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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


There is something about being lost in my flower gardens that bring a sense of peace. It is a sort of retreat, whether I am there for a few moments or the day. While I was repotting flowers, time just seem to be like a wisp of wind, fleeting and quickly passing the hours. In reality it has always been my great escape, where I know what to expect.
I looked back at my life from childhood till the present and it never seemed to be predetermined by my own goals. The unknown that occurs when you least expect it. It is as if we are always getting a glimpse of the great battle between good and bad. Overwhelmed by what seems like insanity in the world , I find myself more and more appreciating my time in the greenhouse.

Here in my garden,
the flowers bloom,
waiting on sunshine
and a little rain too.

The white of mock orange,
Iris's both yellow and blue,
a visual site that reminds
me what love can do.
I value this time,
this moment alone,
to enjoy my solitude
where I free to roam.

Getting in touch
with my heart and soul,
treasuring the moment

a new canvas unfolds.
Blue birds in passing
and dreams everlasting
are here to comfort
and call this moment my
Unfrequented hollow of mine,
where the hills come together 
and the trickling stream 
plays a music so fine. 

I am not lonely,
no sorrow will I share,
I am in a state of calm
and I surrender without
a care.
Detached from the darkness,
as your love becomes my light,
you can separate our bodies,
but our hearts are forever







1 comment:

Margie said...

I love to be in my garden too, I have been planting lately and excited for the new blooms.

Beautiful writing, Rachel.
I am off to bed and will try and visit again tomorrow, you have been writing a lot, keep it up as I enjoy it all.