Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, June 30, 2014

You and I

"All the world  a stage" Once more I have awakened before the sun has yet to rise. Though Shakespeare referenced the world as one stage, I find that life consist of many a stage in which people have written their own scripts. For some reason my mind is adrift as if we weigh to heavily the actions that consume us.

Soar to the heavens,
in flight to the blue
to the rivers and the sea,
sail free, sail free.

Pages of a story,
written by the soul,
a tale of two hearts,
sail free, sail free.

To comfort you
when days of sadness
wreak such havoc
on your weary soul.

Embrace tenderly
holding close,
as the night
wickedly unfolds.

No path shall sorrow lay,
for ours is made of love,
it guided you to me and
me to you to dance above.

There are no expectations,
for we are uniquely one,
one heart,  one soul and by
all means one special love.

Sings>I don't make promises lightly,
I have only made two.
One to always love you and
two to be forever true.

I'll write the words,
written for you and I,
script them to the heavens
in the blue of the sky.

I don't make promises lightly,
I have only made two.
One to always love you and
two to be forever true.

No one can come close,
my heart is for only you,
no matter where you're at
and no matter what you do.

I don't make promises lightly,
I have only made two.
One to always love you and
two  to be forever true.

When time passes and
we are but a thought,
let the words speak
of the promise times two.

I will forever love you
and I will always be true,
for no one can take my heart
it belongs to only you.

Hot summer day,
dreaming my life away.
Poems written in rhyme
tell a story of you and I.

When our time has passed,
earth bound we'll not share.
I'll meet you in the heavens
and you'll now how much I

Hot summer day
dreaming my life away.
Poems written in rhyme,
tell a story of you and I.

From the first meeting,
when your souls met with mine,
I knew this was something different,
that it would last for all time.

Hot summer day,
dreaming my life away,
Poems written in  rhyme
tell a story of you and I.

Like the stillness in the air,
the silence broken by the sea,
as I conjure up the images
of you dancing here with me.

Hot summer day,
dreaming my life away.
Poems written in rhyme
tell a story of you and I.

Sent down at that moment,
when you would appear to me,
I knew at that very second that
you were more than a dream.

Hot summer day,
dreaming my life away.
Poems written in rhyme,
tell a story of you and I.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Kiss and a Mix of Emotion

I can hear your voice when
the silence rules the night,
see your image when only
darkness is in sight.

I can feel your love from
miles away and no matter
what I am doing thoughts
of you take my breath away.

I can taste the sweetness
when waking from a dream,
it is always you and I in
the same love scene.

I can love you,
if you only let me in,
it is the way of life
with happiness from within.

The wind it seem to whisper,
as brushed gently against my soul
and from that first moment,
your love had taken hold.

I felt sorrow and happiness,
heartache and glee and
when the day is over ,
all I have is memories.

Like petals in a painting,
that never fade away,
that is how I hold your love
the blue that chased the gray.

I lined my heart with love,
the love I receive from you and
it quickly began to root and grow
and continues to bloom.

It comforts me when I am lonely,
with the warmest memories and
guides me on this journey ,
treating everyday like spring.

It is your hand in mine
as we stroll through life,
knowing that you love me,
is a perfect star lit night.

It is not about a dream,
that fades when we awake,
for your love is clearly with
me both day and night.

I lined my heart with love,
the love I receive from you and
it quickly began to root and grow as
it continues to bloom.

It could be the lovely weather
and the sun shining so bright,
maybe it is the blue, blue skies
or the moon that rules the night.

It could be the treasured flowers
blooming in the garden day after day
but I think it is your  precious love
that makes me feel this way.

It could be the wind that blows to you,
as I sent all my wishes in the kiss I blew.
It could be heavens opened gates as
I found you and it is never to late.

If you look inside
this you'll see,
your hearts reflection
in all life brings.

If you believe,
you'll know it is true,
our love indeed
made the sky blue.

I woke in the morning
and I puckered my lips,
preparing for the day
I gave to you? my kiss.

May it grace your heart,
bring happiness your way,
the kiss I sent to you
is forever plus a day.

I woke in the morning
and I gave to you my love,
so that you may know
that we meet in the heavens above.

May it keep you safe,
when we are apart,
the love I ha/ve for you
is always in my heart.


