Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gust of Wind

The gust of wind in the air today touched my soul and memories played. The days of long ago where brick by brick a wall was made cast doubt of all that can be done to bridge the darkness with Autumn sun.
Why is it that the same window
provides many views?
There is a stillness to the moment
that looks neither forward or backward.
My mind rewrites the chapters each day
but the story still reads the same.
Molly my poodle is snoring
at least one of us is getting some sleep.
I had a dream about a giant and the dream analysis
said " I am battling big problems" they have no idea.
Sometimes the sun does
shine through my bedroom window.
Experience is nothing but lessons in life,
I would have preferred to skip a few.
I get this vision of Gulliver's travels. The scene where the Lilliput's have him tied down. It just reminds me, how is that we can let such little things hold us back? Well than on second thought it's a lot of little things...which leads us to the old adage "when it rains it pours"
I mastered screaming in silence,
that is until my fingers did the talking.
The impact of you upon my life has been monumental,
I was granted wings and have soared the heavens.
 It is the crash landings that I have to perfect.
All this in a gust of wind....

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Midnight Reflections

The rooster is asleep
till 4 am rolls around
and soon he'll crow
as if no one is around.

The dog is on the porch
barking at a passing deer
and the night is ever dark
without you here to share.

I'm lying here wide awake,
paging through the day
while rambling thoughts
of you find there way.

                                                                   So far and so close,
                                                                distanced by mountains
     and bridged by memories.
To dance upon the clouds has a magic of its own
and yet the darkness rules.
I failed to see the light of happiness,
as I reach out in the darkness.
The world carries its own heavy
that I don't have to add to it.
I gather strength in loving you,
like a sponge that soaks up water.
How is that I am running
but my feet have never moved?
The silence is overwhelming.
Pulls you close
and kisses you goodnight.

Friday, October 02, 2015

This Love

I have many times requested some sort of normalcy to my life and then I thought am I worthy of such a life of calm and peace? Out of the blue I felt your love swoop down and pick me up and hold me in the most safest of embrace. At that very moment an inner whisper said " this is love , wonderful, warm and caring, the giving of heart the embracing of souls and at that moment everything seemed as it should be... but it was far from normal, because this is nothing average or common about this love.
This is the most spectacular, amazing gift of life a love that I so cherish.

Two as One

The smile in my morning
and the love in my heart,
belongs to you my darling
in this life long embrace.

Lifting to the heavens
entwined two as one,
our souls forever bonded
on earth and in the clouds

Peace is what is founded
no worries or despair,
as long as you are with me
only positive is shared.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Powers the Dream

It is my love for you
that powers the dreams,
places you in my arms
and haunts with memories.

Burning desire a bit cliché
this passion is overwhelming
as I hold  you in my heart
until this very day.

One glimpse at the stars
 provides us with many views.
I gave up questioning" the why?"
for we are entwined with our experiences.
The greatest lessons I have learned in life
are "trust and respect" to trust self and respect self.
Crying is like a good rain,
one cleanses the earth the other cleanses the soul.
I can say hello and goodbye to any season
as long as you are with me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happiness of Sweet

I give you my love,
my hopes and dreams,
for you had my heart
from hello it seems.

Smiles and laughter
happiness of sweet,
replaces the darkness
with warm memories.

My true forever,
if you haven't realized,
I couldn't stop loving
even if I tried.

It doesn't take effort,
this passion and desire,
it burns from inside
like a forest on fire.

Selfless love,
meant to be shared,
from you my love
who took the time
to care.

My promise eternal
an undying love,
stronger and stronger
soars above.


Waiting on the morning sun to rise,
consumed with dreamy thoughts of you.
It feels the void within my heart
with your love so wonderful and true.

Lying here in a semi awake state,
as the darkness is quickly replaced.
The light that shines so very bright
is the colliding of your heart to mine.

The song quickly breaks the silence
with words written expressively for you ,
in a warn and inviting melody which is
played in the heavens blue.
I take each morning to thank the Lord above
and celebrate the moment he sent your precious love.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Embrace of Souls

                                              Many people have touched my heart
                                                but you my love embrace my soul.


Sometimes it is a song or a word or two
that encounters a memory out of the blue.
Sends my heart to that magical place
where hearts come together and souls embrace.

I find that you're always with me,
from early morn and through the night,
the warmth of your sweet love is felt,
day after day for all of my life.

Sometimes it is a song or a word or two,
that encounters a memory out of the blue.
Sends my heart to that magical place
where hearts come together and souls embrace.

I've got You Under my Skin by Frank Sinatra