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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Souls

One cannot calculate
or measure the time
for our joy is infinitely
the endless love of you
and I.

Seen upon the heavens,
the celestial stars of bright,
but nothing is more beautiful
than two souls as one in flight.

Just a dream away
from holding you,
a mere thought
of a love in bloom.

I spend my day
in this simple way
I spend my day
thinking of you.

Just a dream away
from holding you,
a mere thought
of a love in bloom.


Late Day Of Summer

I don't like the darkness,
or the skies of grey,
looking for the sunshine
it is you who makes my day.

These late days of summer
are filled with many goodbyes,
but I like your sweet hello's
they make my heart sigh.


Snuggling in your arms,
listening to your heart beat,
the easiest think I'll ever do
is choreographed by the dreams.

I feel your presence near me,
your arms close as can be,
comforting and loving
your the best part of being me.


I didn't go looking
didn't expect to find,
such a wonderful love
through my life it shines.

I wondered about the time
and why we had to wait so,
for our souls to cross and
our love to grow.

It is certainly no surprise
why I'll never let you go,
for life revealed its magic
when you set it all aglow.

The world has its share of hell
which makes me appreciate my
heaven that much more with you.


To wake each morning is beautiful indeed,
but to wake unto your love is our destiny.


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