Friday, August 01, 2014

It is what it is...

Love is not fleeting, forever is the day from
whence the moment of love arises
and life is never quite the same.
Maybe the object of the game
is to never fall in love and
than you are never hurt.
It is in the sphere of disbelief...
The script of love upon the heavens
is the eternal chapter of happiness.
I was cloud jumping and missed the passing cloud
and found myself falling into the path of reality.
True loneliness reveals itself when
you go through life misunderstood.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Song of Love

Embrace of hearts led us to the embrace of souls.

One cannot measure the power of love,
it is as boundless as it timeless.
Sadness enters the picture when we
demand more than the journey provides.
Shared Energy...the power of the positive to enhance a moment in time.
 You have to first hear the song of love,
 the dance steps are the easy part.

I am sending you a dream,
the whisper in the night,
to warm your heart
and to hold you tight.
The stars to blanket and
the moon to stand guard,
as my kisses ascend to
you from afar.

Worlds apart and as close as can be, you are in my heart, where you were always meant to be. You gave to life a meaning, you may my skies so blue and every day without you is what hell can do.                                                        
                                                               It doesn't seem possible,
                                                               I wanted to know how,
                                                               to bring our worlds together
                                                               and replace the frown with a smile.

                                                               I wondered what you were doing
                                                               and if I cross your mind or
                                                               does the darkness make barriers
                                                               that always surround?


I reached into the darkness,
I tried to pull you near,
whispered words of love
meant only for your ears.

Something was happening,
I'll try to explain,
my heart trembled at
the mention of your name.

I reached into the darkness,
I tried to pull you near,
whispered words of love
meant only for your ears.


The summer storm had spoken,
thunder, lightening and rain,
lighting up the darkness,
the evening seemed insane.

My heart ached like never before,
wandering what tomorrow has in store.
Will there be days of loneliness and despair
or will we embrace what distance refuses
us to share.

The images are haunting ,
troubling to the mind,
they bring you so close and
they disappear with time.

Weep not angels,
there is nothing you can do,
fate holds the key and
time places the lock upon the blue.

Sorrow has spoken,
it knows our story well,
a tale of love in a spider
well like spell.

Surrounded by darkness,
I close my eyes to see and
again your love is what I
feel embracing me.

I heard the angels singing
or was it the bird in the tree,
the song of love filled the
air like a warmer summer

I knew from the first,
my heart belonged to you,
falling in love was all
that I could do.

I heard the angels singing
or was it the bird in the tree,
the song of love filled the
air like a warmer summer

I heard the birds singing,
the song of my heart,
I recognized the words
and the story they tells.

I danced in a dream,
loved in every scene,
felt the joy that only
loving you can bring.

I heard the birds singing,
the song of my heart,
I recognized the words
and the story they tell.

The words written for you and I,
scripted like the stars that shine high.
Forever is meaningless without you
by my side.

I heard the birds singing,
the song of my heart,
I recognized the words
and the story they tell.

I am in love with you,
I can't hide the truth.
You are the best part of me,
my good morning, my good day
and my night through.

I heard the birds singing,
the song of my heart,
I recognized the words
and the story they tell.


The memories never fade,
they just become more intensified.
All things pass with time,
except for love, true love extends beyond earths perimeters.

Friday, July 25, 2014

La, la, la with me...

The night was near perfect
and the temperature just right,
as I took a dip in the pool and
gazed at the stars twinkling bright.

I knew that if you were looking,
the stars that you would see,
were exactly the same as the
ones shining down on me.

Though distance parts the body,
nothing can separate our souls
as we embrace the moment
and a true loving hold.

I always feel your sweet love,
it is with me day after day, as
I hold it tender in my heart
and that is where it will stay.

The night was eerie quiet,
no tree frogs in symphony
and yet your voice could
be heard to comfort me.

`The song of yesterday,
the memories we made,
like a dream in the heavens
that bring your love my way.

Here in the hollow,
with great delight,
I dream of the moment
where you hold me tight.

The dance in the heavens,
to set sail at sea , if only
to bring your love  here
to me.

I close my eyes and
here is what I see,
we are dancing so
very eloquently .

Heart to heart,
your soul with mine,
the dance of lovers
passionately entwined.


I smiled at the memories,
no tears were insight,
like stars in the heavens,
our love shines so bright.


Don't forget to sing,
la la la with me,
let your heart
la, la, la my dream.

Don't forget to dance,
da, da,da with me,
let your feet
da, da da, each step
from memory.

Take the moment
and hold it still,
feel my arms around
you, it doesn't take

Don't forget to sing,
la, la, la with me,
let your heart
la, la, la my dream.

