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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunshine Bright

When tasting the sweetness,
everything else is much more bitter.

There is a certain high  and low that comes with doing an event this time of year. There is an unequivocal  acceptance that comes from the people I work with and the customers who return to purchase. I had more than my share of hugs and holiday greetings. It was like standing upon a pedestal or atop the world. But as I feel the fading of the moment and adapt once more to the negativity that the isolation that surrounds me, I once more stand to challenge the barriers that winter in the hollow place in front of me. I carefully list the positive and negative things in my life as I tell myself how much I have to be grateful for.

Because we do not see the sun on a cloudy day,
does not mean it does not shine.


Life is but a song,
the music sweet
places me in your

Dance day and night,
in my heart and in my mind.
Dreams so fine ,
truly make you mine.

Life is but a song,
the music sweet
places me in your

Sunshine bright,
with you
everything feels
so right.

Blue sky blue,
there is nothing
I wouldn't do
for you.

I looked to the heavens
and to my surprise,
a silhouette appeared
in the sky.

Hearts and souls
entwined into one,
a representation of
our love.

I looked to the heavens
and to my surprise,
a silhouette appeared
in the sky.

I recognized from the start,
that it was you who
held my heart.

I looked to the heavens
and to my surprise,
a silhouette appeared
in the sky.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Feel the difference
in the happiness shared,
when hearts embrace
and love is in the air.

Angel magic,
a smile on my face,
as I accept the gift
friendship gave.

Stars in the heavens,
clouds passing by,
dreams in the making
and memories for all time.

Content am I,
as I hold you near,
giving gratitude
to one who dared to care.

Sweet images
a silhouette of two,
dancing in the heavens,
there is me and you.

La, la, la ,la, la
ba,,ba, ba, ba,
da, da, da, da,
with  you.

La, la, la, la, la,
ba, ba, ba, ba,
da, da, da, da,
beside you.

Hearts that sing,
music of life,
dancing the dream,
just to be near you.

La, la,la,la, la
ba,ba, ba, ba,
da, da, da,da
with you.

La, la, la, la, la,
ba, ba, ba,ba
da, da, da, da,
beside you.

Stars shine down on you,
sending a sparkle or two,
take your place in the sky
right there by my side.

La, la, la, la,la
ba, ba,ba, ba,
da, da,da da
with you.

La, la, la, la, la,
ba, ba,ba, ba,
da, da,da, da
beside you.

.....and I'll always be there for you
as I truly love you.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Giving It To The Sky

The early morn finds the full moon brightly shining through the trees. The view right outside my window cast light upon moment where the is sun preparing to rise has yet not taken its rightful place in my morning sky. It is as if I am witnessing the changing of the guards, where the moon steps back and another day begins.
I in many ways I welcome the solitude that this early morn provides . It is unquestionably the most peaceful time of day. As I watch the moon slip slowly behind a passing cloud, the world becomes much smaller. my moon is your moon, my stars your stars, my sun your sun. Close as my morning thoughts and distanced by miles.
The array of mementos scattered across my desk have been at the forefront of my daily thoughts. To anyone else it would appear as if it were only bric-brac without meaning. Yet each piece documented a step in the journey. From the simplicity of the geodes the children gave me to the random items I somehow collected along the way each with their anchor to a memory. Chapters of a journey, the crystal ball, the angels, the train that could, etc,I looked and each provided a renewed lesson of life. I saw the expectation of others. The holding on to dreams and the believing that all is possible.
I know the years have passed quickly and that I have achieved much in this game of chutes and ladders. I climbed up to find myself sliding back many times. I saw life atop a mountain and felt the loneliness that the hollow placed upon me. I lived a journey enriched with friendship, love and laughter and again one seeped in fear.

The sun is rising,
the morning bright,
good bye moon
till tonight.

Take my dreams,
hold them dear,
I carefully had
chosen which
ones to share.

Peaceful and loving,
content am I,
taking a memory
and giving it to the sky.

Staying Strong

When to hold on
and when to let go,
when to laugh and
when to cry.

When to dream
and when to wake up,
When to have faith
and when to have a reality


Many ships are in passing,
few anchor.
I was determined to rewrite a story
that cannot be rewritten.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Vince Vance & the Valiants - All I Want For Christmas Is You [HQ]

Gazillion Combinations

I trusted the wind to send you my love,
to challenge the mountains and soar above.
The mystery of your presence is truly around,
I sense your goodness with happiness abound.

I have faith in the moment and joy in my day
confident am I that this magic will never fade.
I have my yesterdays safely tucked away
and when I am lonely I live a dream a day.

It is your kindness and the trust we share
that brought me to life with your ability to care.
Like taking winter and turning it to spring,
you brought to me the sunshine through a dream.

When I am feeling sad and distance takes a toll,
I look to all my blessings that daily unfold.
Sailing an ocean, taking control of the sea,
the truth unveils your unselfish love for me.

Special doesn't define what you mean to me,
for you are a treasure as priceless as one can be.
In my heart forever, standing next to me,
on a journey through life, writing eternity.

Eternity is not enough to share this special love,
gazillion combinations , unlimited pieces merging into one.
Precious moments that make my heart aware,
how wonderful life when you have someone with whom you share.

Not a day shall pass, not a moment nor an hour,
without my heart feeling the passion and the fire.
My dearest admiration of all that you are,
no matter how close , no matter how far.


Stronger with each moment,
more powerful by the day,
that is why my love you will
never ever fade.

From My Heart A Love Song

From my heart a love song
sung only for you.
from my soul the words
"I really do love you.'

This is my morning,
my day and night,
dreaming of you
forever by my side.

From my heart a love song
sung only for you,
from my soul the words
" I really do love you."

Gazing at the blue skies,
watching clouds go by,
thankful for the moment
you came into my life.

From my heart a love song
sung only for you,
from  my soul the words
" I really do love you/"

Numb from the feeling,
when you took me by surprise,
opened up my heart and
gave meaning to my life.

From my heart a love song
sung only for you,
from my soul the words
"I really do love you/"

Thursday, December 04, 2014


The crescent moon,
appeared at night,
bright as it could be,
illuminating the sky 
as it peered through
the trees.
Close and yet distant,
the moon hung in the sky, 
titillating to the heart
as it stroked the mind.
The calm was amazing,
the visuals a delight,
two lovers upon the heavens,
danced all through the night.
I smiled at the image,
that the night sky shared,
to bring from a distance
the love the blue sky mirrors.

I see the revelations
that are revealed through the moment.
My Gift
She gave to me a drawing,
of a rose quickly sketched.
But the gift was in the thought,
as tonight our conversation to
my heart was etched.
Sometimes life is complicated
and other times as simple as can be,
like the opening petals of a rose
it reveals the bloom we see.
I see the child who I held both day and night,
the shy little girl who filled me with delight.
There were days of sadness where I wiped away
her tears and the memorable ones of laughter
that we so warmly shared.
Another month down
one more passing day,
spring is the next season,
I can feel it in my veins.
We are battling the moment,
challenging each day
as we stand against winter
to allow spring to pave the way.
Winter is being kind,
it's warm out today,
but I know she has
more in store as months
of cold will find a way.
Long in one way,
short in another,
 as time is passing
like sunshine and butter.
Blah, blah, blah to the blue bird
who winged a goodbye,
Blah, blah, blah to the sunshine
that hides in the clouds passing by.
Blah, blah, blah to the mountains
that stand silent still.
Blah, blah, blah to the winds
that send an awful chill.
Blah, blah, blah speaks my heart
when you are not here with me.
Blah , blah, blah the whispers
of my soul through the dreams.