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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 30, 2015


It's a I need to get away moment. Before I had my drivers license I had several places that I would go to escape the craziness in the day. Sometimes the attic, I think that was the ten year old in me, hiding but never very far away. But more peaceful was going down to the water fall that fed into the ten mile stream. But as I quickly found out for everything that stays the same nothing stays the same. Today I could have taken time away from the day and gone for a drive and yet I did not.  It was kind of a screaming in silence moment.

Soul to soul,
I reach out to you,
soaring like an eagle
to the heavens blue.

Feel my being,
I am there with you,
always beside you
no matter what you do.

Sunlight in the morning,
warms the spirit so,
but nothing warms my
heart like the love
I have come to know.

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