Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, April 29, 2007

For the rest of my days

Each day a beginning without a end, smiles and laughter surely have set in.The stream rolls, in a masterful way, like my daydreams, to my heart play.Bubbling over in a pool await, all of my love for the rest of my days.

My yesterday, my today and my tomorrow
......my love!

All Eternity

The way life grows, conforms to the rocky road, bending and a winding,it's how the story goes. Layered in the rock are the memories we sought, a little more you'll see,that our love is for all eternity.
The secrets in the trees, in the cool rock running stream, racing through the hills, to create a lover's world. You and I have, what others only dream, we crossed the ring of fire, to taste desire.
Beyond the barriers of mountains, to stop the hands of time,within a moment you were more then in my mind.Over the sea, beyond the commoners dream, you had graced my heart to find that love had ignited with a spark.
The way life grows, conforms to the rock road, bending and a winding it's how the story goes.Layered in the rock are the memories we sought, a little more you'll see, that our love is for all eternity.

We hold

A woodland carpet of yesterday with a touch of dreams and a fantasy.Surrounded by signs of early spring, a bench was carved by a vagabond and left for a king. The sky a shade of happiness, that many would call blue, in this here garden another shade cast, giving life a different hue. Sparkles of rainbow scattered high and low, brighter and bolder as our bond grows. The fire ring cool enclosed by heavy rock, like our love, will burn awfully hot. On this journey the miles we stroll, are nothing compared to the love we hold.
"Vagabond is good for something....other then giving states a bad rep."


By Your Side

Kick those blanket of clouds aside, I'm waking up to my sunshine.Singing and dancing by your side, taking the moment for the ride.
No place for dark thoughts of gloom, tears of woe, kiss me nots or
blue moons. Feeling wonderful, feeling fine, feel the warmth of your sunshine.
The script was written in the heavens above, cast the name of the
one I love. Skipping like a child through a daisy patch, lazy upon the field of green, green grass.
Can't wipe off this silly grin, it's what happens when magic sets in.High on the mountain or in a valley deep, you can't escape from my morning daydream.

Sun not yet risen

The sun not yet risen , still darkness resides
and the sounds of the hollow sing to my

The emptiness burrowed deep inside, heard
the whispers in concert, from the birds outside.

Teary eyed and a smile on my face, as I held the
memories, to the darkness replace.

Laughter echoed and the song a new tune,
I’m wide awake and I’m still dreaming of you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whispering in the Darkness


I whispered in the darkness , to hear it whisper back, love is all around us and it leaves a trail to track.

The smile that warms my heart, with the warmest thoughts of you, brings to life the many dreams that I have dreamt each night through.

Stars have fallen, to welcome you aboard, lifting us higher then we’ve ever been before.

Energy rising, released from my soul, embraces the life of love that quickly took a hold.

Dancing in the heavens, I found our special place, where heart and heart we travel in times unwritten race.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Each season layered one upon the other,
building memories that warm my
heart on the coldest of days.

I saw the little boy that runs and plays, until he turned around and in his eyes I saw the sixteen year old warm his way. The river parts the miles to keep you at bay, but nothing can separate our love, your in my heart to stay.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

As close to your heart as our hands to the earth.

I’ll garden with you , your hands to mine, the soil sifting like sands through time. Love warm as sunshine, flames from inside, igniting passion,shivers to the thigh. Each segment passes through skies of blue with cloud written letters of I love you. Softly fading to make room, for a new tomorrow, that will be here soon.

To the Arms of My King

One moment of your embrace, mesmerized by the look on your face,
falling all over again, much, much deeper from deep within.
A world don't exist outside the world of ours filled with bliss by the hour,
falling all over again, much,much deep from deep within.
Every song I sing has the same the same sound where love and bliss
is found, falling all over again, much,much deeper from deep within.
To the Arms of My King
Sings>You are the dream of yesterdays song
, you are the love that knows no wrong.
Dancing with raindrops, a rainbow is found,
from my heart to your heart and all around.
You are the magic tomorrow brings,
you are the life in everything, running
through a field of memory, I stumbled
on love into the arms of my king.

I Am A Rose......

