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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Maroon 5 - Sugar (Lyrics)

Your heart the destination

It's not like I don't have plenty of work to do, but I spent the better part of my day taking virtual tours of Louver museum in France, Sistine Chapel  and again visiting the Smithsonian. My son said" why are you doing that its just panoramic views of the museums." I said" yeah but I control what room I visit how long I stay and look at it etc" He said " but you can't experience the smell, feel and actual contact with people" Never the less I enjoy taking the virtual tours and it leaves me with the feeling that I have been there.
From my youth there were several people that made and impact on how I feel today as an adult. One moment was an older couple holding hands and interacting and another was a couple touring the museum hand in hand as they view the art on the walls of the Carnegie and every now and than sharing in a kiss. Simple pleasures that become extraordinary moments.
There is a part of me that still holds to hope and faith and another part of my being that is just darn tired. It is the great escape. I remember how the computer brought access to the world, libraries, museums and more than I could have dreamed visiting.

Tour the world ,
journey with me,
as we stroll,
right out of a dream.

Feel my heart
it beats for you,
moment by moment
night and day through.

Words of Love

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Unforgattable - Nat king Cole - The kiss of classic films

Romatic Dance

Meet me in the kitchen
for a romantic dance,
spinning in a circle
till your arms I land.

Hold me tenderly,
all through the night.
While our hearts
soar like a dove in flight.

Put your hands on my hips
and feel as they coyly sway,
the steps don't matter,
let's just keep it this way.

Meet me in the kitchen
for a romantic dance,
spinning in a circle
till your arms I land.

Nothing else matters,
when I am here with you,
there is no right and wrong
when our love comes shining

I have been waiting
here all day long,
to place my head on shoulder
and listen to the songs.

Loving You Brings Me Joy

Loving you brings me joy
I can't fight what is true,
you touch me in away
that makes every day new.

I hunger to be there with you
sharing happiness and skies blue,
to share the simplicity of life
in away that makes everything feel


Yesterdays poem and a story or two,
tales of love and a dream come true.
There is sunshine and blue skies
and so very much more, bringing
happiness like never before.

This is a truly perfect moment
as real as it could ever be,
where hearts come together
and build upon the dreams.

Yesterdays poem and a story or two,
tales of love and a dream come true.
There is sunshine and blue skies
and so very much more, bringing
 happiness like never before.


This feeling is incredible
it's as magical as it can be,
soothes this troubled heart
and sets the soul free.

I find comfort in loving you,
from the moment my eyes
open , I see and feel the
your love shining through.

I looked to the stars,
gazed at the moon
knowing you were

I danced like a fool,
spinning around ,
knowing you were
holding me.

I sung out loud,
words of love
that you might
hear me.


Compassion understands
the needs of the heart,
sharing the energy
connects us from a far.

Our love is resilient,
forever will it be,
easing the tension
that built up inside of me.

I feel your warmth,
like a blanket in the night,
comforting my spirit
like a kiss good night.

We share all that life brings,
traveling together as we
strengthen the soul and at
the same time we set it free.

The kindness I have come to know,
toppled with patience sets my soul aglow.
I lay here thinking of you and I
and the peace of your love flows
out from inside.

Life is but a puzzle,
with pieces in disarray.
solving the puzzle
brings a vision of love
my way.

You fit into my heart,
there where you belong,
the connection so perfect
your love so clear and strong.
As cliché as the term soul mates sounds. There is a strong connection between souls. As if we spend our life looking for them in all the wrong places. The accompaniment on a journey.

It was the child within me,
who knew that one day,
on the journey of life
our souls would find
their way.

Years between us
and miles apart,
until the collision
of two loving hearts.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Touched my heart

In every sweet  love song
and in the stars above,
I hear and see the magic,
that we call love.
Peace in the morning
and throughout the day,
just thinking of you darling
touches me in a warm way.
There is a dream waiting,
and a journey for you and I,
our wonderful love that grows
like a wild entwined vine.
Holds me close in the night
in the most majestic way,
the moment our souls collided
my life was never quite the same.
" I cast a ribbon red into the darkest sea,
whispered to the wind to send my love to thee. "

Povestea noastra-Directia 5

Lyrics in English
Our Story

A star from the sky showed itself to us, but it left
I search for you late at night,
Near the stars, I would like to be.

We aren't going to ever find out what connected us
so suddenly
When maybe I forgot
But what remains of our love is our story.

Alone now, here I am, all by myself,
No one replacing you, I am alone
I search for you late at night
Close to you, I would like to be.