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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Every Thought

It is what is seen through the heart 
that lights the way. 


Some wish to turn back the hands of time,
I wish to freeze when I'm in your arms.

I'd rather do nothing with you 
than something with everyone else.

Love is not a word written upon a page,
it is that which touches my heart while embracing my soul.

There is never an ending for your love
grows stronger and stronger within my very being. 


It's not necessarily words upon a page,
but those that written from the heart and scripted to the soul.

Have you ever wondered " why now?"

Honey sweet kisses
and hugs for life
nourishes the soul
jump starting without
a fight.

No obstacles between us
you're a thought away,
mountains mean nothing
like grains of sand it fades.


There is a magic to this world,
when I look around and see
that everything is filled 
with the love of you and me. 

From raindrops to sunshine, 
each season is so divine 
the most amazing energy 
flows through you and me 

Honey sweet to my lips
with just a dream of your kiss,
bringing joy to my day
as I send my love your way.

The soul like images transpire
as two spirits join in the hour,
with a sense of tranquilities
that calm the restlessness in me.

Inseparable are we for you are
 every thought and memory,
with every breath I take
I feel you inside of me.

From the moment I awake
there is not a moment to waste,
I wanna share with you
whether gray skies or blue.

The bond is ever strong
as in your arms is where I belong,
I know it to be true
with the first words " I love you."

From simple thin air
your touch is felt here,
as I close my eyes once more
I see you the one I adore.

I thought it must be a dream
don't pinch or wake me,
as I dance in your arms
and you dance here in my heart.


The Soul's Embrace

                        Touch the heart, embrace the soul, lift my spirit...as dreams unfold. 

There is a stillness in the hollow,
as the birds no longer sing and 
the wind makes no appearance
of the storms last passing. 

The sky takes on a powder blue
like a blanket high in the air,
as a reminder of the love
you and I have yet to share.

My heart knows the connection
beyond the river and the sea,
that joined without apprehension
to unite soul to soul for eternity.

I whispered to the wind
"which direction will you go?"
and the wind responded
" only one way shall I blow"

" Take my love and to his lips
leave upon them my tender kiss"
The wind responded with a subtle breeze
" I will send your love, if it shall please."

The seconds pass and the hours fade
and the touch of love still remains.
Deeper and deeper within my very heart
where love grew and got its start.

One tears swells and surely falls
as the ache within says it all,
to feel the warmth of your tender touch
and taste the sweetness of your pure love.

I stopped, I glanced as if in a dream
the mere thought of you brought joy to me,
the merriment within my heart
brought your happiness from afar.

Call it magic or special indeed
that lifts my spirit from its knee,
brightens my very day and guides
by love in its own way.

I whispered to the wind 
"which direction will you go?"
and the wind responded 
" only one way shall I blow"

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


One of the first questions you are asked as a child or a teenager is " what do you like?" Some people seem to know that from the very beginning and they say " when I grow up I wanna be..." I couldn't really single it out to one or even a few things. The answer that always came to mind was " Life" Of course with life your granted the opportunity to and experience more . My list of likes is way longer than my list of dislikes. I know I am not excited about car races never really enjoyed watching a car go around the track. The children wanted to attend a demolishing derby and. I can honestly say it was not a thrill watching the smashing up of cars. Maybe that is why nature is high on my list. as it is always grateful, you take care of all the things in nature and it takes care of you.
Made me thing of how many times I told the children to feed the chickens. You would thought it was the worst chore in the world. But as I sat and watched my hens bathe in the sun , run the yard and go about their business of leaving me the morning eggs. I thought well yeah my children missed out on the joy. It is life and anything that is a part of life brings a certain amount of joy. Life is only work if you think of it as work. I prefer to think of life as chapters of experience.

I love to watch a butterfly sipping nectar
and the birds building a nest in the trees,
I love the way you make me smile and
touch my heart like the wind through
the trees.

I love the sound of the water over rocks
as the streams races to the river wide,
I love the joy you bring into my life
like a star shining brightly over me.

I love to watch the flowers grow
and bloom in colors of a rainbow,
I love the magic of your touch
an embrace that only lovers know.

I love to listen to the blue birds
as they chirp their little tune,
I love to hear the words " I love you"
and repeat them back to you.

I love feel of soft cotton
cool and dry against the skin,
I love the feel of your being
as I dream you laying next to me.

I love the rising of the sun
as it celebrates a new day,
I love the way you make me feel
like a teenager on her first date.

I love the sand between my toes
strolling on the ocean shore,
I love the images created
when I visualize our forevermore.

Here In My Heart

There is an old adage " till you walked a mile in my shoes." Meeting people, selling poetry and the connection to the words. I learned early on how interpretation could take one word and give it many meanings. The same holds true for a poem. There was an older woman who collected pieces I wrote. She would stop by at the art event to see what I had that was newly written. She went on to explain how she hung the pieces in her bedroom and would read them each night before bed. I thought wow! that is pretty powerful for someone to interpret my words into their life.
Some people stood out a little more than others. I remember another woman unable to choose asking me to read two poems for her. I choked up reading them " one was my promise "and "Normal." She purchased both but it as at that moment I realized they were getting  part of my soul.
I see it as a legacy of sort or away to live on beyond this Earths time. The people we meet and interact with carry away a piece of us . Poetry it is the documentation of  a thought or a dream through the power of emotion. In a glimpse of a cold world it is quickly warmed by the power of love. Love of friends, family and life.

