Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, January 18, 2018


I write the song
my heart sings,
the words come
from memories.

I see the dreams
my soul defines
away of holding
you time after

I give a kiss
across the miles
in hope it finds
you with a smile.

I feel the love
in a warm embrace
that takes me to
another place


I recognized your love from the start,
it was so easy to give you my heart.
The kindness that triggered such desire
armed my soul into a blazing fire.

My eyes sparkle with such glee
as I lay here dreaming you next to me.
The images are such a sweet delight
they bring such peace through the night.

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Page

If I should be the writer
and script upon the page,
I'd compose with love
an indelible tale in the
heavens above.

The characters amazing
for I would make you king,
like the visions of my heart
I would be your queen.

The yesterdays were written
and like a page in the wind,
it all matters very little as
a new day begins.

It's not a fabrication
as I knew from the start,
your warmth and kindness
found their place forever
in my heart.

I place pen to paper
and the words begin to flow,
like the river to the ocean
that's how this story goes.

Our hearts and souls united
together joined as one
and this much I can say
they were bonded out of love.

Love brought us together
in a miraculous kind of way
and through the words of life
our love will be conveyed.

Friday, January 12, 2018


In this dream
there is only two, 
two souls entwined
from me and you

In this dream
there is only two, 
two hearts into
one grew. 

Just a little bit closer
my darling, my sweet,
just a little bit closer
a kiss if you please.

Embrace of two souls
entwined all in one,
our heart to heart
cannot be undone.

Just a little bit closer
my whisper, my love
just a little bit closer
so our hearts are one.

Close your eyes and you will see,
with your heart a summer breeze
and a touch deep within the mind
brings you here to my side.

Rose red in a vibrant bloom
as petals fall as if they knew,
one by one from me to you
is the love between us two.

The chapters are quite a few
accumulative the old and new,
sadness, sorrow and despair
replaced by the love we share.

The tear I wiped from my eye
holds stories that I keep inside,
the yesterdays that passed away
no longer paint the skies of gray.

Sunshine bright here and there
like butterflies floating in the air
and a smile is found on my face
as my heart begins to race.

Chapters removed are more than two
and to the wind they quickly blew,
writings of love on this page as my
thoughts once more return to you.

Close your eyes and you will see,
with your heart a summer breeze
and a touch deep within the mind 
brings you here to my side.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


...I love you.

Like a work of classic art 
revealing soul and heart,
all that you mean to me 
is recorded from the start.

Museum quality 
in a colorful dream, 
embrace of you and I
scripted to memory.

It must be magic
or a spell that I see,
when I close my eyes
and find you here with

I felt it through the day 
the joy that comes my way,
bringing a special time 
that I can write to rhyme.

As my fingers began to type 
the words escaped the mind,
telling of a tale of love
a treasure that leaves a sign. 

This embrace is so majestic
it can surely be traced 
from both the heart and soul
which found that special place.

No one could ever see 
or feel what you mean to me, 
this secret lies deep within 
as if my life begins again. 

Kisses so very sweet 
left here for you and I
with whispers of love 
that escape from inside.

So far away but as close 
as each breath I take, 
deep within my heart
whether asleep or awake.

No Picasso or a Botticelli 
but a contender just the same, 
truly felt within our hearts
where forever is engraved.

I think of the seasons, 
my favorite is spring
flowers in bloom and
with each day a new 

The petals open 
like my heart to you
revealing my soul 
as only love can do.

Friday, January 05, 2018

One Moon Above Us

Good old " Murphy's Law" " what can go wrong will". As the full  moon passes and I once more gain my place in the network of life I look for a stress free moment. Taking a deep breath and exhaling. Okay it's probably the norm to blame technology but behind technology there is the mind of a human. Reminding myself to never update my computer, to organize better and not worry because everything finds a way of working itself out. Or it might be that age thing creeping in, as I remembered customer addresses and forgot customer names. 
Exhausted but can't sleep especially as I realize that my days off and company will be arriving Saturday and Sunday and not Sunday Monday...ugh...what was I thinking. Oh yeah it would have helped if I look at the 2018 calendar.  
But as I step away from the moment I gaze out at the night sky. The sky is clear and the moon shining down can be seen through my bedroom window. The moonlight comes with a reminder of how far and how close we are. One moon to blanket us as you find your place within my heart.