What is love? Love is that which gives you sight to see the world through the heart. I see that the grass is green, the sky is blue, with peace and tranquility through and through.
Trust is the foundation of love,
built by the soul to comfort the heart.
As the years passed I questioned many facets of my life
and than I turned the page.
Every kiss is quite different,
the kiss of souls is eternal.
Old adages survived the times, because of the thread of truth that is woven into them. " There are two sides to every story" " There is a fine line between love and hate" "It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." Two sides to a story? as time passes there are many sides to a story and it just keeps morphing with the turning of every page. Let me correct that statement to the story has so many sides that it changes with each breath I take. Which brings me to the fine line between love and hate. Love and hate by all means are the tools of emotion. So as long as a person can feel they are bound to experience the variances of emotion. Of course we are taught as children that it is not nice to hate, maybe dislike greatly but to never hate. Yet looking at any given situations you find the positive and negative and there fore it tugs on those emotions. This leads us down the road of denial, a yeah I am selecting my reality. What is reality? The reality is our action in response to the way we view life. In reality we are either searching for loving, living on love or reacting to love, but the same can be said about hate. What we use as a catalyst for our emotions creates our reality.
If I allowed "more" to channel my emotions the story of life would be altered by the emotions of love and hate therefore create a new reality. That is my jumbled thoughts for the day.
The rain is falling,
the skies are gray
and clouds hover
in a mystical way.

Behind every storm,
the skies are still blue
and I know for a fact,
that is where I meet
up with you.
The first year Cardinals,
visit the feeder unafraid,
accustomed to my voice,
they fail to fly away.

The gifts of nature,
are as simple as can be,
revealing loves treasure
in everything I see.


No rainbows to bridge,
no mountains to climb,
for you are in my heart
and not just my mind.

I can feel the moment,
like each beat of my heart,
you are close as the moment
and as far as the stars.


I see it in your eyes,
I know it to be true,
the love we share
in a dream for two.

I can feel the breeze
that blows in the night,
like your love to my heart,
to my soul a good night.

The river to the ocean,
the mountain to the sky,
the stars to the night
and your heart to mine.


I could tell my heart,
that it could never be true,
but I would never change
the way I feel for you.

You're the sunshine in my morn
the star lit skies in my night,
you're the love that I feel
from deep down inside.

I could deny my feelings,
hide them all from you
and pretend they don't
exist this magic that
makes the skies blue.

You're the sweetest love,
like honey to my lips and
your the treasure of my life
shared in a state of bliss.
If it took a million poems,
I'd write them all for you,
as a celebration of our love
when the skies turned blue.

I'd gather all my memories,
the ones that touched my heart
and placed them in the heavens
to sparkle like a sky filled with stars.

I knew from the beginning,
that this story was true,
that when you took my hand,
my soul belonged to you.


There is no letting go,
what is united by the soul,
placed in the heart in a
story still untold.

Like a rose in bloom,
the petals give away and
when you least expect
another bloom rules the day.

Time is quickly passing
as I tried to hold it still,
like the wind to my face
your love I still feel.

There is no letting go,
what is united by the soul,
placed in the heart in a
story still untold.


Waiting on the rain,
to cool the night and
as I sit here dreaming,
I take on your love fine.

Rainbows in the distance,
arch across the sky ,
uniting souls of two lovers,
you and I.

This moment is peaceful,
it is as calm as it can be,
from the first moment you
entered my heart and became
a  major part of me.

There is no separating,
I can't sever your soul from mine,
we are joined as one,
you and I.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.

I'm not sure the why,
you said hello but not goodbye.
I'm kept on holding I never tired,
the love for you is a blazing fire.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.

I'm not sure if you think of me,
but your my morning cup of tea.
My thoughts under the starry skies,
when I close my eyes and say goodnight.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.


There is rain with the sunshine,
blue skies mixed with gray and
when the day is over, that is when
my emotions come into play.

Each and every moment,
consumed by you and it only
gets stronger and stronger,
no matter what I do.

I wake up in the morning,
your visual hold me here
and when I close my eyes
each night my love with
you I share.

It might seem a bit crazy,
my daily thoughts of you
and as the time passes,
I don't know what to do.

I tried to forget and that
was to know avail,
for you are a part of me
and the love that I feel.

It might seem a bit crazy,
my daily thoughts of you
and as the time passes,
I  don't know what to do.

I say the many prayers,
grateful for the day,
you came into my heart
and changed me in many

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shining Through

You don't have to remove the barriers,
as the sky will always remain blue.
No matter the passing of clouds,
I'll see your love come shining through.
The supports can rot and weaken,
if they are not built by the love,
like a bridge across the ocean,
joining your heart and mine into one.


We have been here before,
I have shared with you,
this our special place
at heavens back door.
It holds the memories,
where good and bad are store,
but I treasure the ones with you,
for you are the one I adore.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Me And the Coconut Tree

Sings.Just me, just me
and the coconut tree,
just me, just me
in another dream.

Just me, just me
and your memory,
just me, just me
lying here all alone.

I keep on holding,
holding on to you,
wishing and a wanting
all my dreams to come true.

