That fear still dominated my decisions while circumstance was the bricks that formed the yellow brick road. As if at the end of  the journey I would have all the answers I would ever need. That is far from the truth as it quite difficult to see tomorrow through yesterdays window.  Which reminds me of a friend in passing who sent me a crystal ball.  That revealed we are not always meant to know what tomorrow will bring.
When reading prose you might get a glimpse of a day of triumph or a day of sorrow but you will always see my heart as it views the world and all that is in it. Which reminds me of an elderly women who collected my poetry she said.
" Your poetry is the last thing I read before I go to bed and the first thing I read when I wake up." That is pretty impressive. Even if the words touch but one soul.
I still question chapters as I review them , almost like rereading a book. Did I accomplish all I could have? Did I make all the right choices ? Did I have to experience all the pain of heartache to appreciate the joy of love?
When someone is getting an award they say " I want to thank all the people that  made it possible" But it was a friend that said " you can thank all the people in the world you want, but it was you  who made it all possible. With your hard work and dedication and belief in yourself and of course the strength to overcome all the struggles."


I glanced up at the stars,
mapped by the heart
once more the path
led me to you.

I closed my eyes
and wiped the tears
as the feelings of love
were all we had to share.

I glanced up at the stars,
mapped by the heart,
once more the path
led me to you.

Unmistakable embrace,
holds not only the heart
but cradles my soul.


Time places limits on the body
but not upon the soul, for love
is the eternal emotion.

My last thought at  night,
my first thought in the morning.