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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Kiss and a Mix of Emotion

I can hear your voice when
the silence rules the night,
see your image when only
darkness is in sight.

I can feel your love from
miles away and no matter
what I am doing thoughts
of you take my breath away.

I can taste the sweetness
when waking from a dream,
it is always you and I in
the same love scene.

I can love you,
if you only let me in,
it is the way of life
with happiness from within.

The wind it seem to whisper,
as brushed gently against my soul
and from that first moment,
your love had taken hold.

I felt sorrow and happiness,
heartache and glee and
when the day is over ,
all I have is memories.

Like petals in a painting,
that never fade away,
that is how I hold your love
the blue that chased the gray.

I lined my heart with love,
the love I receive from you and
it quickly began to root and grow
and continues to bloom.

It comforts me when I am lonely,
with the warmest memories and
guides me on this journey ,
treating everyday like spring.

It is your hand in mine
as we stroll through life,
knowing that you love me,
is a perfect star lit night.

It is not about a dream,
that fades when we awake,
for your love is clearly with
me both day and night.

I lined my heart with love,
the love I receive from you and
it quickly began to root and grow as
it continues to bloom.

It could be the lovely weather
and the sun shining so bright,
maybe it is the blue, blue skies
or the moon that rules the night.

It could be the treasured flowers
blooming in the garden day after day
but I think it is your  precious love
that makes me feel this way.

It could be the wind that blows to you,
as I sent all my wishes in the kiss I blew.
It could be heavens opened gates as
I found you and it is never to late.

If you look inside
this you'll see,
your hearts reflection
in all life brings.

If you believe,
you'll know it is true,
our love indeed
made the sky blue.

I woke in the morning
and I puckered my lips,
preparing for the day
I gave to you? my kiss.

May it grace your heart,
bring happiness your way,
the kiss I sent to you
is forever plus a day.

I woke in the morning
and I gave to you my love,
so that you may know
that we meet in the heavens above.

May it keep you safe,
when we are apart,
the love I ha/ve for you
is always in my heart.


What is love? Love is that which gives you sight to see the world through the heart. I see that the grass is green, the sky is blue, with peace and tranquility through and through.
Trust is the foundation of love,
built by the soul to comfort the heart.
As the years passed I questioned many facets of my life
and than I turned the page.
Every kiss is quite different,
the kiss of souls is eternal.
Old adages survived the times, because of the thread of truth that is woven into them. " There are two sides to every story" " There is a fine line between love and hate" "It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." Two sides to a story? as time passes there are many sides to a story and it just keeps morphing with the turning of every page. Let me correct that statement to the story has so many sides that it changes with each breath I take. Which brings me to the fine line between love and hate. Love and hate by all means are the tools of emotion. So as long as a person can feel they are bound to experience the variances of emotion. Of course we are taught as children that it is not nice to hate, maybe dislike greatly but to never hate. Yet looking at any given situations you find the positive and negative and there fore it tugs on those emotions. This leads us down the road of denial, a yeah I am selecting my reality. What is reality? The reality is our action in response to the way we view life. In reality we are either searching for loving, living on love or reacting to love, but the same can be said about hate. What we use as a catalyst for our emotions creates our reality.
If I allowed "more" to channel my emotions the story of life would be altered by the emotions of love and hate therefore create a new reality. That is my jumbled thoughts for the day.
The rain is falling,
the skies are gray
and clouds hover
in a mystical way.

Behind every storm,
the skies are still blue
and I know for a fact,
that is where I meet
up with you.
The first year Cardinals,
visit the feeder unafraid,
accustomed to my voice,
they fail to fly away.

The gifts of nature,
are as simple as can be,
revealing loves treasure
in everything I see.


No rainbows to bridge,
no mountains to climb,
for you are in my heart
and not just my mind.

I can feel the moment,
like each beat of my heart,
you are close as the moment
and as far as the stars.


I see it in your eyes,
I know it to be true,
the love we share
in a dream for two.

I can feel the breeze
that blows in the night,
like your love to my heart,
to my soul a good night.

The river to the ocean,
the mountain to the sky,
the stars to the night
and your heart to mine.


I could tell my heart,
that it could never be true,
but I would never change
the way I feel for you.

You're the sunshine in my morn
the star lit skies in my night,
you're the love that I feel
from deep down inside.

I could deny my feelings,
hide them all from you
and pretend they don't
exist this magic that
makes the skies blue.

You're the sweetest love,
like honey to my lips and
your the treasure of my life
shared in a state of bliss.
If it took a million poems,
I'd write them all for you,
as a celebration of our love
when the skies turned blue.

I'd gather all my memories,
the ones that touched my heart
and placed them in the heavens
to sparkle like a sky filled with stars.

I knew from the beginning,
that this story was true,
that when you took my hand,
my soul belonged to you.


There is no letting go,
what is united by the soul,
placed in the heart in a
story still untold.

Like a rose in bloom,
the petals give away and
when you least expect
another bloom rules the day.

Time is quickly passing
as I tried to hold it still,
like the wind to my face
your love I still feel.

There is no letting go,
what is united by the soul,
placed in the heart in a
story still untold.


Waiting on the rain,
to cool the night and
as I sit here dreaming,
I take on your love fine.

Rainbows in the distance,
arch across the sky ,
uniting souls of two lovers,
you and I.

This moment is peaceful,
it is as calm as it can be,
from the first moment you
entered my heart and became
a  major part of me.

There is no separating,
I can't sever your soul from mine,
we are joined as one,
you and I.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.

I'm not sure the why,
you said hello but not goodbye.
I'm kept on holding I never tired,
the love for you is a blazing fire.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.

I'm not sure if you think of me,
but your my morning cup of tea.
My thoughts under the starry skies,
when I close my eyes and say goodnight.

Savor the memories,
then let them go,
heartache and heartbreak,
continues to show.


There is rain with the sunshine,
blue skies mixed with gray and
when the day is over, that is when
my emotions come into play.

Each and every moment,
consumed by you and it only
gets stronger and stronger,
no matter what I do.

I wake up in the morning,
your visual hold me here
and when I close my eyes
each night my love with
you I share.

It might seem a bit crazy,
my daily thoughts of you
and as the time passes,
I don't know what to do.

I tried to forget and that
was to know avail,
for you are a part of me
and the love that I feel.

It might seem a bit crazy,
my daily thoughts of you
and as the time passes,
I  don't know what to do.

I say the many prayers,
grateful for the day,
you came into my heart
and changed me in many

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