Just me , just me
and the coconut tree,
Just me, just me
in another dream.

Just me, just me
and your memory,
just me, just me
lying here all alone.


I held my pillow tightly,
blindly kiss the air as
if the night was magical
and you were truly here.

I raced through my memories,
stumbled on a few and fell
into the arms of love,
the day that I met you.

There was no time of judgment,
no signs of heartache or fear,
as the day was mighty special,
when our hearts we dared to share.

I held my pillow tightly,
kissed blindly the air, as
if the night was magical
and you were truly here.

I close my eyes so very tight and
it is always you my heart of light.
Holding my hand you never let go,
that is why our love continues to grow.

The darkness takes on the night
and still our love shines so bright.
Like  the stars that sparkle in the sky
and the moon that belongs to
you and I.

Embraceable images of two and
of the love that grew and grew,
in the dance high on the clouds
first there was me and then there
was you.

If this is truly a dream, please
don't wake me till next spring
as I am tucked into the arms of love
wearing only a smile for that
special one.

I  tightly close my eyes
and there I find you are here,
my true friend and the one
that I love as our souls bonded
two into one.

My friend, my lover and the one
whom my life I share,
from the moment you showed
just how much you cared.

Don't wake me if this is a dream,
because this is just how life should be.
Don't wake me if this is a dream,
as I want to hold on to the memories.


In a tear you will find,
all the memories,
foolish dreams,
all the love I have
for you.

In my heart you will find,
I never let you go,
I held you so ever close,
I kept you here with me.


I know it is special,
this love I have for you,
calms me in the night
and never says adieu.

Good morning sweetheart,
I leave with you a kiss as
I send my love via
the morning mist.

Place your head upon my pillow,
let me whisper in your ear and
tell you how much I love you
and how much I truly care.

Place your hand in mine and
stroll the day with me as I
challenge the moment and
make even winter feel like

Place your love safely in my heart
and I'll keep a watch from the start.
Never ever to let your love go,
with a little nurturing it will continue
to grow.

Place your soul next to mine
and travel side by side ,
on a journey where I am yours
and you are mine.


I need a little push...and sometimes a little pull... I need you.

Screams in silence,
calls your name,
over and over and
over again.

Haunting reality,
restless soul and
troubled mind
questions what
tomorrow brings.


I can't sleep until I know
your heart is open and
your arms wide and that
tomorrow you are by my side.

I can't control the hour
nor the moment or the
day, when a chapter was
written and we turned
the page.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wake Up Sun

The rooster and I were both up before the sunrise. The early morn was still dark and a bit foggy , yet the cooler temperatures seem to be an encouragement to put in a couple miles before the sun rises. Embroiled in a web of circumstance, much which seemed out of my control. The long walk now lit by the pump station reminded me that taking responsibility for ones own actions, actually as a way of breaking through the web that tried to choke off my breath.
So very much alone and at the same time not, as the birds began to chirp their morning song and the light of day was burning through the fog. I couldn't help but ask myself, what is our purpose upon this earth? Knowing very well it varies for all of us. The hollow can sometimes be a remarkable place as it is not far from the main road and yet as an air of paradise. It has the ability to retain all memories. From the planting of a tree, to the flowers that paint the hills in early spring and to not forget each season that passes, only to circle back.
I am neither sad nor happy, maybe a bit indifferent as my emotions are not ruling the moment at this time. Yet I felt the shadows of yesterday consume my thoughts. With all the movement around me there was an old stillness as if I were truly a part of a canvas. The canvas of life which was separate from the rest of the world. The traits of humanity surfaced, love and hate in the same breath. Followed by disappointment and a understanding of a road that kept circling back. Like cobble stones of truth, each step revealed a story, with two sides very different.

Voiceless goodbyes,
turn around and walkaway,
another chapter, another day,
an empty page still remains.

Words written for tomorrow,
dipped deep in sorrow,
close the book and put it away,
emotions will not rule this day.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Deary Diary

 It is kind of a "Dear Diary" day. I kind of look at life as a year in review or years in review. It is the melancholy rain as it takes over the day. I worked in the garden, looking at all the plants that now dominate their place in the hollow. Somehow gardening humbles a person or at least it feels like that to me. We are by all means so tiny on this stage we call life. I am not sure exactly what is going on in my mind, other than there is an occasional clearing. So clear that you view life with a different perspective.
There was a forward being passed around about what it is to be loved. It is not enough to be the giver or the receiver of love, it has to be a joint affair. The unity where each want to share, please and of course love each other. Holding on to dreams, just don't quite cut it.
It was the previous Wednesday at the market that really made me realize how one sided actions
bring a clarity. Of course I feel like I have gone through stages of my life, from being needy , to lonely and empty and of course acceptance, contentment, weak and the list goes on. But one thing I am sure of is that I am not willing to comprise my heart, soul and mind. I would rather bed the loneliness, embrace the heartache and accept the inevitable than lie to myself.