I am a rose and you are my sun...
the warm reflection of your heart upon
my sprit can be seen through my soul,
for seeded deep within, grows the love
that continues to bloom as majestic as
a floral carpeted mountain of trillium.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Softly sings..

Quickly overhead and fast out of sight, the geese on their voyage passing on a timely flight. Red robins nesting in the children's pine, several years and seven foot high. Spring time invasion all over the hills, flowers blooming in the green, green field. Nature’s creation is a masterpiece, a display of love in a motion of peace. Sunshine bright and a song in the breeze, whispering the tune to your memory. Eyes closed tight and a vision appears and the smell of your cologne and your presence near. Reaching out from deep inside, I found the courage to my heart be true .Happier then a bird set free, I’m soaring the hills in a cloud like dream with you.

Softy sings>
I feel the magic of mountains in spring , wonderful and beautiful, they place you in my dream. I’m in your arms and fused to your embrace, blushing shades of red can be seen on my face. I lay my head tenderly upon your shoulders broad and strong ,with overtones of gentleness , I know where I belong. Melting like butter softened by the sun, I’m dripping with passion of the thought of having fun. My soul in celebration makes no hesitation to accept the dance of life partnered with you. Uncontrollable the quiver of my lips, as they crave to taste the sweetness of your kiss. Bodies exploring , souls effortlessly soaring to the concert of love played here in my heart and written with the words from God above.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Golden Thread Spun

The tighter the weave, the stronger the bond.The more of life
shared, the more we belong. Entwined together,
two into one.Your soul to mine,
like golden thread spun.

Lazy Spring Day!




I am pleased to say your my friend..

Imprint...your touch of love in everything I see.

Singing> You left your imprint on the world for me, your touch of love in everything I see. Evasive Wisteria twining high, reminds me of the magic I can't hide. Everywhere I go it's your smiling face and every bit of sunshine has your warm embrace. Mountains echo and the rivers
cry, the song of life when your by myside.
You left your imprint on the world for me, your touch of love in everything I see. The stars boast the beauty, the moon light glows in all its glory and all I see is you and me. Can't take my
eyes off of the living, birds and flowers are in the giving. Little kisses showering day and night, so delightful make my world feel right.
You left your imprint on the world for me, your touch of love in everything I see........

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Closest to My Heart

The stars nameless in the sky and the heavens can’t deny,
the day I placed your name on the brightest one.Closest to
my heart is where love first got it’s start and the explosion
that reflects is love at it's best and it shines deep in my soul

This not and ordinary day, this is not just words that people say, I
have found that special love and its not just two having fun. Once
in a while you might see someone smile but the love like ours is
the first for this millennium.

Know tears in our world, its joined by daily thrills, magic of two,
is more then common glue. You have grown to be the best part of
me and I am loving you.

The stars nameless in the sky and the heavens can’t deny,
the day I placed your name on the brightest one. Closest to
my heart where love first got it’s start and the explosion that

reflects is love at it's best and it shines deep in my soul.

You Caught Me Dreaming..

You caught me dreaming on the shores of life, the waves temptation soothing and a bit like ice. I closed my eyes to hear the sounds of joy, laughter in the air and the memories that make you magically appear.

The rock and sand transpire and in the breeze is felt fury of your fire, wild and raging it lit my heart and I can't stop what love starts.

Singing> Hold me in your morning thoughts and let your soul feel the bond knot. Allow the breeze to sing so soft and sensually. the words my gift to you, my love and desperation to feel your arms hold me too.

You caught me dreaming on the shores of life, the waves temptation soothing and a bit like ice.I closed my eyes to hear the sounds of joy, laughter in the air and memories make you magically appear.

Singing> Embrace what the heavens sent, the beauty of life surrounding has your scent.The fragrance sweet is entrapment at best, as I dream the ultimate test.

You caught me dreaming on the shores of life, the waves temptation soothing and a bit like ice.I closed my eyes to hear the sounds of joy, laughter in the and memories that make you magically appear.

Singing> I feel the breath of love against the face, the beat of your heart and our souls finding their place. High above the mountains where true love can be found, a couple pirouettes, gently parachuting to the ground

Spring in Succession!

Despite the color of the clouds, the season still blooms on.


Waking up in your arms might be a fantasy, but
waking up in your heart is reality.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Forever In Love

For the child, the rebellious teen and the future that waits.


