Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

la la la

I never stopped to hear the tune
of the song bird passing through,
I saw the storms that come our
way but failed to see the light
shined on threw.

The sky took on a shade of
a wonderful baby blue, from
the moment you reached
for my hand and in my heart
your love grew.

La la la , la la la as I felt
your love. La la la , la la la,
my heart sings true la la la
I love you, oh I love you
yes I do.

Let's Dance

It was a reader that pulled this up out of archives. I almost didn't recognize my own thoughts.

Let's dance...... life is waiting.
To champion life one must come to respect its opponent, as only the balance with nature successively leads us down the path of a harmonious existence.

I have not found myself lost in my travels only misguided.
To seek inner balance we first have to
understand our own actions.
Complicating life is the concept of confusion
created by the mind.
To allow our heart to reason with our soul
makes for an obvious answer.
If we prospectively view life as a series of chapters
then there is neither a beginning nor an end.
If all of life were easy, would it be as rewarding?
Character is created through experience.
I am..... because you believe.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Every rain drop...

I took my request to the power of the wind, touch him gently and let my love flow within. Like a kiss from the heavens may it brush against his cheek with the simple reminder how much he means to me.  May he hear the whispering wind in the morning when he first awakes and again at night before his dreams he partakes. Like the songs of my heart that sing for him alone, touched by the heavens and to him wind blown. Wherever he travels, wherever he may go, sow the seeds of love and watch them quickly grow. Souls in passing, bonded into one, inspired by passion and devoted by love. I took my request to the power of the wind, touch him gently and let my love flow within.

Lord, I am asking," please tell me true, is this love I feel that makes the sky so blue?" I can't explain the madness that resides inside, the loneliness I feel when he is not by my side. I hunger to wake up to the sweetness of his kiss and to taste the joy of the meeting of lips. My pillow is my best friend, it knows just how I feel, catching all my tears drops and holding them still. The days are filled with darkness and so I say to you," Lord please tell me , please tell me true , is this love I feel that makes the sky so blue?"
I stopped to think and my thoughts were all of you and so I cast my vote for the heavens and royal skies of  blue. Lead me on the path of life where love is all I'll see, I am afraid tomorrow will fade like a dream. I see him in the distance his arms awaiting me and there is where my journey starts and there is where it ends.

To love is the gift of life,
to be loved a dreams delight.
What can I believe? For I can't see and yet the visions appear in my dreams. I hear it in the silence of the night, the sounds of your voice that I can't fight. Like  a rose from the garden, beautiful to see , but quickly passing crumbles before me.
The Fallen Rain
Every rain drop,
every cloud that
passes by, simple
reminders of you
and I.
Sing heart sing,
dance soul dance,
love my darling,
if only by chance.
Every rain drop,
every cloud that
passes by, simple
reminders of you
and I.
Sing heart sing,
dance soul dance,
love my darling
if only by chance.
Every rain drop,
every cloud that
passes by , simple
reminders of you
and I.
Sing heart sing,
dance soul dance,
love my darling
if only by chance.
Every rain drop,
every cloud that
passes by, simple
reminders of you
and I.

My Heart Whispers Words of Love

A few weeks back I was watching a movie, when my daughter walked in and asked " what language is that movie in ?" I looked at her and said" what ?" She said " the movie what language is it ?" It never occurred to me that the movie wasn't in English as I automatically read the captions and was so into it that the difference in language never crossed my mind. It is a reminder that we see and hear what we want or do we? I have been quite overwhelmed these last few weeks and the weight has been overbearing. My mind has traveled once again through the many chapters of life. In this review, I sometimes ask myself " had my choices been different, would the outcome have been more favorable? Life is filled with risk , challenges, and yes heartache. There is no doubt something's might have remained the same, as childhood laid the path in which we begin our travels. The negativity that surrounds me chokes away my very breath.


To wake up in the morning
with your tender lips to mine,
to feel your arms around me
while losing track of time.

Replace the gray skies with
a subtle soft baby blue and
dance the dance of lovers
on the cloud meant for two.

Every tear drop has a story to tell,
some stories are like heaven and
a few were cast by hell.

My heart holds them all both
the good and bad and a few
made me happy and some
made me sad.

Every tear drop has a story to tell,
some stories are like heaven
and a few were cast by hell.

I stumbled on this journey
and occasionally I fell as
if my legs were wobbly
from some awful spell.

Every tear drop has a story to tell,
some stories are like heaven
and a few were cast by hell.

I was reading on the redwood trees and I was amazed that some of the trees lived for a thousand years. Ahhh I thought if only those trees could tell a story , what a story it would tell. So I put it on my list of things I want to see. So I decided to map events to travel across country.

I won't live a thousand years
like the California redwood trees,
and there is no guarantee how many
days we have left to breathe.

I will take each day as it appears to
me and the thank the Lord for each
night I have to dream.

I won't live a thousand years
like the California redwood trees,
and there is no guarantee how many
days we have left to breathe.

My heart whispers words of love,
from earth to the heavens above.
It speaks of the moment your
soul met mine and we became
eternally entwined.