Seeding flowers,
rain falling down
and I am caught
between sorrow
and a smile.

Morning rainbows,
bridging my dreams,
bringing you close,
through memories.

Silent the moment,
still the night and
yet I hear the music,
the dance of you and I.


I can't let go the memories,
they have become a part of me.
Like sunshine in the morning,
they wake me a warmth of
a summer breeze.


Can't rewrite yesterday,
I am have trouble with today,
I wrote you in my arms
and the ink faded away.

Tried to sing a love song,
I know where I belong,
words from my heart
sung just for you and I.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love is Wonderful

If one poem can be remembered,
than the world will surely know,
how much I have truly loved and
how I can never let you go.

If the words that are written find
a place in the heavens high,
than I will have done by job
scripting words of love beyond
the mind.
Love is wonderful,
it is magical indeed,
it brought two hearts
together, better than
any dream.

From the first,
I knew that we
were meant to be,
heart and soul for
all eternity.

Love is wonderful,
it is magical indeed,
it brought two hearts
together better than
any dream.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hearts View

How can people look at the same picture and see something different? Interpreting is defined as an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious. But I find that people interpret according to their lives and thought process. I was reminded that we all don't see life the same way, when I was outside in the garden. The morning doves had nested in the cedar and their coo seemed to be a celebration of the morning and as I suddenly approached they fluttered in a rather unexpected approach. The joy of being able to live peacefully side by side with nature, creates a sense of peace. As I went on to explain to my sister that the doves had nested in the cedar , she quickly cut me off. She said " oh those awful doves, I can't stand that cooing every morning and they are dirty and you have to watch they don't come to close to the house and damage the roof." She saw all the negative in the beautiful creature of the earth. I thought how could our vision of a little bird be so very different?
We are two very different people my sister and I. Though we started on the same journey, our views were always a bit different. Life for her was always a fight, I saw life as an escape. Sometimes the escape was through gardening, my children and writing. But through the various mediums I was able to see the positive side of nature and life and how our perception reveals our inner being.
Sometimes past experiences detail who we are and how we think and other times I believe our personalities are part of our DNA. Whether we are an optimist or a pessimist or bounce back between the two.
I find living with nature to be a balancing act that teaches us to work with our surroundings. Whether that is adapting to the changes that nature brings or just finding a way to cope. In the garden
sprouted a hickory bark tree. When the tree was small, I wanted it removed, as it really didn't belong in the front flower garden and as it began to grow, it formed a uniform shape which was lovely , perfect branches  in a well rounded tree. Everyone saw the tree a little different, my one son said it is such a nice tree leave it there and just keep it short like trimming a bonsai and another just cut it back etc. How we see the gifts of life and interpret them into our own lives varies depending upon our own interpretation .
I shall interpret my morning....

The sun is so amazing,
on the leaves it shines so bright,
like an artist with a canvas,
with various shades of light.

The hills are covered in a blanket
of trillium, shrubs and trees as
they create a vision that I find
so very peaceful and calming.

The chickens are squawking,
a Blue Heron is by the stream
and the cat is on roof, he is a
lot smarter than he seems.

The birds have come together,
in a melodious sweet harmony,
tweeting the sounds of life,
in natures own symphony.

The rose is just a rose,
the stream where water flows,
until I opened up my heart
and I saw what heaven
wants us to know.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Love is so Powerful

From corner to corner,
across the many seas,
over all the mountains
and through my dreams.

I could go on searching,
morning , day and night,
but the love in my heart
is an incomparable delight.

Rising above the blue skies,
the clouds wait each night,
as I take your hand and
you take my heart and
dance so fine.

I walk around day dreaming,
imagining you are here and
spending all my time in
a dream that only lovers
can share.


Love is so powerful, 
wonderful indeed,
soars the heavens and
ricochets on back to me. 

It is the petals of a rose, 
a sweet song bird in flight, 
it is the warmth in my heart
when I think of you each night. 

Love is so powerful, 
wonderful indeed, 
soars the heavens and
ricochets on back to me. 

It is the dreams that 
bring you so near and 
the magic of life when 
two hearts stop to share. 

Our Love

Written in the heavens,
sent down from up above,
the colliding of two souls,
is the story of our love.

The darkness is without power
as you  brightly light the way,
gently guiding my life
day by day.

The embrace of the moment,
left me calm and assured, as
I knew from the first our
love was forevermore.

