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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Little Treasures

To this day people ask me who or what is kimblake. As I look back on that time period, it was a time of discovery, standing my ground, growth, transition, experience, heartache, sadness and a time of facing the challenges that living life can bring. Maybe a bit cliché it was a time of finding myself. Even more so it was a game of "chutes and ladders" climbing up and sliding back.
It was the morning flowers that made me think about that time. Little pinwheel like blooms that reminded me how life goes around and around. Usually I know when I am feeling anxious, what is the cause. But lately I am not aware of what is causing this internal battle. I race heart and soul to be near you, to feel the comfort of your arms. Leaving behind the fear that has traveled with me through life.
I question my own choices in placing myself through such time of struggle and wondering if those I sacrificed a lifetime for would even appreciate or realize all that was done for them. My flower garden has away of teaching me all I needed to know about life and through them finding a sort of solitude. It was my place of escape a world that I created and yet ruled by mother nature.

Little treasures
in the garden bloom,
reminders of life
and of you.

Spinning in circles ,
my mind never rest
as I gaze unto the heavens
and wonder if this is a test.

Love is what I carry,
I hold it in my heart,
like a flower blooming
from hello it got a start.

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