My heart whispers words of love,
from earth to the heavens above.
It speaks of passion , happiness
and desire, from the moment
you set my soul on fire.

My heart whispers words of love
from earth to the heavens above.
There is no trace of sadness nor
sorrow in this tale, the words
of love were cast like a spell.

My heart whispers words of love,
from earth to the heavens above.
To the angels listening to those
who dare to care, the words of
love are here to be shared.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Every Story has an End

It has been one of those seasons where there has been more rain than sunshine. The dark and gloomy days of summer find me canceling events as well as reviewing my life. I am not sure if it is the older I get the wiser I am or with time you just  become more aware and interpret life differently. I have found myself not necessary lost in thought but almost reliving my own reaction to a moment in time. Sometimes it is awareness, knowledge and time itself that alters my thoughts. As I look back one thing is certain and that is that we truly only know what we our self think, everything else is left to ones own interpretation. This is how we complicate life as we try to understand the actions and thoughts of others. So instead of wondering what someone means or analyzing a situation, I decided to look closely into myself to understand my own reactions and actions better. When a top spins and stand up by centrifugal force an thus goes round and round. I feel the same way as long as I am moving, I stay spinning without thought but as the day slows my mind picks up where my thoughts take over . 

It is true,
my heart doth speak,
for memories within
my spirit peak.

I sensed it,
felt it and I knew it
to be true, when
gray skies turned to
the brightest blue.

I laughed and giggled
and danced on clouds
as my heart sang out

Time has passed,
days gone by,
little by little
riddles the mind.
It wasn't always clear,
though laid brick by brick
with truth. The crossing
of a path, the shades
in every hue, two
souls in passing
under skies of blue.
Life is but a riddle,
a puzzling day or two,
mystified I pose to
solve as each problem

Difficult it maybe,
not all would understand,
as I questioned the
revelation of every
grain of sand.

I couldn't rewrite the chapters
all I could do was review as
I tore each page from the
book and said my adieu.

It was rather persistent the ache I felt inside,
distressed and disturbing it toyed with my mind.
I sensed a thread of compassion stitched into the
day, providing a canvas that somehow seemed
to fray.
The visual incomplete,
one sided at best and
though desire was the
object, the concept
was the test.


The images are clearer
I can see them very well
and in this story a
verse of heaven and

Our earthly goals are but a test
that lead us to the gates of heaven.


There are many ways to die,
each equally painful, death of
the heart, soul, body and mind,
but nothing hurts like the
danger that pierces the heart.
Attainable the goals ,
simple as can be to
drive through the
redwoods and make
love at sea.
To travel abroad
and return peacefully,
lying by a fire
your arms around me.
 The gift received though unintended,
compassion and desire, rolled in
dreams , placed in the heart
creates a blazing fire.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With Love ...

With spring comes hope,
every other season is
merrily a shadow.

We Need A Little Sunshine

I sat down to write my daughter a letter. It was a case of misinterpreting body language. Mothers and teenage daughters always seem to find conflict where there is none. But I thought about that a little more, how we interpret what someone writes with out physically seeing an action and a reaction. My children always felt that they could pick up on my mood easily by looking at my facial reaction. Sometimes I felt they were far from the truth and other times I wonder if I was reacting to a situation without actually realizing it. Kind of like the statement  "we'll see." Nine out of ten times "we'll see" means no or at least that you are weighing heavily in that direction. 
When I first began to write years ago, it was an outlet and escape and a form of expression of love. It was in all truth the voice of my heart that spoke through my words. So as I sat down to day to hopefully guide her, to teach her that her action will cause a reaction and her choices will be life long. I wanted her to know one thing that I love her and I always will no matter what path she chooses. Childhood is the shortest period of our lives and yet leaves the most drastic lessons that last a lifetime. Childhood creates a foundation in which all the elements of emotion rise and to which we turn to often throughout our adult life.

We need a little sunshine,
we need a little rain,
we need a little loving
to get us through the day.

We need a little laughter,
we need to compromise,
we need those little dreams
to escape with the mind.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

...my sky so blue.

Life is a big book,
some chapters are shorter than others.

My father use to say " a leopard never changes his spots."
but as we mature, wisdom provides us with another view.
I deleted a few chapters but
somehow they keep reappearing.
My want and need are identical...
What makes a perfect morning?
1. No alarm clock
2. No place to go
        3. Lying in your arms.
Many memories fade from thought,
a few are engrained into my soul.
The heart provides us with the canvas of choice,
that is why if we don't like what we see
we can paint over it.

What makes the sky so blue and
shouts of my love for you?
The dreams the catalyst to view
the heavens in a variety of hues.

Touch of heaven speaks
through the sun and moon.
Starry nights which seem
to whisper " I love you.

Wake up  in the morning
with a smile upon my face,
gratitude in my heart for
our special place.

No erasing the chapters
that time as locked away,
for you are in my heart
in a forever kind of way.

When my life is over
and the days have passed
me by, remember our love
when you gaze unto the sky.