Your Breath

It’s no mistake, this I see, beyond those there hills, the sun is shining .Can’t conceal the moment can’t hide the dreams, our love upon the mountian , caught up in the breeze. Touch on down the river, the waves began to sing, the current flowing brought you to me.

No room for sadness, overflowing from my dreams, the trickling of magic as I’m snuggling. My head upon the pillow, gently laying down and with the my eyes closed the moment was profound.Intense with such emotion, the dream took on new depth and in the darkness I could feel your breath.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The butterfly of sadness a tale does it weep, stories of yesterday where disappointments breathe. I felt the magic and I let it go or was that you just didn't know, the beauty summer
old has turned to a winter cold.

I am neither here not there,
as I am but a object of my
surroundings, grasping to
see above the trees.

He who plays the card a fool,
will soon see those cards unfold.

If I run, will you run with me? If I hide will you be there to hide behind the clouds and if the song dies will you play the music?

It is the soil of the earth that accepts you as you are and allows for the continued growth, for the world around it as empty as the forest without trees.Cry not for those
who cannot see, for a wound heals at the sight oozes beneath the skin. I am but the
breath of a day as it unite with the dark of eve.

It's so very near

We wouldn't need to travel to Paris or Planet Mars,
no dance upon the heaven, nor fall from the stars.
A day in the park the stroll with you, sharing a
moment like lovers do. You could search the world
over and find out dear,love is where your heart
is and it's so very near.
We wouldn't need to travel up or down the streets,
no busy part of town is where we need to meet. A
cozy little place right here next to me is where
the heart is meant to be.
Close your eyes my darling and this is what you'll
see that our hearts melded like the blossom to the
bumble bees. You could search the world over and
find out dear,love is where your heart is and it'
s so very near.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I replayed the music over and over, the words touching my soul with the memories of yesterday and those of tomorrow. I felt a contentment in that I have had the chance to give love and recieve love...I felt no strings of melancholy played as I saw my heart inside of yours The gift that I feel inside of me is the magic of sharing my day with you......my love with you ...my life with you my dance in skies of blue.....every moment that I share with you


Life the petals of a rose revealing it knows what love brings.
Something new, everyday that I'm with you, I bloom a little more.

Sings> My sun on a cloudy day, the love that cleanses with a spring rain. My dreams when all hope is lost and the song with which my heart sings. Accompany me in this garden of dreams, where you and I entwine to memories. I'll not forget the way you made me feel or the dance that didn't take much skill. You and I are forevermore from deep from the center of my core...I'll love you " till the cows home" I'll love you" when the moon glows" I'll love you" for all my days " I'll love you in an internal way... from now through our evermores...I'll be loving you...

Life Moves On!

Little bits of life find a way,
to bring a little hope to a
new day.

Time can't stop what spring time knows,
life like the petals of a now blooming rose.

The water moving, a new path does it make
detouring the rocks, creates a new wave.

Fly catcher returned despite the frost, to the
ledge in the season where nothing is lost.

Memories gone and memories made like the
fern on the rocks where my dreams are made.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I want to hold u close

under the rain........

Can't Live If Living is without you....

My Good ..

My good night and my good morning!

Can't dance to silence, can't dance to the dark!
I need your embrace and that little smile that
lights up my heart.

Lost in the Night.

The words sing upon the page, from my heart they escaped.

Engaged in the darkness , my heart cries out to you.
Hold still the moment and embrace what can love do.
Close the gap in the miles of separation, bring to me
each day a warm and magical celebration. Light the
stars of heaven with childish dreams of adults behaving
like children of eleven.
Here I am....lost in the night, my soul ungrounded taken flight.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Butter soft

The Power of nature is like the "Power of your Love,"
making me laugh when the urge was to cry.

A season in review!

The simplicity of life is...
in the respect of nature! Without Balance even nature sheds a tear!

In My Heart To Stay

Bartering with yesterday, I allowed a few to fade away.
The cold, hard and emptiness of the past days. Memories
new unfold, like seasons of Autumn Gold, kisses that
have a hold in my heart to stay.


