Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, June 23, 2017

One Sky, Two Souls

Few could understand and even less would have survived. But as I reached for your hand to find you reaching back I realized that this was more than something special it was pure and unadulterated love.

I looked to the heavens 
one sky above us two, 
no matter the distance
there is me and you. 

I'll try to explain it
as easy as I can,
the joining of souls
in this crazy plan.

Our love is forever
like an eternal flame,
where nothing can 
extinguish the blaze.

Reaching on out as a
tear rolls down my cheek, 
the tears of happiness 
as I close my eyes to dream.


Mr. Inspiration

Inspired by the moment
with thoughts of you and me,
where passion plays a part
and we walk right through
a dream.

Memories are coated
with happiness and desire
and when I think them over
my soul feels the fire.

As long as I have you
nothing will ever change
as my heart is filled
with the love you gave.

Do Nothing Kind Of Day

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

I'd choose you as my forever
when skies are dark and gray
I'd choose your love as it
brings sunshine my way.

On this do nothing
kind of day where there
is nothing but more rain,
I'd choose your arms to lay.

You can find happiness
in almost everything ya do,
bringing a bit of sunshine
and turning gray skies to blue.

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

...your heart.

My promise has always been to take each day to document our love. Allow life to breathe through words and express all the emotion that so flows from the soul. That somehow after we have left this earth our love will indeed go on.

Song birds in the morning
and flowers fully in bloom
all come with a message
of how much I love you.

Open up your heart
and you will truly see,
that love is all around
it's a blend of you and me.

It has no limitations
no boundaries between us two,
the love that we share
stretches beyond the heavens blue.

It's my morning wake up
my dance through the day
this amazing gift of of love
will never fade away.

It has the thread of patience,
with deep passion and desire
and the truth of kindness
that rules each and every hour.


From my heart the words
and from my soul a song
filled with sweet love
it could never do us wrong.

Like the kiss upon my lips
and the dreams that make it so,
our love is more than forever
as it continues to grow and grow.

Feel the moment
it belongs to you and I
and like a sea to the shore
love has touched this heart
of mine.

It calms me when I am restless
when sorrow takes me by surprise
and excites me with the dreams
that take us to the clouds in the sky.

If today comes with and ending
than tomorrow comes with a start
as I leave behind my love
to live on within your heart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forever Love

Interpretation, comprehension, the alternate outcome, expectation, realization , complication and the acceptance that comes with reality. In this world we continuously crave for more, it is in our DNA. I have come to terms that a gift is packaged in ways that we may not recognize till a day, a year or a lifetime later. It can alter a moment in such away that triggers the mind and reveals a different view. It is like going on with life and trying to please everyone but yourself. Sooner or later you find that a void remains. The gift of love, memories, guidance, caring, happiness, dreams, romance, life remain within us on a forever basis. Thus these gifts reveal themselves throughout the journey.

I am holding on
and not letting go,
for your sweet love
within me grows.

Like a mirror
on the wall,
the reflection
tells it all.

Flowers bloom
a season new,
as summer time
is here once more.

Beyond the dreams,
the heart can see,
what true love
can really bring.

The guided path
the joy and laughs,
engaged as one
this special love.

I am not the same
so some may claim,
as love has showed
me another way.

I understand the reason
your heart met up with mine,
for it reveals with each season
our love time after time.

Your the sunshine
that warms my heart and
the blue sky is where our
love got its start.

No matter the darkness,
the gray skies will fade
as I look unto each moment
and find your love replaced
the rain.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Touched My Heart

Here in the moment
where time rules the day
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Wanting and needing
that is what I say,
to be in your arms
day after day.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Your laughter intrigued me,
your warmth I engaged
as we shared in smiles
the love remained.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

My way to your heart
where dreams start anew,
my way to your soul
under heavens blue.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.


Running without moving my feet,
I race to your arms to my heart please.
Feeling the magic, the joy that you give
as you once more gave me reason to live.

Wanting and needing a little bit more,
to wake in your arms like never before.
I spend each moment with thoughts of you
and wondering if you share in them too?

Touched my heart, held on to my hand
led my soul to quickly take a stand.
This I can tell you is special indeed,
it is starts with love and ends with the

This Gift Called Love

In the morn before the sunrise
or a movie with lover's highlights,
in a moment of sweet romance
I accepted the cloud dance.

Like the river flows to the sea
and the night sky in revelry,
my love for you goes on
like a replay of loves song.

This touch of sorrow for the space
that separates us from face to face,
but the joy remains deeps inside
as a reminder of our special time.

Silence is no longer here
as I know how much you care,
rhythmic in its own way
the heart celebrates each day.

For you are the gift,
the gift we call love,
magical and wonderful
on earth and up above.


I think of you each morning
and throughout the long day,
you are my every thought
in every kind of way.

I hold onto the magic
that brought you here to me
and that is how I start each day
in your arms through a dream.


All kinds of love,
but only one like ours,
for ours is wonderful
and warmer than a fire.

I can't ever deny it
what took a hold of me,
from the moment you said hello
I stepped into your dream.

On this fragile plane where our souls are united and divided,
 reveals the bitter sweet of love that has the ability
 to brake and mend the heart.