We secured forever with
that first  loving smile and
from that very first moment
documented the hour.

Souls that learned to dream
and make them all come true,
by capturing the love and
watching as it made the sky blue.


Walking through the darkness
to hold you close at heart,
and bridge the distance as I
bring you from a far.

Rainbows and clouds
created for two as I travel
each night to bring my
love to you.


I believe we are connected by a source of energy. It is like the old adage " you are the company you keep." Though I feel the energy is more of a Galatic network, an interwoven mesh that either st
rengthens us or weakens us.
A young friend of my children passed away yesterday. My son especially was at a loss as he tried to confront death of a person who has died way to soon. I always thought of Tim as a "Gentle Ben" type of person.  When a person in your personal network passes away, it is as if a break in the tightly woven fibers has broken free. I find the loss leaves a hole within us. Sort of like the case of the woulda,shoulda,coulda.  Though we internalize the what if's, we have come to some understanding that It was his time and that some people have accomplished touching hearts and souls in a shorter
 time period than others. It kind of lends it self to the other adage " The good die young " Maybe that is because they have set out on their journey and in a short time accomplished their goal. As many times that I have said that, I don't know if I really believe it.  Especially when you look around at the negative sources in the world and how some people manage to live longer with evil in their heart.

I never liked goodbyes,
hello is much more fun,
nor liked a dead end road,
I keep following the sun.

I never like the fading of
a beautiful white rose,
never the less I enjoyed
watching it grow.

I never like time as
it controls the hour,
cutting short the
moments as I quickly

                        Tired, tired, tired ...good night

Monday, July 22, 2013

When the stars rule the night

Season upon season like the changing of the wind.  Redirecting memories from the beginning to the end. The sun setting behind the mountains and a full moon taking to the sky cast another image that toys with the mind. My wants stood to battle, my needs simply bowed, with a tear upon my cheek and again a simple smile. The darkness of the night comforting and not, as I lay my head upon my pillow with my mind deep in thought.
My strength seems to teeter like the child's park like toy, up and down and sometimes a little coy. Shying away from the challenges that need to be met, my heart beats rapidly as my soul seems to fret. I felt the magic of a moment, the joy to be known and in the silence of the night, it was my spirit that softly moaned.
Hungers for the love, the warmth of your embrace. The day when I wake up and find us lying face to face. My head upon your chest listening to each beat , the rhythmic sound that makes me feel complete.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The knight in shining armor
may rust but true friendship
shines on forever.

Something's we can't explain,
time, diversion and pain.
Heartache and heartbreak found
 a way to make the skies gray.

Something's we can't explain,
mountains, rivers and distance
 as they lay a claim, until I met
 up with you on that special day.

Something's we can't explain,
but I hold it to the this very day
a friendship both wonderful 
and warm and graciously true.

Something's we can't explain
nor do I really care as long
as I have you that is all I
need for my soul to share.

Something's we can't explain
the struggles and the woes,
so I leave them all behind
like the wind that blows.

Something's we can't explain,
the time or place but I know
my sweet your make my
heart race.
They are not tears of sadness
but these emotions do reveal
how your love touched my heart
and allowed my soul to heal.

Pulled me out of the darkness,
stood by me through the day,
believed in me completely
in the most wonderful way.

Happy Anniversary!

I didn't go on looking
I never hoped to find
a love so wonderful
to have for all  time.

With me on darks days
never leaves me alone,
a special friendship 
in my heart grows.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
a love so wonderful
to have for all time.

Wipes away my tears,
dances on my clouds,
loves me no matter
if my spirit is down.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
 a love so wonderful
to have for all time.

Kissed my lips gently
held my hand tight,
on this stroll both
day and night.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
a love so wonderful,
to have for all time


Looking out my window while
watching the rain falling down.
Yesterday has already spoken and
tomorrow doesn't make a sound.

Choices placed me on this path
and I know not where it leads,
memories of old are passing
and I am left with only dreams.


They took away the trees carved with our love,
chopped the willow which embraced like two
spirits in love.  The flowers no longer bloom
where the hills in sadness stand, they dared to
wipe the memories where nature took a hand.

Nothing can erase what has found a place in me,
the joy and happiness like dancing in a dream.
There is the energy I feel when I thought that
nothing could heal, the love you give to me
bonded stronger than the bond of steal.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pon tu cabeza en mi hombro (Put your head on my shoulder)- subtitulos en...

Whispers in the wind -100 worthless thoughts

Fate brought us together,
choice interlocked our hands,
love fused our hearts and souls.
On a moonlit night there is only you and I,
all else fades into the abyss.
I overcome my fears by
facing my demons head on.
The world is but a puzzle
each piece providing us with more clarity.

Put me on the spot and my mind goes blank...so he says.
I once met lust and that was fun
and than I met love and that was rewarding.

The stubborn streak is
a defense mechanism.
I always read from the back forward
then I know what is happening but
in this case it doesn't matter
where you start.

