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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hearts View

How can people look at the same picture and see something different? Interpreting is defined as an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious. But I find that people interpret according to their lives and thought process. I was reminded that we all don't see life the same way, when I was outside in the garden. The morning doves had nested in the cedar and their coo seemed to be a celebration of the morning and as I suddenly approached they fluttered in a rather unexpected approach. The joy of being able to live peacefully side by side with nature, creates a sense of peace. As I went on to explain to my sister that the doves had nested in the cedar , she quickly cut me off. She said " oh those awful doves, I can't stand that cooing every morning and they are dirty and you have to watch they don't come to close to the house and damage the roof." She saw all the negative in the beautiful creature of the earth. I thought how could our vision of a little bird be so very different?
We are two very different people my sister and I. Though we started on the same journey, our views were always a bit different. Life for her was always a fight, I saw life as an escape. Sometimes the escape was through gardening, my children and writing. But through the various mediums I was able to see the positive side of nature and life and how our perception reveals our inner being.
Sometimes past experiences detail who we are and how we think and other times I believe our personalities are part of our DNA. Whether we are an optimist or a pessimist or bounce back between the two.
I find living with nature to be a balancing act that teaches us to work with our surroundings. Whether that is adapting to the changes that nature brings or just finding a way to cope. In the garden
sprouted a hickory bark tree. When the tree was small, I wanted it removed, as it really didn't belong in the front flower garden and as it began to grow, it formed a uniform shape which was lovely , perfect branches  in a well rounded tree. Everyone saw the tree a little different, my one son said it is such a nice tree leave it there and just keep it short like trimming a bonsai and another just cut it back etc. How we see the gifts of life and interpret them into our own lives varies depending upon our own interpretation .
I shall interpret my morning....

The sun is so amazing,
on the leaves it shines so bright,
like an artist with a canvas,
with various shades of light.

The hills are covered in a blanket
of trillium, shrubs and trees as
they create a vision that I find
so very peaceful and calming.

The chickens are squawking,
a Blue Heron is by the stream
and the cat is on roof, he is a
lot smarter than he seems.

The birds have come together,
in a melodious sweet harmony,
tweeting the sounds of life,
in natures own symphony.

The rose is just a rose,
the stream where water flows,
until I opened up my heart
and I saw what heaven
wants us to know.


Margie said...

Your heart is full of love, it shows so much in your writings.

I loved your interpretation of morning poem.
It is lovely.

Thanks so very much for the comment, it made me smile.


Margie said...

I am taking a little break from blogging but I will be back.

Bless you, Rachel

Rachel C Miller said...

TY Margie for all the time you took to read and comment. Enjoy your time off.