Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Morning Love Song

I embraced the darkness of the night
and the rise of the morning sunlight,
I knew that you were here with me
and that this wasn't some silly dream. 

My eyes were held tightly closed 
but the heart can see what the soul 
already knows, that our love is
magical indeed as it bridges 
with the warmest memories. 


Dancing without moving, 
singing without song, 
I'm there with you, 
right there in your arms. 

Dreaming without sleeping, 
feeling without touch, 
I'm there with you, 
right there in your heart. 


Little bird at my window, 
sings her morning love song
like courting the heart she
brought you from a far singing
her morning love song. 

Flowers blooming outside my window,
in colors of every shade and hue, 
from reds to yellow and green to blue,
they are all in celebration of my love
for you. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Wherever You Go

Wind, wind take to the sky,
I am sending my love
over the mountains and rivers
direct to his side.

Packed filled with kisses,
a complete treasure indeed
and a quick reminder of
what he means to me.

Mission accomplished
when you open your eyes
and I am there with you
right by your side.

Holding your hand
and not letting go,
no parachute needed
I am there in your heart
wherever you go.


Sweet Dreams

My love for you
is like a star lit night,
which blanket the sky
like your love blankets
my heart each night.

You ease my soul in the
most comforting way,
when you kiss all my
troubles away.

There is a completeness
that I can't honestly explain,
but I'll take a moment and
try to do it anyway.

My heart was once empty
and my soul completely lost,
till I stumbled in the darkness
and your love I came across.

The magic is in the simple
way we share each day,
sometimes it takes only a hello
to make the gray sides fade.

The reality has surfaced
and I have never been the same,
for you have given me the gift of love
that I keep with me day after day.

I know where I belong
and I belong with you and
that is the joy of love
that made my sky so blue.


I take the time
both night and day
to close my eyes
and dream away.

I dream of you darling
of your sweet tender kiss
and the embrace of love
which is my bliss.

Sweet dreams my love
I am there with you,
lying in your arms
the whole night thru.

I take the time
both night and day
to close my eyes
and dream away.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Etta Jones - Till There Was You (Prestige Records 1961)


Heart and Soul Inspired

No destination
by a supernatural power,
the journey we partake
is heart and soul inspired.

Changed my world
on this path of love,
unlocking the heavens
to dance above.


From early morning
till night as I sleep,
you're all that I think of
and all of my dreams.

My smiles and laughter
belong only to you
as you unlocked my heart
and let your love through.

From early morning
till night as I sleep,
you're all that I think of
and all of my dreams.


After the storm
on this summer day,
I awoke by surprise
that a calm remained.

The feelings I have
are due to you as
you make me feel
brand new.


Summoned by the moment
it all caught me by surprise,
opening my heart while
I was closing my eyes.

One with the heavens,
the earth and sunrise.
One with the dreams
that the heart customized.

Entwined together like
a tightened grape vine,
strengthens our love as
we take the reigns of time.


My head on the pillow and
my heart there with you,
no matter the time or season,
I'll always love you.

You're the peace that I feel
when life tries to get me down,
you're the joy of my life
like an angel on the ground.


From my heart the words
that my fingers partake
as I spend my day writing
in a state half awake.

The body is distanced and
my heart there with you,
no matter the miles
our love comes through.

I could spend every moment
every second of an hour,
dreaming of you and how
you set my soul on fire.

Loving you is magic
in the most amazing way
as you are never very far
your just a thought away.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Day Miracles

The Simple Things

Sweet good mornings,
embrace good night
and the love I treasure
for all of life.

Rainbows and blue skies,
white puffy clouds and
the joy of happiness
when  you are around.

Simple creatures
big and small
reminds us of the beauty
of earths dance hall.

Sharing a moment
holding you close
whispers of love
in the wind blow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Heart

Oh the babbling brook,
creates quite the scenery,
flows directly to the river
trickling gingerly.

I gazed upon the water
as the trees fanned from above
with a feeling of contentment
that yes we share sweet love.

Distance between us
and though  miles apart
you are as close as one can be
for you are right here in
my heart.

4th edition Webster's Dictionary that crick IS a variant of creek.

The cold mountain crick
fed by ice cold springs
flowed gently to the river
like a motion in a dream. 

Caught up in the emotions
that brings a joy to the mind
I smiled at the images that
I conjured up in time.

Mountains to separate
and distance over ruled
as our souls come together
in an everlasting hold.