When you think you are all that, remember that
earth is so minute to the universe and
we are not nearly a speck of sand.
My moon is your moon ,
my stars are your stars,
my heaven is your heaven,
my love is your love.
When you feel distanced by the
 mountains look to the sky,
 I am right beside you.
I don't want to share a place in death ,
I want to share a place in life.

Unlocking the combination of words to
celebrate love is an expression of joy.

My mind bounces around so
much that I can see heaven and hell in one glimpse.

Am I touching hearts or is it hearts that are touching me?

Envy is a sorrowful emotion ,as it is true
we don't know what is in someone else's head.

When you accept the past
you are than able to move on to the future.

Rejoice heaven is at our fingertips.

To embrace love is to live love.

On a clear day I can see forever...
If you over look the brightness of the stars
and the magic of clouds you will allow
the darkness a place with your soul.
I would rather say hello a thousands times
than say goodbye once.
I think everyone needs a good cry,
it is like cleansing the canvas of the soul.

Silence begins to chatter...
You are crystal I am lace.

The willingness to love brings out our vulnerability.
The heart that aches
was allowed to feel.
I write to free my soul.
My heart and soul have come
together and still they battle.
In the world of imagination
all is as it should be.

The troubled mind places the lock upon the soul.
I was taught to question all that is,
why is it the answers have not yet revealed themselves?
The greatest feat that man can achieve
is to continue on without end as far as I know
we only get one time around.
Truth is what you believe it to be,
my truth and your truth may very.
It was when I wasn't looking
that I found myself to be most vulnerable.
Everyone has a beginning and a end,
from the moment of conception.

I empowered others with control,
I gave them my happiness.
Because I understand does not mean I approve.
Love is pure trickery,
how can something so beautiful be so painful?
I gave my heart without thought,
you gave it back with much thought.
It was once said " it is not enough to demand
respect but to command respect"
Loneliness reveals itself in the
absence of a soul mate.
One who dares to love creates a spark.
two who dear to love creates a flame
that burns indefinitely.

It was in absence of love that I identified the source.
I experienced passion,
but craved love.
To love is to step upon the cloud,
to be loved is to dance upon the cloud.
Love is nothing until shared
and then it becomes a chapter.
There are many ways to love,
but none is equal to the passion
 that exudes from the heart.
Sing like your a rock star,
even if you sound like a frog.  
A quick change of scenery
is not the answer as we always return to the place of...
" Pretend your old and walk around walmart."..Thanks I am old.
I did not choose to love,
it just happens.
Soul mates are based on similarity.

You can change the mind set,
but the circumstances remain the same.

Watching the grass grow isn't cutting it,
but cutting it isn't watching it grow.
I am trapped...
Do we control the mind or does the mind control us ?
You were to close to the edge of my cloud,
I couldn't resist...
There are all kinds of games,
but no one wins at a game of the heart.
Hope and dreams might be all we have,
but consider not having them at all...
I can interpret the same situation many ways,
but it always affects me the same.
I made myself a prisoner,
bound my despair.
I can' t cry the tears have dried up.
They say "the eyes are the windows to the soul"
but it hurt so much because I closed the windows
and I opened the doors.
You can die more than once,
I have died so many times I have lost count.
Happiness is like love,
they both need to be shared.
Who blew up my bridge?
This is my cloud ...so dance!
Our character is built upon our past experiences,
without them we are an empty canvas.
There is no point smiling unless someone can see it.
Am I who people think I am or who I think I am ?

I can see more in the dark
than on a sun lit day...I looked with my heart.
To forget is the closest thing to denial.
 Love never walks away,
once found becomes integral part of your being.
If you walk upon the clouds just once,
you'll understand why it is so difficult to walk upon the earth.
There is an eerie stillness to the day
as if silence does indeed rule.
I am not strong as people think...
Perfection was created by man
as pure trickery to the mind.
Different surroundings might encourage
a different mind set but than again maybe not.
I am not sure its worth loving
if you have a chance to lose it.
I closed my eyes and opened my heart,
life looked very different.
Everyone has a hell,
I am willing to give mine away.
You know you have had enough,
when you can walk away with nothing and not look back.
The attic use to be a place of retreat
and than it was the mind, but
now I find there is no
where you can go
that life wont
follow you.
The reflection revealed a wary soul...
I reached for your hand ... did you bathe in butter?
Though invisible ..there are restraints upon the heart and soul.
I am screaming in silence....and it's so damn loud.
How it is possible that a blue bird sings every morning
and no one hears it....
I gave birth to children,
little did I know I would again give birth to adults, Ouch!!!
Yes things could be worse
I don't deserve worse.
Let the sun warm my soul,
like your love warms my heart.
I can't run far enough or fast enough
without the memories catching up with me.
Poetry reveals the voice of my heart.
Love songs are a haunting reminder of what I don't have.
Ping went the chords of my heart.
Surrounded by darkness.
Simplicity is more with less.
The stories of possibilities
are filled with improbabilities
I am holding on ...pull me close.
 I love you too....


People can't make a person happy,
but they can reveal the happiness within.
My biggest struggles come with the unknown.
I am always on a need to know basis.

Love is not a possession

it is a way of living life.