Don't forget to dance,
da, da, da with me,
let your feet
da, da , da from

Betting on the Angels

Chasing the blooms of a flower
   is like racing against the seasons.
That which gives us pleasure
reveals the depth of emotion.
When silence rules the night,
and darkness is everywhere,
I reach deep into my heart and
it is your voice I hear.
The dreams are all so enticing,
that I would sleep my days away,
just to feel your lips to mine. 
and make blues skies out of gray
Memories which are haunting,
trivial though some may say,
but to my soul they are the life
when smiles led the way.
Waiting on a butterfly,
waiting on a dream,
waiting for you to
stroll with me.
Waiting on the sunshine,
waiting on the blue,
waiting on the clouds
to dance the night with you.
Time keeps on moving,
it never stands still,
days into years
record how I feel.
My emotions are
stronger each day,
I love your more
than words can say.
I went to the mountain,
to shout out your name,
instead I just whispered
in  a most passionate way.
Listen close and you will hear,
the words of love my heart shares.
Nothing can change how I feel,
not even if my heart stood still.
I bargained for eternity,
just to hold you close to me.
No matter what you say or do,
you are in my heart and I love you.
I took to the heavens, to beg and to plea,
that you and I would celebrate for eternity.
The combination of heart and soul,
joined together in forever's fold.
Nothing can take you away from me,
we are more than a foolish dream.
You are my good morning and good night,
you are the sweet love of my life.
Wake to your tender kiss, is a moment
I wouldn't miss.
I'm betting on the angels,
grasping at the stars,
for you and I are one,
whether near or far.
Joined together,
never to part,
for we collided
both soul and heart.
I'm betting on the angels,
grasping at the stars,
for you and I are one,
whether near or far.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Morning Doves

As I had a luncheon with a friend yesterday. I found listening as she talked, that it was true, that everyone has at least one story. Though there are a few of us who have more than our share. Different as people may seem, there is a connection to each and everyone of us. That connection is simply the emotions we experience throughout life. Of course I do believe there are people that are cold of heart, but realistically I think most of have felt, the joy of love, the pain of hell and all the emotions in between. I find I can confuse myself as I look at my own experiences in very different ways.

I thought I knew tomorrow,
what the future had in store,
from the moment I met you
I knew my heart you'd adorn.

The darkness is overwhelming,
the sun hides behind the clouds
as I dream of my forever,
the storms of life wash up
like the waves against the shore.

Two Morning doves,
caught me by surprise,
lying under the lilac
as time passes by.

They didn't move
nor did they coo,
but the closer I got,
off they flew.

Two Morning doves,
caught me by surprise,
as I watered the garden
their feathers caught my eye.

They took in different directions,
to the blue of the sky and
returned in a moment to
bed down for the night.

Two Morning doves,
caught me by surprise,
as the first thing I thought of
was you and I.

The weather was incredibly humid today but never the less I attended the farmers market. In a summer cotton floral dress, my hair brushed back and with a sense of youth at heart. It matter very little how much we made, it was important that we shared in a day with many people from various walks of life. Somehow I just know that the path we are on is some  how predetermined. You know how they say going home is always faster than getting there. Well that holds true on every trip I take, some how the road to home is always shorter. Where is home? The cowboys would say"home is where you leave your boots" and farmers " home is where you hang your hat" but I think home is love, so I would say " home is where the heart is.  That is why I think it bothered me so much when the sewage company came through the hollow as I was so attached to  the flowers and the trees and as they took a part of it way, so did they take a part of my heart.  But as I replant and grow new flowers and trees, I find that with them is planted a new set of memories.

The willow was awfully shallow
and didn't stand the test of time,
though I had hoped for more,
the embraced branches rotted
like a non cared for grapevine.

The place where it once stood .
leaves no trace or sign, all that
is left is some grass and thorn
like neglected vines.

But time is so forgiving and
this much I do know,
that the mighty oak tree,
just grows and grows.

Stars in the heavens,
shine down on me,
keeping the secrets,
of all of my dreams.

If the moon could
read the words,
written in the heart,
it would speak of
our love.

Stars in the heavens,
shine down on me,
keeping the secrets,
of all of my dreams.

I can only dream what tomorrow will bring,
season upon season the song bird still sings.
I would talk the wind to take to you,
a kiss of love as it sails the heavens blue.

I can only wish to wake up in your arms,
gaze into your eyes and feel each beat of your heart.
I would ask time to stand still as you and I
dance like the dragons flies upon the hill.

I can only want the love of you,
day after day and the whole night through.
I would take a star, sign it forever
from my heart.

Take my hand, my heart is yours,
take my dreams, my love is yours.
One million words or maybe a zillion or two,
each and every one a word written for you.
Each and every moment of the passing day,
is filled with a love that grows in a magical way.
I just want to love you
and love you I do.
You are my angel and
the sky is our blue.
I just want to wake up,
feel you next to me,
know that this is love,
as love was meant to be.
I just want to spend my
life with you , dancing
on the clouds , while
making dreams come true.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Summer of Silence

The sun never stops shining,
even though the rain would have you believe it does.


Interpretation reveals many views,
none of them are wrong.

Life is a game of tug a war.
If I believe ....does that make it so?

I  can't remember falling asleep,
but I remember waking up.
Love is like a bouquet of flowers
it always gives you the most pleasant view.

