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Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Love

Written in the heavens,
sent down from up above,
the colliding of two souls,
is the story of our love.

The darkness is without power
as you  brightly light the way,
gently guiding my life
day by day.

The embrace of the moment,
left me calm and assured, as
I knew from the first our
love was forevermore.

I keep you here deep within my heart and there I can embrace you from a far. Like a sailor
embraces the sea, I embrace our love and that set my soul free. I sail through each memory as if I weren't awake, caught up in some kind of dream that simply never fades.
You are the blue in my morning and the stars in my night, you are my sweet love that makes this real seem right. Grateful for each moment that we have to share, for with your precious love, I don't have a care. I hear songs in the morning and throughout the day, accompanied by the heart the music courts me day after day.

My feet once firm on the ground,
took to the heavens and can't be held down.

Every day is Sunday,
as I wake thinking of you and
the world is awfully wonderful
and the skies are lovely too.

Nothing can touch me,
no heartache or blues,
as I feel your love ,
I know what happiness
can do.

It can change a day or rain
to a day of sunshine,
fill my heart with the
sweetness that only gets
sweeter with time.

Every day is Sunday,
as I wake up thinking of you,
content in the moment
I keep holding on to you.

Everyone is given sight,
yet few can really see for love
is a mountain , a river and a

Everyone has ears to hear,
yet few can really hear,
the blue birds song,
the angels harp and
the love that plays
a tune upon the stars.

I look out the window,
at the same old scene,
and yet the image never
changes it is always  a
door from you to me.

It brings you close,
like the leap into my heart
and its there for you,
to rest from a far.

Here in my heart,
I can see two,
the silhouette of lovers
on their dance upon the moon.

Only stars above them
and the seas below and
nothing between them
 but the love that continues
 to grow. 

Here in my heart,
I hold on to you,
and the dance I
saw was a dream
come true.

I heard a little song bird, she stopped to sing her song and I knew at that very moment love had come along. Love is magical you seen, it made the sun shine brighter and the hollow more green. Love has a special way of taking on an ordinary day. It turns the skies a mighty blue, teaching rain drops how to play the tune of I love you. Denial is the devils took, accepting your love was always the goal. Sunshine in my morning and the stream comes flowing through and I know that when I say I love you, the warm breeze will take my love to you.

1 comment:

Margie said...

I have never known anyone who writes beautiful love poems the way you do,
I got lost in these beautiful words.
You are truly gifted.