In the darkness there was truth, like the shadow in the clouds,
anyone could have been here, but it was your arms I found.
My head upon the pillow, my heart upon your chest and in
the hour of desperation it was your soul that placed a kiss.

Dry away the tears, like the sponge soaking up the sea ,
across the many miles your love paints the hills with the
beauty of a dream. Foolishness aside, my eyes could
not deny the man in my heart was there to listen to my

Hand to heart, heart to soul and through the night rid the cold.

Monday, April 09, 2007

La La

Early morning just after five
I roll on over and I open my
eyes. A smile and a sparkle
that I can't erase, like the
words in the heaven all
over my face.

Song birds sitting on my
window sill, whistling a tune

like a morning drill. Wake
on up to thoughts of you
and the love that we
share through the sky
of blue.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


When you laugh I’m laughing with ya,
when I sing it’s from my heart to yours.
The dance high atop the mountain, is in
the arms of the one I adore.
When you laugh I’m laughing with ya,
when I sing it’s from my heart to yours.
The memories we created, are like the ocean
waves rushing to the shore.
When you laugh I’m laughing with ya,
when I sing it’s from my heart to yours.
Taking a little bit with ya and leaving a little
more left to explore.
When you laugh I’m always laughing with ya,
when I sing it’s from my heart to yours.
An embrace that’s pleasure everlasting,
a dream away and begging for more.
When you laug, I‘m laughing with ya,
when I sing.... it‘s from my heart to yours.

The Musc of the Soul

In sharing of souls I touched the heavens, to close the mind would be the hell.Happiness is when your with me and sadness is when I no longer here those bells.

Loud the bells of heaven,
chimes that ring of love,
celebration of magic,
as I dance with you
my love....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Meet the newest members of the family!

A Shadow of Myself

A shadow of one's self before me, the dreams of yesterday.
I walked a path of another, what you see
is what time conveys.
Awakened by the dream to find you laying next to me,
my head upon your heart is where the vision gets its
start .Trembling, I’ve fallen to my knees, as the beauty of
your love sears a everlasting image deep in me. A moments
embrace has a pleasant lasting taste, the sweetness of your
joy, to my heart toys.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Snow

The leaf frozen in an April snow,
like the stories of life inside won't let go.
Silence plays games with the mind,
but this storm is shouting
spring time.
Snow laced mountains, skies of blue,
soon will melt into drops of
I love you.

Strolling by two

Strolling by two, through the seasons of life,
winter, spring and summer sun with a
touch of autumn just
for fun.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Everything has it's time my friend, hold my hand and let's go cloud dancing. Blue skies in every scene, loving you is my daily dream.

The stepping stones are of many sizes, each one carries to the next.

Perfection doesn't matter, the lead is to the heart a test.

Gentle Embrace

Beyond the golden path, a blue sky awaits,
a friendship remains, strong yet gentle embrace.

Just Me and You!

It's not just any day, the season made a play,
as I stroll through life with you.

April Walk

All the petals look similar but one bloom stands out amongst them all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Forsythia Official

It’s Forsythia official we’re knee deep into spring,
the hills are blooming and it’s not a dream.

The sun crest the mountains, the rain still sings
and there I go a wandering beneath the Willow tree.

A poor mans rainbow is seen in the street, slick of
oil and water cast his old memory.

But wealthy is the soul that can see beyond the stars,
to view the colors of a lifetime, directly through the


The flowers set to bloom and the season to renew, another spring day, like the first of May. Round and round we go and only time knows, the beginning and the end to the
story my friend.

L'amore balzato liberamente è raggiunto nella brezza, un tussle nelle colline, è il vostro snippet di amore I feel.A di un bacio dal vostro cuore ai miei labbri, uno scritto bene scritto di romanzesco e bliss ed il giorno che il nostro amore è stato regolato libero.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

You Taught My Heart To Sing

You took the song and gave it
meaning, not a mere memory,
you taught my heart to sing.

I dance up high on the hill, I listen
to the whispers that send a chill.

The master of love you hold the
skill, to bring my world to life.

I tried to close my eyes and to
my heart deny, what I feel inside.

I can’t help the music that we
create, dreamy and comforting
my soul relates.

I hear it day and night and I
dance to it when my souls in

You took the song and gave it
meaning, not a mere memory,
you taught my heart to sing.