Ease the moment
rest assure my love,
though the flesh is a part,
you're here in my heart.

Warming to the being,
it heats up the very soul
with every breath I take
our dreams are foretold.

Taste of sweetness
with a good morning kiss,
a touch to your cheek
and the feel of your lips.

Bridging the distance
with a thought and dream,
I crossed the threshold
of peace and serenity.

Forever connection
that's how it will be,
as we are joined by the
love called "eternity. "

I traveled many a rode,
walking the path of life
somehow it led me to you
in a form of paradise.

Smiles surface
when I think of you,
as you're the joy
that makes my sky so blue.

Dancing with the moment
on the clouds up above,
I find myself ever grateful
for your special love.

My mood is lifted
there is happiness in my day,
thinking of your smile
sends goosebumps my way.

The feeling of sweet passion
brightens up the day and night
as I embrace the power of the soul
from the love of my life.

The Kitchen Dance

Image result for kitchen dance

Childhood teaches us more than we are willing to admit. Not just book learning and school but the impact parents have on us. For as strict as my father was with discipline , there was a side of him that was gentle. Of course being ill a lot as a child, he did his share of pacing the floor , dancing and singing to try and get me to fall asleep. I find in the many years since his passing, the harder side of him has taken a back seat to the positive that I believe he instilled in us as children. Music and dance became an integral part of who we are.  Sometimes I found music was like the great escape. Creating worlds, visiting places in the mind and as we joking would say " music calms the savage beast." From one of the first children's songs "Frere Jacques Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques,Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines Ding dang dong, ding dang dong. to a wide range of music or his favorite to sing when I was not well. "Playmate come out and play with me, my dollies got the flu boo hoo hoo, Look down my rain barrel, slide down my cellar door and we'll be ever friends forever more. " Okay so it wasn't to wide a range of music. We use to say mother could break a glass singing Opera and I don't think we meant that in a good way. 
Dad served in the war during world war 2, stationed in Germany, France and Poland he spoke many different languages. I don't even think I realized until I was an adult that we grew up talking a variety of languages all mixed together.  Well  we knew just enough to get by . One of my fondest memories was of my parents dancing in the kitchen. Somehow the negative just faded away and all seemed for the time being as if the world or at least my little corner of the world was perfectly fine.
It wasn't till I realized what falling " in love" felt like or that I figured out there were all kinds of love. But "in love" ahh now that is power and magical.  Where your feet literally lift off the ground and you basically dance on clouds. The emotion can stir the passion and explain the ache within the heart.
I don' t have any one particular favorite song well except for maybe the kitchen dance with the song "always and forever. "  Of course how can one forget the magic of falling in love " Wise men say only fools rush in , but I can't help falling in love with you."  Will you take my hand and share in a kitchen dance? I'll go easy on you we can do the basic box step. You lead I'll follow, the clouds in the heavens await us. 

Take me to your arms, 
oh! take me to your heart, 
let the love on in and 
allow the dreams to begin. 

Slide across the floor,
with you whom I adore
and pull me ever close 
like a honey bee to a rose.

Take me to your arms, 
oh! take me to your heart, 
let the love on in and 
allow the dreams to begin. 

Round and around we go
the passion surely shows, 
the desire of two when 
I dance with you. 

Take me to your arms, 
oh! take me to your heart, 
let the love on in and 
allow the dreams to begin

Memories are made 
in reserve for another day, 
as I take to the clouds 
and to my king I bow. 

Take me to your arms, 
oh! take me to your heart, 
let the love on in and 
allow the dreams to begin

You lead and I'll follow
with you for evermore, 
creating our paradise 
while begging for more. 

Take me to your arms, 
oh! take me to your heart, 
let the love on in and 
allow the dreams to begin

Monday, July 09, 2018

La, la, la To Your Ear

I looked to the stars
shining high in the sky,
knowing quite well they
blanket over you and I.

La, la, la sweet love, 
la , la , la my dear, 
sung from the heart
only to your ear.

I looked to the heavens
and the clouds passing by,
in hoping to hold you
heart , soul and mind.

La, la, la sweet love,
la , la , la my dear,
sung from the heart
only to your ear.

The night is passing
as the darkness set in,
and I open my heart
to your love I binge.

 La, la, la sweet love,
la , la , la my dear, 
sung from the heart
only to your ear.


Everyday a poem
each night a dream
every page a story
of a lovers theme.

Documenting moments
of two souls set afire
the  deep blaze of love
fueled by the hour.

Escaping the darkness
with passion and desire,
I harness the magic
giving love the power.

Soar the heavens
and embrace eternity,
to celebrate the love
through gifts of memory



Words with emotion,
packed full of love,
graced the moment
on the clouds above.

My hand reached out
you were here with me,
I felt your love embrace
as if to life came the dream.

Energy filled  happiness,
passion and deep desire,
blankets the very night
growing stronger by the

Words with emotion,
packed full of love,
graced the moment
on the clouds above.