Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, April 28, 2017


Once upon a dream...

Passage of time...


The soul dances to the song of the heart.

No tears...


Just a moment of pleasure
a sweet kiss from your lips
and embrace with our love
entitlement of bliss.

Collision of two souls
woven gently into one,
your heart and mine
in this expression of love.

No tears to weep
only smiles to share,
while holding your hand
to reveal that we care.

One cannot duplicate that which touches
the heart and causes the soul to soar.


It was like morning breeze
that touched my cheek...your love.


Like a file cabinet in alphabetical order,
except somethings can't be filed away.

Sometimes I'm just tired...


The spring sun,
trees in green,
memories and
a sky so blue.

Mountains high,
river deep ,
bridge of the heart
from you to me.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Edited View of An Unedited Soul

  I start my day each morning with dreamy thoughts of you and I wonder when you wake up if you're thinking of me too
. I count the many blessing, from the moment we were directed on this path and from that very first moment we shared in a laugh. Grateful am I for all that love can do, it saw us through the gray skies and it led us to the blue. 
    You are with me each and every moment for I carry you in my heart, as you are truly my sunshine even when the night is dark. I tried to count the gems of this treasure that we share, but unlimited is the gifts of friendship that have proven how much one can care. 
     Reaching and reaching and wanting to pull you near, to feel each beat of your heart and remove all traces of fear.  Uncontrollable the tears that fall as I hunger for your love and beg to have it all. I lay here in the darkness and gaze into the night and wonder if you see the stars overhead shining bright? My heaven is your heaven, the stars belong to you and I and I hope that you understand that they interlock your heart to mine. Our hearts bridge 
the distance made by the rivers and the sea and bring you ever close as close as my every dream. 
   Time is so limited and quickly does it pass as I have begun to review the day of my misguided past. I acknowledged the journey, the path that led me to you as i  wondered why there need be heartache instead of only skies of blue. With this comes a lesson so that we may  identify the magic of true love and the power of the mind .  I reckon it was necessary for all to see that the greatest of love is not just founded out of need. I embraced your love and I returned it with my own, in the bonding of heart and soul where it was first seeded and now grows. The stars may rule the night until I close my eyes and there is my dreams you are once more by my side. My tongue explores the softness of my very own lips, while  I  imagine the touch of sharing with you a kiss. My pillow so inviting , my heart is opened wide and as I reach into the darkness I pull to you my side. This night is special it belongs to you and I and no amount of distance will ever truly divide. 


I find this journey
sometimes troubled and blue,
written by someone other than
me and you.

If I held the pen
and I wrote the script,
I'd be in yours arms
sharing in a kiss.

The simplicity of life
would surface thru the day,
granting us pure happiness
in a unique and amazing way.

If I held the pen
and I wrote the script,
I'd be in your arms
sharing in a kiss.

I don't have a clue
what tomorrow will bring,
but as long as you love me
I'll hold on to the dream.

If i held the pen
and I wrote the script,
i'd be in your arms
sharing in a kiss.


To close my eyes and see
what others fail to see,
to wake within your arms and
listen to the beat of your heart.

To hold on to the kiss
and the tenderness of your lips.
to love in away that brings
life to each day.

That is all I want
and all that I need,
to love and be loved
forever one to one.

To close my eyes and see
what others fail to see,
to wake with your arms
and listen to the beat of your heart.

Told onto the kiss
and the tenderness of your lips,
to love in away that brings
life to each day.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emotion Filled Words

To wake up in your arms
to the sound of your heart,
memorized by your love
for you are the only one.

You're the dream
I fall asleep with each night
and the the stars in the heavens
that shine so bright.

To wake up in your arms
to the sound of your heart
that would be the magic
that leaves within me a

Emotion filled words
a soul set free,
when I'm with you
each day is like spring.

The warmth of sunshine,
the skies so blue
everything is perfect
when there is me and you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heart in Review

Gazed into Your Heart

It's not of flesh this meeting
as I recognized from the start, 
that this was very different 
as I gazed into your heart.

The view quite amazing 
and I quivered as you jest, 
as something else was happening
and this was love at its best.

I need not look into your eyes 
or see that smile of yours appear
while life took on a different view
when two souls stopped to share.

As if the puzzle was completed and 
your heart fit comfortably in mine,
I found this unique connection which
was lost in some God forsaken rhyme.

The feelings of love, compassion and desire
intrigued me even more with each passing hour, 
I knew it was different and yet very much the same
as I felt the comfort of two as one molded out of clay.

Skies of stardust and mountains into sand, 
as nothing could redirect this unwritten plan, 
maybe not of fate or destiny's design but I am 
ever certain your soul was to meet up with mine. 

If this be the challenge for some eternal bliss 
to conquer all of distance and unite with a kiss, 
when time no longer passes and the days have
slipped away, I'll meet you in the clouds where 
our love will be on display.

This love has no measurement as it grows with 
each passing day, companion , friend and lover 
just a breath away. It may seem a bit obsessive 
for me once more to say " I love you more than 
a lifetime of those tiny drops of rain. "


Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Easter Resolution

Every Spring we go about the traditional spring cleaning, outdoor clean up,etc. but in many ways our  body, mind and soul needs that same spring cleaning. The world always seems to be in such a turmoil as the old saying " the squeaky wheel gets the grease." I have come to this resolve that you can't change the world, fix everyone's woes and so I empty out all that bogs my mind down and like that of spring start a new.

Let Spring time guide you,
think nothing but joy,
allow the sunshine inside
and bring peace to your mind.

This is the season and
I've called it my own
to share with you darling
as our friendship grows.

It awakens the spirit
allows the soul to soar
brings forth good memories
worth more than gold.

Happy Easter!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fa la la

Fa la la, fa la la
as I fell into song
fa la la, fa la la,
right there in your

Fa la la , fa la la,
over the hills and streams
fa la la, fa la la,
I celebrate spring.

Love needs no words
accompanied by the birds,
as I sing of happiness
that the heavens heard.

Fa la la, fa la la,
as I fell into song
fa la la, fa la la
and into your heart.

Fa la la , fa la la,
over the hills and streams
fa la la, fa la la,
I celebrate spring.