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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hold My Hand

Loving you brings smiles each day,
a joy into my life, like sun when it rains.
Touches my heart and soothes my soul
in a unique and wonderful kind of way.

I repeat the words of love for all to hear
a documentation of how much one can care.
Wanting to remind you just what you mean to me,
your the love of my life for all eternity.

Taking a deep breath, exhaling slow
remember the feeling as our love grows,
seeded by the soul in the heart it's sown
and roots itself like a miracle on loan.

I live to love you in this special way,
like walking through a dream that never fades.
From the moment I wake up till I fall asleep,
your vision is with me, a view of eternity.

They say time is fleeting
and soon will fade away ,
but our love is forever
and stronger with each day.

I won't waste a moment,
in telling you how I feel.
You have my heart
in this unwritten tale.


Heaven the pilot,
we the passengers
on the clouds above
where we meet with love.

Gently embracing,
a soul to soul bond
where we dance
to a love song.

I dedicate each day to you,
a true celebration under the heavens blue.


This is my promise,
to always be true,
speak from the heart
of my love for you.

It takes no effort
and no sacrifice,
with you everything
is a wonderful delight.

My goal is to leave behind
and document each day,
in which you touched this heart
of mine in a special kind of way.

I believe in love
and I believe in you,
from the moment of hello
a dream came true.

I believe in happiness
and the touching of hearts
from the moment I wake up
until I am under the stars.


I traveled the mountains
and I crossed the sea,
thorns and brush
to a clear passing.

It took time
but love endured
as you stood by me
from life's shore.


The devil knows no peace and surely no joy,
but on this path I travel the angels love is employed.

I am wealthy beyond wealthy
for your love flows generously through my heart.


There are many who journey with us,
some hold our hands for a moment and
than there is you.
Goofy is a sign of comfort,
I am comfortable being goofy with you.

No one gives you happiness
but sharing happiness is a true joy.

My wants and needs are  identical,
I want and need you.

I love gone with the wind moments, "darling I just don't give a damn" I am me, not perfect but me.
I need very little for I have your love
which is truly priceless.

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