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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 12, 2014


It is human nature to want more,
but I have your love, that is all
the more I need.
There is nothing in comparison with love,
for a wonderful partner knows
your next move before
 you do.
In your absence the void is ever so vast.
I wasn't so sure who was startled more,
me or the morning dove.
It is the dance upon the clouds,
that reveals the true gift of love.
You have to accept that which lives in your heart
to see and feel the magic.

No one but an angel,
would stand by my side.
Hold my hand and touch
this troubled heart of mine.

Nothing but rainbows to
bridge the gap of time.
Visiting with memories
that I tucked away inside.

No place for sorrow,
you and I rule tomorrow.
Every moment that passes,
blues skies an happy ever after.

No one but an angel,
would believe in me like you do.
Supportive and loving,
making dreams come true.

If old age takes me by surprise and plays a trick on my restless mind. I 'll not forget the moments in time, when hearts came together and your soul reached out to mine. I document each moment and store them in my heart as we never know from moment to moment how long or how far. I live for the mornings to wake up loving you, whispering sweet thoughts to see the day through. Prayers of gratitude as I close my eyes to sleep that on this journey you'll always be here with me. 

Every love story reminds me of you. I start with a laugh and a few tears too. I hear the music, played in the heart, the song of love ignited from the start. Imagine for just one day, the blooms of a rose that never fades. The romantic fool, as I laugh and cry at the same time. I always think as we age and somehow the mind does not. I see the dance upon the clouds, the stars that fill the night and there we are you and I. That is the power of words, they are eternal. I thought about beginnings and endings and I found that writing cheats time. Whether on a computer, a written piece a paper or in the heart, the words of love pass on eternally into a world of their own .


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Margie said...

One of my favorites.
Love this one, Rachel