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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, June 07, 2014


Another morning sunrise
has me thinking of you.
Even though I lay alone,
your love comes through.

Like a view of wild roses,
arched beautifully for all to see,
our love cascades abundantly
to bridge our every dream.

Time may rule,
but nothing can control,
the power of love
that showers from above.

Dancing on the clouds,
your soul entwined with mine.
The seared image to my heart
is branded to my mind.

When distance keeps us apart,
placing barriers from afar.
You might be a mountain away,
but your love is so close and I
feel it everyday.
Listen to the song,
the words are for you,
they are sung to celebrate
how much I love you.

You can hear it in the morn
the whistling of the birds as
they all quickly flock together,
in a concert to be heard.

In the tree frogs of the forest
and the mockingbird up high,
create the sound of music,
that needs no words or rhyme.

Every where I go and
everything I see reveals
the magic that brings your
love to me.

I thought I couldn't dance
and didn't know the steps,
when hearts are not in sync
it looks like an awful mess.

Love never questions or
stands to condemn and
when you truly find it,
there is only one step in
the end.

Joined together,
bonded into one,
dancing on the clouds
there is only one love.

I thought I couldn't dance
and I didn't know the steps,
when hearts are not sync
it looks like an awful mess.

You don't need music,
the song is in the heart
and with the right partner,
each step makes us a star.

I spent to many years
thinking I was at fault
that I couldn't dance
and it left an ache in
my heart.

Than one special day,
like a collision in the sky,
my soul met with yours
and the love I couldn't deny.

The steps were unimportant,
the path still remained unclear
but with you as my partner
I dance without fear.

I find myself daydreaming,
while singing a song for you,
as the rain continues falling
my thoughts are all of you.

My head upon the pillow,
my heart is there with you,
as I removed the barriers
to soar the heavens blue.

Words are meaningless,
they are a documentation of
rhyme, but in my heart is the
love that I embrace for all of

It comforts me each morning
and is there in the night,
so wonderful our love
eternally yours and mine.

Listen to the rain fall,
pitter patter it calls,
sounding out your name
in the passing of another

Listen to the whispers,
to you I send them along,
on the tail of the wind
the whispers arrive is song.

Listen to the words,
the words I write for you,
they tell a story,
of a love so true.

Listen to the moment,
from your heart you will hear,
the meaning of happiness,
when our life we share.

Listen to your soul,
follow the journey through,
on a trip to the heavens,
where I met you.

The rain is falling,
the night has arrived
and I lay here dreaming
you by my side.

The visual is clear,
two souls in the night,
entwined in a forever
create a beautiful sight.

The images vivid,
I can clearly see
and feel your arms
embrace tenderly.

The scent of your being,
the warmth of your smile
here in my heart,
to bridge the miles.
I think life is so darn complicated, because we never really know what someone else is thinking. Even when there is a form of communication, interpretation plays us a fool. Like a daisy in the wind, he loves me , he loves me not.

Here in the darkness,
no stars up in the sky,
clouds thick and heavy
blanket the night.

I lay here alone,
thinking of you,
dreaming of that moment
and hope you are dreaming too.

Here in the darkness,
no stars up in the sky,
clouds thick and heavy
blanket the night.

Closing my eyes
and here is what I see,
you are standing close,
you are right next to me.

Day after day,
I can't really explain,
other than to tell you,
I am wishing my life away.

All that I want and
all ever need, is to
share my life with you
and stop this make believe.

Day after day,
I can't really explain,
other than to tell you,
I am wishing my life away.

Holding on to memories
and living my life on dreams.
Yesterday is still with me,
I keep your love inside of me.

Working on poetry for an event this weekend, I found myself looking through old files. I can't actually explain the feeling that came over me. It was as if the poetry represented a part of myself that I had no longer made a connection with. As if I buried that part of myself. I found it a bit troubling as that period of time represented a wide range of emotions. Poetry is not words separate from the soul, but one with the soul. As I took some of the mats and put words to them, the words were empty on the images of year long gone. I don't think changed that much and yet I know I have grown since those first years when I filled paper upon paper with emotion. My heart actually felt a bit agitated and I struggled to separate myself from a moment in time.

They brought tears
from deep inside,
regrets and challenges,
that teased the mind.

I whispered softly
as if you could hear,
my heart trembling
thinking of what we

I stood atop the mountains high,
embraced the heavens blue sky,
felt the love and trembled so,
as I knew that some things
would have to go.
The soul a mere reflection of ones dreams.

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Margie said...

I so love to read your poetry, Rachel.
It's so romantic and beautiful