I keep you here deep within my heart and there I can embrace you from a far. Like a sailor
embraces the sea, I embrace our love and that set my soul free. I sail through each memory as if I weren't awake, caught up in some kind of dream that simply never fades.
You are the blue in my morning and the stars in my night, you are my sweet love that makes this real seem right. Grateful for each moment that we have to share, for with your precious love, I don't have a care. I hear songs in the morning and throughout the day, accompanied by the heart the music courts me day after day.

My feet once firm on the ground,
took to the heavens and can't be held down.

Every day is Sunday,
as I wake thinking of you and
the world is awfully wonderful
and the skies are lovely too.

Nothing can touch me,
no heartache or blues,
as I feel your love ,
I know what happiness
can do.

It can change a day or rain
to a day of sunshine,
fill my heart with the
sweetness that only gets
sweeter with time.

Every day is Sunday,
as I wake up thinking of you,
content in the moment
I keep holding on to you.

Everyone is given sight,
yet few can really see for love
is a mountain , a river and a

Everyone has ears to hear,
yet few can really hear,
the blue birds song,
the angels harp and
the love that plays
a tune upon the stars.

I look out the window,
at the same old scene,
and yet the image never
changes it is always  a
door from you to me.

It brings you close,
like the leap into my heart
and its there for you,
to rest from a far.

Here in my heart,
I can see two,
the silhouette of lovers
on their dance upon the moon.

Only stars above them
and the seas below and
nothing between them
 but the love that continues
 to grow. 

Here in my heart,
I hold on to you,
and the dance I
saw was a dream
come true.

I heard a little song bird, she stopped to sing her song and I knew at that very moment love had come along. Love is magical you seen, it made the sun shine brighter and the hollow more green. Love has a special way of taking on an ordinary day. It turns the skies a mighty blue, teaching rain drops how to play the tune of I love you. Denial is the devils took, accepting your love was always the goal. Sunshine in my morning and the stream comes flowing through and I know that when I say I love you, the warm breeze will take my love to you.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


To sever the memories
is like a guillotine to the heart,
cutting out the good times and
placing water on the spark.

I entertain the thoughts that
hold you ever close to me,
as I quickly recognized love,
when love recognized me.

It is quiet this morning
as the song birds don't sing,
the tree frogs are on vacation
and the rooster must be sleeping .

There in the silence,
your voice I hear,
reminding me of
all we share.

With you I am stronger,
happy and content as can be,
taking on all the mountains
and conquering all my dreams.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Just a Thought

"Heart I ask you,
please explain,
what causes both
comfort and pain?"

The heart races
with a quick reply
" experience toys
with the mind"

To mirror our inner soul,
we have to accept the truth
of  our journey and the
power of our dreams.
Once you have tasted honey,
everything else is a bit more bitter.

The embrace of love is
both kind and gentle,
never in judgment,
no anger or fear.

It is there in the morn,
to wake a weary soul
and again at night it
has that magic hold.


Sailing the sea,
no direction in sight,
all alone both day
and night.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


It is human nature to want more,
but I have your love, that is all
the more I need.
There is nothing in comparison with love,
for a wonderful partner knows
your next move before
 you do.
In your absence the void is ever so vast.
I wasn't so sure who was startled more,
me or the morning dove.
It is the dance upon the clouds,
that reveals the true gift of love.
You have to accept that which lives in your heart
to see and feel the magic.

No one but an angel,
would stand by my side.
Hold my hand and touch
this troubled heart of mine.

Nothing but rainbows to
bridge the gap of time.
Visiting with memories
that I tucked away inside.

No place for sorrow,
you and I rule tomorrow.
Every moment that passes,
blues skies an happy ever after.

No one but an angel,
would believe in me like you do.
Supportive and loving,
making dreams come true.

If old age takes me by surprise and plays a trick on my restless mind. I 'll not forget the moments in time, when hearts came together and your soul reached out to mine. I document each moment and store them in my heart as we never know from moment to moment how long or how far. I live for the mornings to wake up loving you, whispering sweet thoughts to see the day through. Prayers of gratitude as I close my eyes to sleep that on this journey you'll always be here with me. 

Every love story reminds me of you. I start with a laugh and a few tears too. I hear the music, played in the heart, the song of love ignited from the start. Imagine for just one day, the blooms of a rose that never fades. The romantic fool, as I laugh and cry at the same time. I always think as we age and somehow the mind does not. I see the dance upon the clouds, the stars that fill the night and there we are you and I. That is the power of words, they are eternal. I thought about beginnings and endings and I found that writing cheats time. Whether on a computer, a written piece a paper or in the heart, the words of love pass on eternally into a world of their own .

Saturday, June 07, 2014


Another morning sunrise
has me thinking of you.
Even though I lay alone,
your love comes through.

