Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

...every moment of my day.

Wild roses from my window,
a fragrance mild yet sweet.
Cast many a romantic image
that triggers loving memories.

The sun speckled on the leaves,
dances with little beams of light,
bringing to the forefront,
the magic that we call life. 


There is no forgetting
and impossible to let go,
for you are in part heart
where our love continues to

Bringing love into each moment,
as I wake with thoughts of you.
Knowing very well the power that
is infused through and through.

My morning wake up,
my dreams are of you,
from that first moment
when I fell head and
heel over you.

My sunrise in the morn,
my thoughts of you,
warm my heart , from
a love so true.



I hear more in the silence,
it's when my heart speaks,
whispering of love and
your memory.

Listening to each moment,
the truth reveals the tale,
of a revelation of love
that placed me in a spell.


The window provides a canvas,
no wind the view calm and still
and yet their seems to be motion
as my heart races as if tackling
the hills.

I find that you are with me,
it is true, you are everywhere I go.
Passionate and filled with peace
your love is all I want to know.

Unlimited Combinations,
the words I write for you,
even if it takes eternity,
to express my love for you.

Each moment is very different
and yet so very much the same
as the day is filled with your love
and the happiness that with it came.

It is not a fairytale,
nor a story of woe,
our love is unmistaken
and through life it flows.

It conjures up the dreams,
casting images of you and I,
on a journey of a lifetime
with a treasure so fine.

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