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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Deary Diary

 It is kind of a "Dear Diary" day. I kind of look at life as a year in review or years in review. It is the melancholy rain as it takes over the day. I worked in the garden, looking at all the plants that now dominate their place in the hollow. Somehow gardening humbles a person or at least it feels like that to me. We are by all means so tiny on this stage we call life. I am not sure exactly what is going on in my mind, other than there is an occasional clearing. So clear that you view life with a different perspective.
There was a forward being passed around about what it is to be loved. It is not enough to be the giver or the receiver of love, it has to be a joint affair. The unity where each want to share, please and of course love each other. Holding on to dreams, just don't quite cut it.
It was the previous Wednesday at the market that really made me realize how one sided actions
bring a clarity. Of course I feel like I have gone through stages of my life, from being needy , to lonely and empty and of course acceptance, contentment, weak and the list goes on. But one thing I am sure of is that I am not willing to comprise my heart, soul and mind. I would rather bed the loneliness, embrace the heartache and accept the inevitable than lie to myself.

Seeding flowers,
rain falling down
and I am caught
between sorrow
and a smile.

Morning rainbows,
bridging my dreams,
bringing you close,
through memories.

Silent the moment,
still the night and
yet I hear the music,
the dance of you and I.


I can't let go the memories,
they have become a part of me.
Like sunshine in the morning,
they wake me a warmth of
a summer breeze.


Can't rewrite yesterday,
I am have trouble with today,
I wrote you in my arms
and the ink faded away.

Tried to sing a love song,
I know where I belong,
words from my heart
sung just for you and I.

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