Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Voice of the Heart

It was there in the darkness
a quick touch to my cheek
and I knew I felt your presence
though I am still in disbelief.

Chills went through my body
as I shivered at the thought
that distance was challenged
by some unwritten plot.

I wanted to believe it,
I needed it to be so as
the love within my heart
was continuing  to grow.

Empowered by the moment,
where a mountain crushed a sea
and bridged the distance
to bring your love to me.

Contentment had surfaced,
peace from heaven fell,
when in the dark of night
your warm embrace was felt.

This moment quite special
I sensed it from the first,
when two souls were united
as one upon the earth.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Gifts of Love

As the gift giving season is rushed upon us, I found myself in the middle of creating our civic club tree for the local food bank. The president of the local garden club called and asked" What is the title of the tree this year? I responded quickly with " gifts of love" Spending a little one on one with my daughter she also brought up the difficulties in buying adults including siblings gifts.

Gifts of Love

I give you the gift of happiness,
to wear through out the day,
it matches every clothing ensemble
and it is perfect for blue skies and grey
The gift of peace is added,
may you feel it in the early morn
and have it spread throughout your
day like a virus in a windy storm.

But most of all I give you love,
to let you know how much I care
and what it means to have a friend
with whom my heart I share.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

See With Your Heart

See with your heart
and feel with your soul,
the magic of touch
never grows old.

Gentle your hand
stroking my cheek,
absorbing the energy
that love brings.

No distance between us
as the miles quickly fade,
when you opened your heart
and I slipped in that day.

Destined Souls

It is unequivocally the truth,
that our love soars to new heights,
when tested upon our earthly trials.
Time placed a detour
the heavens redirected us.
Loving you is the easiest thing I have ever done...
missing you is the most difficult.
 The meeting of two hearts and the embrace of souls
is essential to the magic of love.

I woke unto the darkness
where the universe rules,
controlled by the heavens
the road of destiny unfolds.

It wasn't coincidental,
that our souls would entwine,
the comfortable that we share
was the first sign.

Heard your voice in my dreams,
felt your touch in my heart,
I immediately knew this was special
that a love surfaced from a far.

I yearn to spend my life with you,
to embrace each moment of the day,
predestined to be together
on earth and in the world that awaits.

My heart was yours for the taken,
no effort to place upon my face a smile,
the feelings that have taken over my soul
as removed any trace of time or miles.

It is natural for me to love you,
I am at ease when you are close to me,
for my heart is the place for you to rest,
it is where you became a part of me.


* If you must force feelings, that person is not your soul mate. A true soul mate opens your heart naturally and effortlessly.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Follow Your Heart

To the top of the hill,
to the sycamore trees,
their branches sprawled
in what seems like a

Controlling the night
and making it our own,
where we are together
and never alone.

Follow your heart
and find your way,
my arms await you
day after day.

Stand tall,
reach out and
pull me near,
we have a life yet
to share.


My mind was working overtime
as I woke up deep in a dream,
I felt your body by my side
in a visual so complete.

The sun had yet to rise
and the day to begin
as I lay here in your arms
with this silly impish grin.

Snowflakes are falling in
this intro to a winter scene,
yet I feel the warmth of summer
with your love a part of me.

If you don't know it,
I'll repeat it once again,
there is no stopping this love
as I'll love you till the end.

Circumstance directed,
it happened long ago
set us on a path to
collide and grow.

Everyday is something new
with another kind of view,
but they all end the same
with me loving you.

I found myself repeating
the words within my heart,
they all started out with love
and you gave to them a spark.


Sings...I've got a song
that I can't hold back,
from my heart a love
that the angels tracked.

Finding me , finding you
together one from two.
No matter where we journey
there will always be me
and you.

I've got a song
that I can't hold back,
from my heart a love
that the angels tracked.

Finding me, finding you,
together one from two,
no matter where we journey
there will always be me
and you.


Lord it is no request
but a favor if you will,
to keep us healthy and strong
and from the darkness shield.

Time may be limited
and there is so much to do,
as I wait on the moment
to share as lovers do.

I know it is mighty special
and wonderful indeed,
that our hearts bonded out
of pure and simple need.

I needed to be loved and
you love me so and you
needed to hear that I
love you too.

Lord it is no request
but a favor if you will,
to guide us on this journey
before my heart stands still.

First Snow Fall

I could spend a day talking about the down side to the first snow fall, one being it is not great for travel. But there is true magic to the first snow fall. The child in me wants to run through and  catch snowflakes on my tongue and feel the coolness as it melts upon my cheeks. Images come to mind of playing in the snow, building snowmen and enjoying the snow as it creates a new canvas. Yet the flash of images that quickly worked their way into my heart included a stroll, side by side with you.
I felt your hand in mine as you pulled me close to you. Our hearts racing together under skies that were once blue. The snow is quite enchanting ,like a villa dressed in white. It cast a romantic scene, where there is only you and I. I conjured up the image of a horse drawn carriage for two and imagined  you beside me laughing while I giggled too. My heart clicked and saved the visions to get me through the day as I see you in every snowflake bringing a joy to my day.
I'd rather go about dreaming, even though I am out of control. I know that you will have the lead and my heart you'll hold. Snap and click the moment, hold that image for all time. The passion that we share is of the utmost design. Created in the heavens, sent down on angel wings. Our love is forever no matter what the season brings.

Emotion is my soul dictating to my heart,
the love I feel for you.

I'd trade my electric blanket
for your arms any day.

It is the first picturesque sign of winter
as I watched the snowflakes fall and
I embraced the winter chill as it
awoke my spirit while putting your
memories on recall.

The hills are quickly covered,
they now lay in a blanket of white
and it doesn't really matter
as I have you in my life.

The skies are a bit gray,
no sunshine to be found,
I think I'll spend my day
lounging around.

My mind is traveling quickly
to the days of yesterday,
where you first took my heart
and removes all shades of gray.

Love is an essential piece
of the puzzle we call life.

The Stir of Emotion

I dedicate the sunrise
to the one who holds my heart,
from the hollow to the mountains
and far beyond the stars.

Brightens my life
with happiness and joy,
in a powerful moment
that nothing can destroy.


Cloth of silk,
patterns of life,
untypical design
heart raised not
of earth.

Gold lined,
silver brocade,
the quality of love
gets better with each

Woven by the soul,
with threads of the heart,
a tapestry now forms
and is seen through the



Heart to heart emotion,
no long trapped inside,
as our souls are bonded
and forever entwined.

Arousing all the senses,
the moment so surreal
as I can feel your love
like the rush of a chill.

My breath deepens,
as your love seeps in,
rapid beats of happiness
are an integral part of me.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

and never....

Take me in your arms
and hold me close,
take me to your heart
and never let me go.

Stroll through life and
share all that it will bring,
from blue birds at my window
to the song that winter sings.

Take me in your arms
and hold me close,
take me to your heart
and never let me go.