Like a view of wild roses,
arched beautifully for all to see,
our love cascades abundantly
to bridge our every dream.

Time may rule,
but nothing can control,
the power of love
that showers from above.

Dancing on the clouds,
your soul entwined with mine.
The seared image to my heart
is branded to my mind.

When distance keeps us apart,
placing barriers from afar.
You might be a mountain away,
but your love is so close and I
feel it everyday.
Listen to the song,
the words are for you,
they are sung to celebrate
how much I love you.

You can hear it in the morn
the whistling of the birds as
they all quickly flock together,
in a concert to be heard.

In the tree frogs of the forest
and the mockingbird up high,
create the sound of music,
that needs no words or rhyme.

Every where I go and
everything I see reveals
the magic that brings your
love to me.

I thought I couldn't dance
and didn't know the steps,
when hearts are not in sync
it looks like an awful mess.

Love never questions or
stands to condemn and
when you truly find it,
there is only one step in
the end.

Joined together,
bonded into one,
dancing on the clouds
there is only one love.

I thought I couldn't dance
and I didn't know the steps,
when hearts are not sync
it looks like an awful mess.

You don't need music,
the song is in the heart
and with the right partner,
each step makes us a star.

I spent to many years
thinking I was at fault
that I couldn't dance
and it left an ache in
my heart.

Than one special day,
like a collision in the sky,
my soul met with yours
and the love I couldn't deny.

The steps were unimportant,
the path still remained unclear
but with you as my partner
I dance without fear.

I find myself daydreaming,
while singing a song for you,
as the rain continues falling
my thoughts are all of you.

My head upon the pillow,
my heart is there with you,
as I removed the barriers
to soar the heavens blue.

Words are meaningless,
they are a documentation of
rhyme, but in my heart is the
love that I embrace for all of

It comforts me each morning
and is there in the night,
so wonderful our love
eternally yours and mine.

Listen to the rain fall,
pitter patter it calls,
sounding out your name
in the passing of another

Listen to the whispers,
to you I send them along,
on the tail of the wind
the whispers arrive is song.

Listen to the words,
the words I write for you,
they tell a story,
of a love so true.

Listen to the moment,
from your heart you will hear,
the meaning of happiness,
when our life we share.

Listen to your soul,
follow the journey through,
on a trip to the heavens,
where I met you.

The rain is falling,
the night has arrived
and I lay here dreaming
you by my side.

The visual is clear,
two souls in the night,
entwined in a forever
create a beautiful sight.

The images vivid,
I can clearly see
and feel your arms
embrace tenderly.

The scent of your being,
the warmth of your smile
here in my heart,
to bridge the miles.
I think life is so darn complicated, because we never really know what someone else is thinking. Even when there is a form of communication, interpretation plays us a fool. Like a daisy in the wind, he loves me , he loves me not.

Here in the darkness,
no stars up in the sky,
clouds thick and heavy
blanket the night.

I lay here alone,
thinking of you,
dreaming of that moment
and hope you are dreaming too.

Here in the darkness,
no stars up in the sky,
clouds thick and heavy
blanket the night.

Closing my eyes
and here is what I see,
you are standing close,
you are right next to me.

Day after day,
I can't really explain,
other than to tell you,
I am wishing my life away.

All that I want and
all ever need, is to
share my life with you
and stop this make believe.

Day after day,
I can't really explain,
other than to tell you,
I am wishing my life away.

Holding on to memories
and living my life on dreams.
Yesterday is still with me,
I keep your love inside of me.

Working on poetry for an event this weekend, I found myself looking through old files. I can't actually explain the feeling that came over me. It was as if the poetry represented a part of myself that I had no longer made a connection with. As if I buried that part of myself. I found it a bit troubling as that period of time represented a wide range of emotions. Poetry is not words separate from the soul, but one with the soul. As I took some of the mats and put words to them, the words were empty on the images of year long gone. I don't think changed that much and yet I know I have grown since those first years when I filled paper upon paper with emotion. My heart actually felt a bit agitated and I struggled to separate myself from a moment in time.

They brought tears
from deep inside,
regrets and challenges,
that teased the mind.

I whispered softly
as if you could hear,
my heart trembling
thinking of what we

I stood atop the mountains high,
embraced the heavens blue sky,
felt the love and trembled so,
as I knew that some things
would have to go.
The soul a mere reflection of ones dreams.
Our souls were called together,
our hearts embraced for all time,
from the very moment of hello,
I knew I was yours and you were

Love cannot be severed,
when it truly takes a hold,
as it's rooted deep within
and with each day it's
more entwined.

Thursday, June 05, 2014


It is not like I have never seen the sun set before but as I was driving home I caught the most spectacular view. Just as it was setting behind the hills, the sun lit the sky with the most extraordinary colors. From shades of pink, blue , purple and orange, it was such a contrast against the blue of the sky. This is nature celebrating life.

