Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Soul

If you read or watched a good book or movie for the umpteenth time, you find that you sometimes interpret it differently or miss a scene that you hadn't seen previously. Mostly likely we relate to a scene based on where we are at the moment. I realize more now than ever that everyone has a very interpretation , like the script of life. 

I can't tell you how anyone else can see, 
but for me the blue sky is more than a dream. 
Like the mountains as they reach so ever high, 
I can feel my soul soar beyond this earthly time.

I know love has taken me for a ride, 
showed me the world through very different eyes. 
Like the simplicity of wild daisy in the field
and the journey as we crest the many hills. 

I know love has taken me by surprise, 
lifted my heart and soul many times. 
Each morning as the sun begins to rise
I thank the Lord that you are by my side. 

Reflected in each raindrop, 
in the rays of the sun, 
I can see the magic that
created our sweet love. 

Arched across the blue sky,
rainbows bridge you and I 
and that is how I hold you close
heart , soul and mind. 


We choose our own destiny
even though detours are written into the journey. 

No one man's journey weighs heavier than another...

I vote next winter we study hibernating... 
I think I can sleep through winter. 

I am not prepared for tomorrow, 
but I don't think any of us are. 

There are so many kinds of love,
one does not compare to the other. 
It was the cardinals at the feeder, 
feathers were bold and bright, 
that reminded me of the strength
we all need to stand up and fight. 

It is not the need of weapons, 
for our struggles are like a sea, 
it is our endurance that reveals
that we can accomplish anything. 

It has to be the season
it reminds me of you,
and lifts me from the earth
in the dance that lovers do.

My feet are anchored,
but my soul is soaring free.
I am in the arms of love,
cradled so peacefully. .

It is the blue sky,
the early rise of the sun,
the song that filled the air,
the love we both share.

It is in the silence and
in the dark of night,
when I close my eyes,
it is you I am holding tight.

It is in the laughter and
in the tears that fall
the memories of a lifetime
that to my soul call.

Each day reveals the treasure,
the happiness from deep in side
from the memories you have given
and our hearts that so entwine.

The world a journey that few
never completely understand
as every road a circling detour
that has a walking hand in hand.

I have met a lot of people and
I have seen so many things
but as I stay on the journey
I realize you are my everything.

Earth has little meaning,
for our hearts and souls are one,
as we have found our place
in the heaves above.

This is our love story,
it was always meant to be,
written in the wind,
soaring high and free.

One day our time will pass
and rivers will run dry
but our love was meant to last
and forever it will be.

Your voice is all I hear,
as I wake from the dream
and find no matter our travels
you are always here with me.

To deny makes me a fool,
as loving you has a magic hold
an embrace that won't let go
and deep inside me grows.

Like a tree deprived of water,
my thirst for you makes me hotter.
Ignited by need and a passionate desire
my soul feels the fire.

You are always in my arms
no matter where and how far.
From the moment I say good night
till I wake to the morning light.

I could go on forever
documenting the falling of a feather,
the joy of that day ,
when an angel found his way.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Till the Stars Blanket My Dreams

Life always circles back to choice. As I ponder on right and wrong and heartache and happiness, I find myself trapped between a small part of reality or the whole picture. Precious is that of life, time and the faith that tomorrow will come and we will bathe in the happiness of shared hearts as we embrace in the walk of life.

I can feel your love as it cradles
me both night and day, while it
makes each and every moment
feel like the month of May.

I can hear your voice as it
speaks to me, whispering of
a love that was always meant
to be.


Everything is fading
except for your love,
it is the magic of life
that meets in the heavens
La la la, I sing to you,
La, la, la I need you,
La, la, la, I'll not let go
for I love you so.

Weeping willow,
shallow indeed,
never took the
winters, uprooted
and no longer
there to seed.

Rare moments,
captured on my side,
touched my heart
and made me cry.

Weeping willow,
no longer standing tall,
first the branches fell
and that left nothing
but emptiness and hell.

I said goodbye long ago
and still I feel the haunting
that wouldn't let me go.


We are not promised tomorrow and
the season cannot always be spring
and that is why I celebrate the warmth
of  love you so kindly share with me. 

I'll not allow my heart to fill with tears, 
for I will hear your laughter as to my 
heart it sings, from the moment I 
wake up till the stars blanket my dreams. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

sail away....

I looked out the window of a starless night, only clouds and darkness in sight. I tried to remember what it felt like to be, as close as the sand to the mighty sea. The memories have not faded, though distant they maybe, as I try to find a way to bring you close to me. The wind speaks in riddles, the night plays a game as if it the tune of  life fiddles the ache away.. Night turning to morning, morning no longer filled with pain as  I try to understand the meaning of each and everyday. I can love forever if forever makes you mine, I can dream the dream that stops the hands of time. I can share each moment and bring happiness to life, I can keep on waiting, if waiting makes you mine.