I looked upon the heavens
and my heart was excited so
that I felt your love inside me 
in away only you and I would know.

Awakened to the magic 
bonding two souls as one, 
I felt a thrill of elation 
where love is the sum . 

The visual breathtaking
as a silhouette of two
joined together as only
sweethearts can do. 

Delighted with the image
the feelings deep inside
overflowed like a river
to the ocean tide. 

I glanced up at the heavens
and merci said I that love 
was bestowed upon us 
one moment at a time.

Calming the restless spirit
I let out a simple sight 
that if only by dreams 
it was your arms that I 
would lie.

The wind took to the trees
the stars lit the sky and
there in the dark of night
I felt you by myside.

Destiny or fate 
a path we can't deny 
upon this earthly journey
led your soul to mine.

Not a shadow of darkness
for faith I have in thee
that our hearts became one
for all eternity. 

Listen in the silence 
that rules the dark of night
to hear whispers of my heart
as you fill it with such delight.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Whoever wrote that song "it's the most wonderful time of the year"had a gas furnace and a warm garage.  The weatherman said it was a high of 17 F but umm let's be honest he doesn't live in the hollow where the sun never shines. My weather gauge is not that optimistic but of course the wind is blowing...see life could be worse.
I had a few good nights sleep and woke up in splendid form. Update what I thought was frozen water lines was a charcoal filter needing REPLACED  and the car sounding as if it could talk when I turned it over , snow still falling, roads icy and one chicken who escaped the coup , who isn't much of a happy chicken about now.  The dogs think they are my foot warmers , where I walk they are right there warming up my toes.
 I laughed at the alternative  of" to laugh is to cry"and for some reason I can't do anything but laugh. Ahhhh life is good.... I woke up warm under my electric blanket cradled in your sweet arms....I think it was John lennon that sang" some say I'm a dreamer...but I am not the only one" Good to know, I felt a little  overwhelmed.... relief to know " I am not the only one."  lmao.
On a good note customer orders are coming in on a bad note I don' t have everything in stock . I'll soon head into town for more bottled water and a few other items I forgot.  Someone said I should check the map on global warming but what I wouldn't do for a little global warming about now. I am more worried about the ice age. Shivers......sending you a kiss via a wind blown snowflake. I hope it lands upon your lips and melts quickly with my sweet love. Ahh go on and say it " the hopeless romantic" which takes me to another song " I got your love to keep me warm."

I feel your love,
your magic so sweet,
comforts in an embrace
that warms by dreams.

Nothing else matters
I have you in my heart
and you have been there
from the start.

I feel your love,
your magic so sweet,
comforts in an embrace
that warms by dreams.

Sing to the heavens
dance in your arms ,
this wonderful love
is never far.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Jerry Butler - Your Precious Love

Your precious love
Means more to me
Than any love could ever be
For when I wanted you
I was so lonely and so blue
For that's what love will do

And darling, I'm
(I'm so surprised)
Oh, when I first realized
(I realized)
That a-you were fooling me

And darling 
They say that our love won't grow
But I just wanna tell them
That they don't know-oh-ho

For as long
As you're in love with me
Our love will grow wider
Deeper than any sea

And of all the things that I want
In this whole wide world
Is just for you to say
That you'll be my girl

And woo-ooo-ooo
(Wanting you)
Wanting you
(Oh-ooh, I'm lonely and blue)

Saturday, December 30, 2017


To the window my love
and the heavens the soul,
as the embrace of two
never grows old.

Joined in a sweet kiss
the moment complete,
when lips come together
and our hearts meet.

The music enchanting
pleasures in away,
an invitation of love
day after day.

Close your eyes my darling
and soon you will see ,
the image as the heart
would have them be.