Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Cities with buildings high and
clouds stretched over blue skies,
the view that everyone will see
is not the same for you and me.

There is nothing between us,
life is bridged by the heart
as you have been with me
from the very start.

I need not travel to know
our love continues to grow,
your the sunrise each morn
and the kiss goodnight and
the love of my life.

Reached for your hand 
and found your heart.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Inside View

I write as if only your heart can read
while whispering as if only you can hear. 

We can only play the hand we are dealt,
I think there is more than two jokers in a deck. 

Understanding is a part of acceptance...

It's like living with a snow storm 
"this too shall pass"


Sometimes you need that push, ouch! 
I didn't mean out of bed. 

Life is but a puzzle and we keep 
finding the pieces along the way.


If you are looking from the inside out, 
you'll find there is very little we need. 


Shouting in silence....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I don't need a calendar
or a holiday to say
I love you even more
with each passing day.

The heavens document
for all the world to see
how very special you are
and what you mean to me.

You're the stars in the night
and the light of my life,
like the sun in the sky
you take me to a higher high.

I don't need a calendar
or a holiday to say,
I love you even more
with each passing day.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Energy

One gesture could explain
why my heart is not the same,
wind blown kisses I feel
just by thought and sheer will.

Brings peace when all seems lost
from the moment our souls crossed,
happiness from deep inside
released time after time.

The beauty of love in the interaction of souls...
I accept this love as the gift that it is. 

I woke up in the morning
3 am to be exact and I
gazed on out the window
as the moon was gazing

The same yet very different
as I think about the time
you first entered my life
revealing an unwritten rhyme.

The moment spellbinding
with so much in store ,
the magentic field of love
was steadily on course.

I could feel the difference
the energy we share
revealed how much two
hearts really do care.

It is quite obvious
when we take to the clouds
and dance in sweet embrace
till our feet are back on the

We can't always explain
though few would ever know
how a love at a distance
began to grow.

Another day approaching
and this much I can say
that I've experienced love
in the most amazing way.


Love endures in its most simplistic form 
the energy that brings us more,,,love.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


I find the dreams a comfort
though another world away,
as I wake to the memories
that each night replays.

As close as two can be,
that is how I feel with you
no matter the distance
we've conquered the blue.

I really don't wanna wake up
I prefer to stay sound asleep
as long as I can  dream
your sweet love with me.

My subsconscous the director,
with a script the heart writes,
details all my love for you
when I close my eyes each night.

Surreal the interaction and
simple pleasures of a day
where two come together
in a most magical way.

I carry your love with me
it is never, ever very far
as I keep you so close,
I keep you in my heart.

The images never fade,
they are with me all day,
it is as if my soul is
playing some silly game.

When I open up my eyes
and I reached out to the sky ,
I couldn't stop the feeling
that you were really by

I find the dreams a comfort
though another world away,
as I wake to the memories
that each night replays.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thinking Place

Standing on the shore
as the water rushed on by,
the sound consuming as
it took on earth and sky.

One with the surrounding hills
as if nothing else could exists
a panoramic view of winter birds
prematurely setting out to build
a nest.

I still felt your energy
as if you were here with me,
gazing at my reflection I
saw two bonded entities .

The wind took to the oak
like an ensemble of loves melody,
as if the rush of winter leaves
were only speaking to me.

The flame within my soul
burns stronger for you and
as time becomes the past
the future unveils what
love can really do.

We are the earth and the sky
the power of the most divine,
for we are love and love is here
and that is what our souls have to

The colts foot in early bloom
as the mallards will be returning ,
a season that says goodbye as
another one soon marches by.

Here I stand beside you
gazing up at the sky blue
daydreaming each moment
one heart times two.