Do you hear the song bird

singing at your back door?

The song of happiness

you have yet to explore.

Do you know forever is

a quaint fairytale told?

The story of love that

never ever grows old.

Happiness is only obtained

through one's own thoughts.


Everyone has their own hell

on the upside for every hell their is a heaven.


There is no sadness in a short journey,

but  much sadness in a journey cut short.
I believe that we are here upon this earth until we get it right,
some of us are slower learners.

There is an upside to being a hermit,
no entanglement to strangle the breath out of you.,
The taste of heaven upon one lips
toys with the reality.
The hell that binds the flesh
cannot place restraints upon the soul.
That which flows through the heart,
anchors to the souls and takes up
space within the mind is most
likely an obsession.

I struggle with the meeting of souls,
as the restrictions set upon this earth
restrains the spirit.


Love or an obsession,
it can't be both.

The strangest things cross my mind,
"he eternal resting place" concept
of body or soul ?

I felt death and it was void of energy,
spirit and light.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sun Shine

No true silence can there be,
for heart and soul speak to me.
whispers of days gone by
and the memories cast in time.

Sun shines bright upon the day,
a season here now fades away,
dreams that bring you close in
heart, reminder you are never far.

Purge the Soul

As I find myself distant and my emotions controlling, I find a need to purge the soul. How can one cleanse from inside? In all essence to purge is the revelation of ones being and the acceptance of ones own soul. Unlocking the restraints and battling the demons that take up valuable space within.

It was as if every teardrop
flowed from deep inside,
cleansed the inner soul but
did nothing for the mind.

Passing clouds of darkness
linger for way to long,
building many barriers that
shuns the heart of song.
Runs far,
runs fast,
runs into
your arms.
On the edge of a cloud...
It is in the presence of silence that I hear
 the voice of the soul speak the loudest.

I just wanna tell you
how I'm feeling today,
no rainbows to bridge
the miles that keeps
your love away.

The darkness is
consuming like a
wall that closes
on in and there
is where the
loneliness begins.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Robbie Williams- Feel lyrics (on screen)

I am all alone

It is a do nothing kind of day. It is close to a hundred, humid , dark , gray, quiet and I find myself thinking of you.

I am all alone
with nothing to do,
but to lay here thinking
of me and you.

My heart trembles,
of what I would do,
if I had my way
and I was there
with you.

The sun is shining
and still I can't see,
for the leaves on the
trees block the rays
of sweet memory.

I am all alone
with nothing to do,
but to lay here thinking
of me and you.


I'll tell you of the magic,
the sparks like the fire
within my soul.

I'll tell you of the dreams
and the love that cast
you the lead.

I'll tell of stories about forever
and the love that you my
sweet delivered.

  I tried the varied combinations of desire,
but only one could set my soul on fire.
What are these tears that fall? Do they have a meaning or is it heartache that comes to call? From my heart each teardrop falls and into my dreams a pool of memories leave an awe. Weep not my heart, don't cry another day, don't let the years of sadness make a foolish play. Wipe them gently from your cheek and listen to your soul and dare to believe. That somewhere someone waits, somewhere  some one calls out my name.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have always been intrigued by the work put into hand crocheting a doily. My mother and grandmother would spend hour upon hours turning colored threads into doilies. I would  go through her drawers and look at the various colors, white, pink , yellow and rainbow and the purity and simplicity of off white. It was how they spent the harsh cold winter days, indoors sitting in the rocking chair turning thread into the most intricate of designs. It kind of reminded me of one of the fairy tales, where the princess turns spun threads into gold.
If you could put life into a weave, I think you would find that it also has an intricate pattern to it. Each day another stitch until we one day look back and find the doily of life. The people we meet are like the threads crocheted into our hearts as it presents us with an amazing gift. I was in awe as I held  the unique cotton pattern to the light, the sun shining through left a shadowed pattern upon the wall.It was as if each stitch like that crocheted within the heart held a memory.
The pattern revealed that yesterday might be like tomorrow and tomorrow like today but than it skips the pattern and you find the design more amazing than ever.
I do believe that what we weave decides whether we are living or we are alive. You can be alive and not be living. The experiences so similar and yet unique become a part of our character. I think to myself there is nothing that could surprise me and yet I find how wrong I am.

I found it quite amazing,
unique the day at hand,
when someone touched
my heart, like another
grain of sand.

I tried to understand it,
but I cannot quite explain,
a road that leads to nowhere
and path that now commands.


Lost and yet found,
alone and not quite,
sad and  happy,
heartbroken and
filled with Bliss.

Stand to battle or
given up, dark and
gloomy, sun filled

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Touching Hearts and Whispering Souls.

I am not sure if I do because I can,
or I can because I am willing to do?
There is a little irony to what fuels the fire,
never say never...

Tired but optimistic,
as each closed door reveals another
 on that waits to be opened.
I am not sure if its the feeling of being cornered
or that stubborn streak but " if there is a will, there is a way."

