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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Monarch Butterfly

I have always been taken by the return of the Monarch butterfly. I was ten years old when I saw my first and last view of millions of Monarch blanketing the sky.  This year as I waited for the Monarch to return only one little butterfly came down and landed upon my Milkweed plants. You have to admire the determination of a butterfly that travels 250 miles in a 24 hour day and thousands to get to their nesting ground each year. With all that we have to combat the little butterfly battles that much more, insecticides, chemicals , disease, weather and becoming dinner is just a few of the problems the Monarch confronts as it leaves Mexico and heads towards the north. Will they be around for generations is to be seen, but for now I am pleased that my little corner of the world provides a place where they can continue this mystical stage in the life of a migrating butterfly.
This weed like garden is
milkweed growing wild,
food source for the Monarch
that migrates thousands of miles.
Patiently I once more wait
as the eggs will soon hatch
and again I'll say goodbye
as the butterfly soars past.
Sometimes it's a flower,
butterfly or humming bird,
that reminds me of the simplicity
for which there are no words.
It is something from the heavens,
you can feel it in your soul
the embrace of sweet love
like a field flowers gold.

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