I can see many things from one window.
It is very early in the morning and I wake up to a silence that at the moment is rather comforting. Free of the complications that the world surrounds us with. Strange as this may sound I never could unlock the doors to the many places I lived, but I could see out the window. It is as if those windows are a picture album of time past and present. My father was big on old adages, he use to say " there are two sides to every story." Somehow I find that applies to almost everything in life. We can see many things from one window. Confusing as that may sound, I stand to view the world and people from four corners. What lurks outside, lurks within.
I see the stars,
they shine so bright,
filled with hope
that rules the night.
Sometimes trains,
passing by or the
tree frogs and
black birds mime.
Judge not the moment,
of fear and despair,
for on this page a
lesson appears.
Written words
of yesterday,
are chapters of life,
in a characters play.
Unseen locks upon the gate,
the key is held by the hands of fate.
As love would have me see it,
the world like a flower garden in bloom.
The summer of silence is interrupted
by the memories that speak in riddles.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Do you know how you sometimes wake up to a particular song? This morning all I kept hearing was the lyrics to " this is dedicated to the one I love."  Pictorial Prose is just that, a dedication to love. Each morning before I wake up, until I close my eyes at night. My first instinct was that sounds pretty obsessive and yet what better thing to obsess over than love. Love by all means is a power tool in the arsenal of life. Love is forgiving, understanding and without barriers.

Dance partner, dance
around and around we go,
dance partner, dance
I love you so.

You are my good morning
and my good night,
you truly are the
love of my life.


Morning kisses
just for you,
I dedicate the
whole day through.

Like the wind that
blows through my hair,
our love is a true
breath of fresh air.


Always hungry
for time with you,
I think of all the things
that we could do.

Walking hand in hand,
not knowing what's in store
and gazing at the heavens
while begging for more.

You are the stars
that shine in the night,
I saw your warmth
in that smile so bright.

I know its all so true,
from the moment
of hello and I fell
for you.


I hold the memories
here within my heart
and page through daily
like skipping on stars.

Take my hand
and I'll tell true,
my heart has always
belonged to you.

Follow closely
and you will see,
how wonderful
our love can be.

Take my hand ,
my heart is yours
and that is how we
write forevermore.

Follow closely
heart, soul and mind
and watch as we
record our love for all

Every moment I devote to you,
a record of my love for you,
you are the sun in my morning,
the moon in my night, you are
a gift to delight.

Every day I celebrate,
in a most unusual way.
With a dance in the heavens
and a song in the breeze,
all done by memory.

There is no stopping
my daydreams of you,
twenty four hours a day
and it's all that I seem to do.

In the clouds up high,
I dance you and I,
in the grass I lay as I
dream the day away.

There is no stopping
my daydreams of you,
always sunshine and
skies of blue.

From a star lit night
when the moon takes the sky,
I spend my night dreaming
of you.

I walk along the river and
it seems I am all alone,
until I gaze unto the heavens
and with you I roam.

We take the mountains
and turn them into sand,
again we take the river
and send out our demands.

No barriers between us,
distance cannot rule,
for I keep you close to
me, we are here soul
to soul.
You unlocked the love inside of me,
embraced with happiness via a dream.
Taught me the meaning of this life
and gave to me a reason make it
through the night.

I am yours forever,
that you must know,
you took my heart
and you never let it go.

I recognized when it first came through,
the joy of love when I met you.
Wonderful and magical the first of my dreams,
when we scripted this life with sweet memories.

La la la sing with me, no words do we need,
La la la sing with me, no words do we need.

I knew from the start,
something was happening to my heart,
the power of love was found and
when anchors couldn't keep my feet on
the ground.

La la la sing with me, no words do we need,
La la la sing with me, no words do we need.

Paradise is a day with you,
no matter what we say or
what we do.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


The kiss of rain,
the vibrant soul,
the sun on my face
and your loving hold.

The magic of life,
the journey untold,
the colliding of two
an action so bold.

The soft gentle breeze,
the song of the wind,
blue skies and rainbows
and distance the sin.

The beauty of dreams,
visions in my mind,
bring you close as
your heart to mine.

The dance on the clouds,
forever's embrace,
gazing into your eyes
as we stand face to face.

The love that we give,
felt with each day,
the gift of love
that found a way.

To celebrate,
rejoice from a high,
the bonding of two
just you and I.

Always here,
waiting for you,
always my love
I give to you.

John once said that in the neighborhood he lived, he was razzed for mowing his own grass and doing his own gardening. As I escaped into my own flower garden and felt the soil slip through my fingers it was evident that there is a balance necessary between man and earth. Nature when given the ultimate of respect, reveals many gifts. The opposite can also be said for it is true if we don't keep a balance and give a certain amount of respect we will see the wrath of earths fury.
For a short period of time as I weeded the garden and tended to the flowers, I felt a sense of oneness, peace and calm. We are not above her or below her , but one with Mother Earth. Watching as the roses bloom and quickly fade, I am reminded of the passing of time.