We are either one with nature
or we defy her which then
becomes our demise.
I was working down in the greenhouse , propagating some jade and ornamental peppers. There has always been a unique union between the plants and myself that brings a satisfaction to the day. When the soil slips between my fingers it makes the sunshine even on the most gray and stormy filled days. As I look at the plants that are thriving and some that quite didn't take to my neglect, it reminded me of our own dependence within the world and upon the necessities of life. Whether some of us have more or less, our needs are equal. How we accept the challenges of life is what varies. How we fulfill our obligations to the world around us arcs the trials and tribulations that surface. Like a story that waits be written, another day discloses the possibilities.
In some ways the negative in life can chip away at our being, making a person feel less whole. But as the rain falls and I find myself deeply surrounded in an arena where peace can be found, I see the strength that comes from inner acceptance. On our path we meet experience our own heaven and hell. But as I continue my travels through life  I try to keep a smile on my face , it keeps people guessing.
Take away the sunshine,
no rainbows in the sky,
the darkness may dwell,
and time will pass us by.
Love replaced the sunshine,
we bridged our rainbows high 
and a light reveals you are
always her by my side.
Stars from the heavens,
lead me to  you and
there we dance embraced
atop the blue.
Each day changes at will,
but I can tell you this,
my heart your love
will continue to feel.
No matter where I
travel, no matter where
I go, I hold the magic
of your love as I
shout it out so the
world will know.
Touching hearts,
whispering souls,
wonderful emotions
that with you unfolds.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

P E P...my daily fix

You know when you read an old love letter, you get a different perspective of a time long gone. I can't believe how fast the years have passed by. I was forty four years old when I escaped into a world that was outside my mind and yet in a uncanny way inside at the same time. No two people are a like but some of us have more similarities than others. In a bizarre way we find a comfort zone when we can be our self , without any worry of acceptance. It is not enough to love a person but to receive that unconditional love back is crucial for that love that is like fireworks.

Life is but chance
and by chance you
may see a road
that leads your
love to me.

Happiness is meant
to be shared, in
doing so it shows
how much you
can care.

It is not that I
am needy or
dependent on you,
but a partner is
necessary to
dance in the blue.

Tonight when you
close your eyes,
remember this,
I am in your
heart your soul
and mind.


I opened my heart to reveal my soul...

Frumpadillado Mood

How many words are in the English Language? Approximately 1,019,729.6 words and growing. Technology has not necessary created new words but it has given a definition to words that already existed , which has more than likely complicated the English language. From cookies to mouse the world is in the center of growth which brings about change. I would like to think that the future will look upon a positive horizon and so I keep that thought in my mind as away of jump starting the day.
I am in a frumpadillado mood. It is not raining but it is dreary, it's not hot but it's humid, I am not sleeping but I am dreaming as I lay here thinking of you. I must be in a frumpadillado mood as my body lies still my heart takes to the blue.

Wake on up ,
I am waiting here for you,
to feel your tender embrace,
my mind traces the blue.

My pillow fluffed,
my blankets all turned down
as I lay upon the bed, to my face
comes a smile .

Wake on up,
I am waiting here for you,
to feel your tender embrace,
my mind traces the blue.

There I find the sunshine,
that warms me day and night,
through your love , it gives
me the power to fight.

Wake on up,
I am waiting here for you,
to feel your tender embrace,
my mind traces the blue.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Butterfly , Butterfly

If I had wings and I could fly,
I would take to the mountains
and then to the sky.

I'd soar to the heavens gazing
down on the seas, wishing
and dreaming you here
next to me.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I am always thinking of you

I am always there beside you,
no matter where you are
or what you do. I am there
in your heart under the
heavens blue.

I am always thinking of you,
a celebration of love,
sent down from the angels
from the stars up above.

Sharing your life...

Those simple little things
you always do for me,
sharing your day and
all of your dreams.

Brings us a little closer,
makes reality so true,
when you share a moment
I know why I love you.

Sometimes I find myself deep in thought, and then my emotions begin to kick in and like the rain that falls upon the leaves,the tears roll down my cheek.

The soul speaks in question ,
"what causes such sorrow?"
to that the heart replies,
"the missing and wanting
to have him  by my side."

The soul again took to speaking
and to my surprise, the words
were cast of love that brought
a warmth to mind.

" No need for missing nor
wanting of any kind for
love is in your heart and
always by your side. "

Again the heart trembled"
weary am I , that I should
hunger for his touch
as he lay here by my side/"

The soul is very wise and
once more took the reigns,
" forever is a long time
and in the heavens your
will stay. "

But the heart was stubborn,
it was the emotions that
dared to deny , for it was
the want of flesh to wipe
the tears from my eyes.

The soul spoke softly
and spoke of the script
of life, the angels in
passing and stars
that bridge our lives.

" Listen closely
and this much I will
say that you are touched
my kindness in the
most unique of ways. "

Be Good To Yourself

I was working in the gardens today. The gardens were not so forgiving for my neglect. The weeds were taller than I and some of  my prized roses struggled to survive. There are so few summer days and even less as time passes so quickly.
In a recent conversation a comment was made " be good to yourself". My mother always said if you don't take care of you , you can't take care of others. I take it in a philosophical way that it means being true, accepting self for self. Finding that point of freedom where the mind and soul come together in acceptance of our earthly time. I always found there to be a unique sense of energy that can be shared, unfortunately the energy can be both positive and negative, so goes the old saying" you are the company you keep." The garden is my way of recharging, escaping and healing during times of stress.