Here are my dreams,
my dreams of you,
and here is a memory
to see our love through.

Here are the moments
when you first said hello
and the warmth of spirit
that has yet to let go.

I tried to find the meaning
of this journey we are on,
where there is so much
heartache and loss of song.

It is when I see the light that the darkness make an appearance.

Pretend Nat King Cole

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Singing With the Angels

I acknowledged love
when the void within me no longer existed.
Some chapters are frightening,
that is why I keep reviewing my favorite.

If I could gather up the stars
and string them across the sky,
I'd use them to write the words
an eternal gesture of the love of
you and I.

Like lavender on my pillow ,
your image suggest a calm,
that comforts me in the night
with your love from afar.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Listen With Your Heart

I could hear the thunderous waves in 
their roar against the mighty rocks, 
as if they knew I was really listening
I'd had sworn they really could talk. 

Powerful is the vastness of the sea,
I found myself lost in it as if it were a dream. 
Caught up in the moment, it was no surprise
when I reached out, it was you by my side. 

If I could soar the heavens, 
I'd choose to be with you, 
always and forever is the title
in the chapter of " I love you." 

I'd hold your hand in every storm,
walking beside you is truly the norm. 
I channel my energy to lift you high
so we could dance high in the sky. 

If I could soar the heavens, 
I'd choose to be with you, 
always and forever is the title
in the chapter of " I love you."

I was once told to not allow my emotions to rule and that I was to rule my emotions. In an overwhelming chapter of my life, I find myself reaching for what feels warm and comforting. I find myself drawn to your arms. 

Hold me under the night sky, 
the stars are yours and mine. 
Close your eyes and open your heart
and you will see we bridge from a far. 

The mountains can't restrain us
and the clouds are a sky bus, 
as I send in the wind all my 
love to you, all my love to you. 

Can you hear the whispers of sweet memory? They
are tucked away in my heart for safe keeping. 
Some say they are haunting the memories of sweet,
as they have the power to lift me off my feet. 

My soul responds and a reminder sends to me, 
the tremble of my spirit when I think of you and I
I feel it in your absence, the energy of life that 
makes this life were living and makes it all seem right. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

...from day one.

Like a warm breath of air
and a sweet kiss to my lips,
falling in love with you leaves
memories of eternal bliss.

It could have been the way the
sun shined down on me,
could have been the song
that only angels can sing.

Something about the moment
as it made me realize
that no matter what happens
you are always by my side.

Somethings are dreams in passing
that will quickly fade away,
but love like ours is truly forever
and we will hold to this very day.
There is no way to erase all we have done, 
for you were in my heart from day one. 
Silly things remind me what love really means, 
like sharing a cup of tea while we dream. 

The ocean wave sounds are like music, 
the vibrations playing rare acoustics.
Simply remembering the moment, 
when you walked into my life.   

There is no way to erase all we have done, 
for you were in my heart from day one. 
Silly things remind me what love really means, 
like sharing a cup of tea while we dream. 

Grains of Sand

Time is indeed passing
and busy we may seem,
but I never fail to think of you
and what you mean to me. 

Your voice has been recorded,
It is there deep within my heart
and I play it over and over 
like music on a harp. 

Precious is each moment
as it makes me truly aware, 
how little time we have to 
truly stop and share. 

Many tears have fallen
and my heart like a ship at sea, 
floats upon the flood of tears 
while wandering through the dreams. 

I take each and every moment 
that I have left upon this earth 
to tell those who mean the most to me
about their God given worth. 

I'll never take for granted the rising of the sun, 

the stars that shine above us, the flowers now in bloom. 
I'll never forget your love and how it touched my 
heart and how our love just and grew and grew
to fill the heavens with the glow of a billion stars. 


There are a few that have touched my heart and a few that touched my soul, 
but you have touched my whole life and have a true eternal hold. 

I sat here counting my blessings
though heavy my heart may be, 
the song, the dance and happiness
shared both near and far are all 
apart of me. 

My heart was changed forever, 
for it was given sight and taught
to sing  and on this earthly place 
it made reality from a dream. 

No longer bathed in innocence,
guilty am I, for I have been touched
by your love and kindness and
found the truth I could not deny. 

I placed my faith in the heavens
that tomorrow will come and go,
as once more we will share in the
happiness that leaves an eternal glow.

My father never was a man for goodbyes he would say 
" see ya later" and so no goodbyes ...see ya later. 

I want an itinerary for life, 

what road are we traveling, 
what is our destination and 
when it does stop? 
I use to think that we were a puzzle waiting to be completed, 
but as life goes on I feel as if  we are pieces being put back in the box. 

My daughter is way smarter than I was at her age...that gives me hope.