Shades in various hues,
lights the sky as it says adieu,
good night my friend,
the day is done, as we
say goodbye sun.

I can't help but be thankful,
for each day we have upon this earth
and for another day to tell you,
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I can't control tomorrow
and yesterday was here and gone,
but we are here in the moment
where our souls unite as one.

I know this is special,
and not in a funny way.
When you took my heart,
I have never been the same.

Blinded on this journey,
I have no idea which way I'll go,
but as long as you are with me,
it doesn't matter what little I know.

I don't need to climb a mountain,
I won't have to swim the sea,
the distance really don't matter,
because in my heart is where
you will always be.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Good Night

Everyday of my life,
I spend thinking of you,
each night in passing,
a dream that waits to
come true.

Every star in the sky,
documents a moment of time,
forever and ever is this love
of yours and mine.

Hearts beating together,
entwined forever,
from the moment of hello
I couldn't let go,
hearts beating as one.

Dreams that bring you here,
in my arms without a care,
from the moment of hello,
I couldn't let go,
hearts beating as one.

I want to wake up in the morning
and feel your lips gentle to mine,
the kiss that seals the moment
with a taste sweeter with time.

I want to close my eyes and
know that you will always be here,
that forever is everlasting
and there is nothing to fear.

I want to love you,
in the most magical of ways,
embraced in the moment
forever and a day.


Scattered Thoughts

Fresh out of the shower and dressed for work. Preparing for the start of my day, my thoughts are already scattered. In reality the only thing we can really be sure of is our own thoughts and actions. I know I have aged as I had my daughter behind the wheel for the first time and held on for dear life. That didn't go over well, I suggest driving school. We react differently depending where we are in the chapters of life. I remember teaching my sons to drive and being much more relaxed. Thoughts are the same way depending where you are in life. It is as if your interpretation of a moment in time is altered. Maybe it is true we never stop learning. That is where communication is key, it removes all the guess work.
Every year the Flycatcher returns to nest outside my window. Though many times I have watched them in flight, I never quite her them chirp as I did this morning. It was as if they knew the sun was about to rise and they were announcing the arrival of daylight. Each day brings us something new and wonderful if we look or listen for it. But my thoughts kind of grazed rather gray areas of life. Looking back I interpreted moments of my life differently. Many things alter our thought process. The wisdom that comes with time, the reality of actions, dead end roads, paths that circle back, maturity and time itself. There always seems to be a cloud over our wants and our needs and it is only in the clearing that you can make sense of it all. I thought of a schematic many times, a written blue print for life. That would make life so much easier if we know where we are going and why. It is the difference between a mere existence and actually living life. As my children mature and find their place in the world, it leaves a void. What direction does my life take from that point?
I have always had a desire to stay one step ahead, keep on the move , run as fast I can. Because standing still brings a fear of succumbing to my surroundings. In one instance I wondered is the comfort zone actually good or bad. Which way do I go? So many questions in life so few answers.

I am only certain,
that I have loved,
felt the joy that
comes from sharing
with that special one.

I can appreciate,
the chapters of life,
each one a lesson
that strengthens
the fight.

Standing before you,
my love is all I have
to share, from my heart
and soul, I can tell you
how much I care.

Off to work, with a slightly heavy heart...

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Inside Out

I am trapped in the moment,
as a storm makes its way,
no longer bright sunshine but
skies that are dark and gray.

I lay here wide awake,
as my mind drifts away.
My heart racing as my
soul shares in the daydreams
that bring you here.

Nothing and no one can
change this forever love.
I recognized it from the start,
when you reached out and
took my heart.

If my heart could speak
this is what it would say,
that "dreams are for the
living and that is what
gets us through the day. "

If my heart could speak,
this is what it would say,
" that life began a new
when you came my way.'

If my heart could speak,
this is what it would say,
" I love you my sweet
in the most magical kind
of way."

I believe in angels and
dreams that come true.
I think the tales of love
were written in the heavens

I can feel the magic
that spun a web or two
and held me for a moment
till you saw me through.

My world changed
before my very eyes,
removing mountains
and toying with my mind.

I was unsure the reason
and that was the great surprise,
that you crossed my path
and touched me from inside.

If you took my heart
and turned it inside out,
you would see the love
that I had found.

I keep it close,
always on hand,
it is there for safe keeping,
the love that is so grand.

Reflecting on life
you'll find it everywhere,
the joy in my heart was
given to us to share.

The silhouette of two,
in the skies so blue,
you and I together,
revealing our forever.

Inside out and
love is what you'll find,
it is the best of the moment,
the best of you and I.