I wanna  live,
as time is all there is,
I wanna dream
if dreaming brings you near.
I wanna wake up
and kiss you sweet love,
I wanna tell you that
I love you true.
I wanna love you,
love you.

Butterfly flowers,
majestic in bloom
border the gardens
below the skies so blue.

Raindrops falling
and a rainbow appears,
and like the clouds in passing
your name appeared.

I felt a  silly tickle,
and a smile was on my face
as I thought of the times
that through my mind raced.

My heart felt joy,
my soul raced with desire,
from that first moment
you sent a blazing fire.

If tomorrow never comes,
this my love I'll say,
that I am truly grateful
for each and every day.

Rewritten Love Song

If I could rewrite,
I'd start the day anew ,
from the moment
we met and the sky
became so blue.

I'd change the scenery
and make time stand still,
while lying in your arms
as you rid me of the chills.

If I could rewrite,
I'd start the day anew,
from the moment
we met and the sky
became so blue.

I'd make the rain only
fall at night, so we could
enjoy each summer day
strolling in the sunlight.

If I could rewrite,
I'd start the day anew,
from the moment we
met and the sky
became so blue.

I'd wake each morning
to the sweetness of your
kiss and close my eyes
each night with lips to

If I could rewrite,
I'd start the day anew,
from the moment we
met and the sky
became so blue.

I'd take you in my arms
and hold you oh so tight,
while pinching myself
to make sure this was
truly reality of life.

If I could rewrite,
I'd start the day anew,
from the moment we
met and the sky
became so blue.


I chose the perfect place,
above the valley high,
from a top the mountain,
I can gaze deep into your eyes.

This place a slice of heaven,
where mountain laurel bloom
and I would have no fear,
as I feel your arms and love so true.

I think about it daily,
I yearn to make it so,
to hold your love forever
and never let it go.

Beautiful the moment that
I beg to make come true,
heart connects with heart
with the love expressed
of two.

Brier wood through the mountains
with clouds mixed with the blue,
awakening the soul as my
thoughts drift to you .

Vivid the images,
intense the desire,
to create the moment that
 to this very day empowers.

Every passing minute is filled
with thoughts of love inspired,
of a lifetime of loving that becomes
 better with each hour.

I chose the perfect place,
I documented it so,
where our flesh will come
together and insure our
love to grow.

Our hearts met with passion,
our souls many years ago,
unveiling the treasure
that had once bestowed.

Beautiful like sunshine
a lifetime of desire,
a flame set to the heavens
that is hotter with the hour.

My mind is tethered
between a beginning and a end.
Only on a chalk board can you
erase was has already been written.
So hungers the flesh that toys with mind,
making the soul a victim lost in time.
It is the silence that engages my soul.
I cannot tell you how to feel,
no easier than you can know how I feel.
Recounting the days since...

Friday, July 05, 2013

It is not always black and white

I always found decisions to be difficult because there is a multitude of ways of looking at them. It is like standing at four corners and peering into a life. From each corner you can see it how it would affect the people in the center. It made me think, is a person brave or weak when their choices reflect what others feel and need and not what they feel and need? There is definitely no easy answer. It is like being a fly in a web, the web is tight and the more you struggle the tighter it becomes. So tight that you feel like you're suffocating.

I just wanna live
and wake up to your kiss,
I just wanna live
and feel the tenderness
of your lips.

I just wanna know
that you love me true,
I just wanna know
how you make my
sky blue.

The more you see beyond the blue,
the tighter the web that strangles you.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Just to be with you

Just to be with you,
would be my dream
come true, the simple
stroll each day would
chase away the gray.

Just to be with you,
would be my dream
come true, to feel
your hand in mind
and waste away the

Just to be with you,
would be my dream
come true, to wake
unto your arms and
feel each beat of
your heart.

Just to be with you,
would be my dream
come true, to share
the night sky and
dance with nothing
on the mind.

Just to be with you,
would be my dream
come true, to fall
asleep and know
that no matter where
we go, I'll love you

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Just a Little Bit of Romance

Joining hearts,
embracing souls,
entwined for ever
as time takes a toll.

Love revealed
for all to see,
your sweet embrace
for all eternity.

Just a little bit of romance,
with a candle lit at night,
petals red and pink
a blanket of delight.

Music softly playing
the tune for you and I,
celebrating love , both
day and night.

Just a little bit of romance,
with a candle lit at night,
petals red and pink
a blanket of delight.

Perfection is you lying
here next to me , on
a magical moment,
directed by my dreams.

Just a little bit of romance,
with a candle lit at night,
petals red and pin
a blanket of delight.
If I was gonna runaway,
I 'd run into your arms,
where you could hold
me through the night as
we gaze unto the stars.

