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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Inside Out

I am trapped in the moment,
as a storm makes its way,
no longer bright sunshine but
skies that are dark and gray.

I lay here wide awake,
as my mind drifts away.
My heart racing as my
soul shares in the daydreams
that bring you here.

Nothing and no one can
change this forever love.
I recognized it from the start,
when you reached out and
took my heart.

If my heart could speak
this is what it would say,
that "dreams are for the
living and that is what
gets us through the day. "

If my heart could speak,
this is what it would say,
" that life began a new
when you came my way.'

If my heart could speak,
this is what it would say,
" I love you my sweet
in the most magical kind
of way."

I believe in angels and
dreams that come true.
I think the tales of love
were written in the heavens

I can feel the magic
that spun a web or two
and held me for a moment
till you saw me through.

My world changed
before my very eyes,
removing mountains
and toying with my mind.

I was unsure the reason
and that was the great surprise,
that you crossed my path
and touched me from inside.

If you took my heart
and turned it inside out,
you would see the love
that I had found.

I keep it close,
always on hand,
it is there for safe keeping,
the love that is so grand.

Reflecting on life
you'll find it everywhere,
the joy in my heart was
given to us to share.

The silhouette of two,
in the skies so blue,
you and I together,
revealing our forever.

Inside out and
love is what you'll find,
it is the best of the moment,
the best of you and I.

1 comment:

Margie said...

Beautiful, Rachel.
Very beautiful ...