There is something about being lost in my flower gardens that bring a sense of peace. It is a sort of retreat, whether I am there for a few moments or the day. While I was repotting flowers, time just seem to be like a wisp of wind, fleeting and quickly passing the hours. In reality it has always been my great escape, where I know what to expect.
I looked back at my life from childhood till the present and it never seemed to be predetermined by my own goals. The unknown that occurs when you least expect it. It is as if we are always getting a glimpse of the great battle between good and bad. Overwhelmed by what seems like insanity in the world , I find myself more and more appreciating my time in the greenhouse.

Here in my garden,
the flowers bloom,
waiting on sunshine
and a little rain too.

The white of mock orange,
Iris's both yellow and blue,
a visual site that reminds
me what love can do.
I value this time,
this moment alone,
to enjoy my solitude
where I free to roam.

Getting in touch
with my heart and soul,
treasuring the moment

a new canvas unfolds.
Blue birds in passing
and dreams everlasting
are here to comfort
and call this moment my
Unfrequented hollow of mine,
where the hills come together 
and the trickling stream 
plays a music so fine. 

I am not lonely,
no sorrow will I share,
I am in a state of calm
and I surrender without
a care.
Detached from the darkness,
as your love becomes my light,
you can separate our bodies,
but our hearts are forever







Crystal and Lace

Something has happened
and I am not sure why,
but my day started anew
with the bluest of skies.

I am trapped in some abyss,
a space vast and far away
and I keep reaching out to you
hoping you found your way.

I want to stay a sleep,
to relive the dream
and keep you close
as my memories.

There is no pinching,
I'd rather sleep the day away.
If that means I'll be in your arms,
entwined tighter with each day.

My heart like a window,
inside you can truly see,
that I have kept your memory
as a gift meant only for me.

The reflection upon my day,
calm and soothing to the soul
as I know wherever I may travel
I am never ever alone.

...every moment of my day.

Wild roses from my window,
a fragrance mild yet sweet.
Cast many a romantic image
that triggers loving memories.

The sun speckled on the leaves,
dances with little beams of light,
bringing to the forefront,
the magic that we call life. 


There is no forgetting
and impossible to let go,
for you are in part heart
where our love continues to

Bringing love into each moment,
as I wake with thoughts of you.
Knowing very well the power that
is infused through and through.

My morning wake up,
my dreams are of you,
from that first moment
when I fell head and
heel over you.

My sunrise in the morn,
my thoughts of you,
warm my heart , from
a love so true.



I hear more in the silence,
it's when my heart speaks,
whispering of love and
your memory.

Listening to each moment,
the truth reveals the tale,
of a revelation of love
that placed me in a spell.


The window provides a canvas,
no wind the view calm and still
and yet their seems to be motion
as my heart races as if tackling
the hills.

I find that you are with me,
it is true, you are everywhere I go.
Passionate and filled with peace
your love is all I want to know.

Unlimited Combinations,
the words I write for you,
even if it takes eternity,
to express my love for you.

Each moment is very different
and yet so very much the same
as the day is filled with your love
and the happiness that with it came.

It is not a fairytale,
nor a story of woe,
our love is unmistaken
and through life it flows.

It conjures up the dreams,
casting images of you and I,
on a journey of a lifetime
with a treasure so fine.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Just You and I...

I'm living on a dream,
waiting on tomorrow,
wishing you were here
in my arms without a care.

Sharing in the moment,
knowing what it all meansm
when you give your heart
and all is as it should be.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting for tomorrow,
wishing you were here,
in my arms without a care.

Sunlight in our mornings,
stars throughout the night,
your kisses to wake me
your embrace to hold me tight.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting for tomorrow,
wishing you were here,
in my arms without a care.

Building with each moment,
becoming stronger with each day,
our love is more wonderful
making blue skies out of gray.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting for tomorrow,
wishing you were here,
in my arms without a care.

Just you and I,
that is how it was meant to be,
like joy and happiness
and forever memories.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting for tomorrow,
wishing you were here,
in my arms without a care.

We don't need promises as
you have always held my heart
and I have always loved you
from the very start.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting for tomorrow,
wishing you were here,
in my arms without a care.

My life would be empty,
my soul would be in despair
and without your love my
life would dark and filled
with fair.

I'm living on a dream,
waiting on tomorrow,
wishing you were here
in my arms without a care.

I trust that fate had guided,
that our worlds had collided
and there will never be another,
you're my friend and my lover.

Just you and I and that is all I ever wanted,
Just you and I and that is how it was meant to be.
In my heart,
I hold your smile.
In my heart,
I hold the dreams.

In my heart,
I hold your memory.
In my heart,
I hold your love.