If I was gonna fall asleep,
I'd dream , sweet dreams
of you, in hopes of
bringing you closer under
the heavens blue.

If I was to cast a silhouette,
the souls of two entwined,
like braids of your heart
there with mine.


Watching the fireworks,
dreaming those dreams,
the ones where happiness
brings you to me.

Blue skies blue and
the heavens quickly part
on the one on one invitation
where loves gets its start.

Happy Fourth of July

Independence has taken on a whole new meaning as I found myself responsible for more than I ever imagined. Of course I think it is independence with strings as the network is much more complicated at my age. But as we celebrate the birth of a nation, I will also celebrate when hearts and souls soar free.

Living on a memory and those sweet dreams of you,
dancing on the clouds in the sky above the blue.
Happiness and joyfulness is all that can be found
when I call out your name and the blue birds
fly on down.

Secrets kept safely deep within my heart, I care
not to share them they were there from the start.
They are built on passion and fueled by desire
the love of two souls that have yet to reach
the ground.

Awakened like the angels in the early birth of spring,
the season now passed brings the hot of summer dreams.
Hills that become a conquest with more yet to follow
on the road of disbelief when hearts meet up with sorrow.

Stay On the Sunny Side...always on the sunny side

I don't usually remember the time when I was younger than ten. But this camp song keeps running through my head. I was eight years old and on my way to Heinz house camp. In some ways the song with jokes became a reminder that no matter how crazy life, it is important to stay on the sunny side.  As my life throws before me many obstacles and challenges...I find this song in some ways hauntingly reminding me to ...
Sings>Stay on the sunny side,
Always on the sunny side,
Stay on the sunny side of life.
You'll feel no pain as we drive you insane,
If you'll stay on the sunny side of life. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Ya Gotta Hate Those Fairy tales...No Castle , No King!

My daughter was watching an old Marilyn Monroe Movie. After the movie ended she said" I just don't get it!" Times have changed since the late fifties and early sixties and yet movies and fairytales are still told of the prince and princess who live happily after. Does happily ever after even exist? I would think not because the mind has the ability to complicate even the simplest of moments and upon second thought with the right person maybe happily ever can be forever.
 We all have goals that we wish to attain both personally and professionally, if by attaining those goals would we than achieve happiness?   Personally the greatest accomplishment is to love and be loved and professionally it would be to reach a financial comfort zone.

My sweet love the day has just begun
and soon the moon shall rule the sky
and all would be so meaningless if
it were not for the love of  you and I.

The morning comes with sunshine
and the afternoon a sky of gray,
reminders of what we have and
how quickly it can pass away.

The stroll along the shoreline,
feeding ducks  each day,
while holding hands forever
brings happiness our way.

Run Rabbit Run

Fear not rabbit
though the fox
has you on the
run, around and
around circles
the day will
soon be done.

The sun will soon
set, the stars will
take to the sky
and you will
rest another
night till you
run rabbit run

If I had the strength at this very moment I would...

Just a thought

When I was a little girl it was so very important that we say our prayers each day. No matter what the day held, we were to kneel beside the bed and recite memorized prayers at night and again before rising in the morning. Of course we were never to ask for any special favors, because the Lord doesn't grant request of greed. Each night I would say "Dear Lord... may I  be strong enough so I can help myself and others. " As time went by I found it was not so much in prayer but in actions that our life was dependent upon. The path we walk, the decisions we make and who we choose to walk with us.
It has been commonly said " the eyes are the window to the soul "
that was my big mistake... I didn't look.
My mind is like seeds scattered in the wind.
It is not possible to hate something you once loved,
as nothing is as it once was.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...occasionally they are made for you.
The revelation is some cross your path,
others are there for the long haul.
Friendship can only do so much ,
the willingness to get out of bed
 and face the day well that is ...
Cautious or wiser? maybe both.
I don't know which is worse,
waking from the dream to find it's only a dream
or failing to dream at all ?
If you ever seen a classic romance movies
they would have you believing you can dance on the clouds forever.
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
that is kind of me on a daily basis.
The love of life is kind of like when you are looking for
your eye glasses and they are on top of your head,
 it's there we just can't see it.


Life is a puzzle tossed up in the air,
the pieces are all around and finding
them to interlock correctly is our

Love would never walk away, it would see you through the day, like the sun that meets the moon it never fades into the gray. Rainbows are fleeting, the stars are here to stay as true love takes a heart and holds it through the day. ~

Love is meant to be shared or
it becomes and empty vessel
going nowhere.

That which is like a rainbow
exciting and beautiful but
quickly fleeting, reminds
us lust comes and goes
but true love is forever.

There is a weakness in the web that
was heavily spun throughout the years.

The deeper you go into yourself,
the more you understand around you.
Here is my heart and like a kaleidoscope you
can see through it the ever changing world.


I am not sure you can ever be
 prepared for the unwritten chapters.
I was fifteen the first time I experienced a broken a heart...
but it wasn't till today that I accepted it.

There is traditional and than there is love.

Van Morrison~~have i told you lately that i love you~~