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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Touching Hearts and Whispering Souls.

I am not sure if I do because I can,
or I can because I am willing to do?
There is a little irony to what fuels the fire,
never say never...

Tired but optimistic,
as each closed door reveals another
 on that waits to be opened.
I am not sure if its the feeling of being cornered
or that stubborn streak but " if there is a will, there is a way."

We are either one with nature
or we defy her which then
becomes our demise.
I was working down in the greenhouse , propagating some jade and ornamental peppers. There has always been a unique union between the plants and myself that brings a satisfaction to the day. When the soil slips between my fingers it makes the sunshine even on the most gray and stormy filled days. As I look at the plants that are thriving and some that quite didn't take to my neglect, it reminded me of our own dependence within the world and upon the necessities of life. Whether some of us have more or less, our needs are equal. How we accept the challenges of life is what varies. How we fulfill our obligations to the world around us arcs the trials and tribulations that surface. Like a story that waits be written, another day discloses the possibilities.
In some ways the negative in life can chip away at our being, making a person feel less whole. But as the rain falls and I find myself deeply surrounded in an arena where peace can be found, I see the strength that comes from inner acceptance. On our path we meet experience our own heaven and hell. But as I continue my travels through life  I try to keep a smile on my face , it keeps people guessing.
Take away the sunshine,
no rainbows in the sky,
the darkness may dwell,
and time will pass us by.
Love replaced the sunshine,
we bridged our rainbows high 
and a light reveals you are
always her by my side.
Stars from the heavens,
lead me to  you and
there we dance embraced
atop the blue.
Each day changes at will,
but I can tell you this,
my heart your love
will continue to feel.
No matter where I
travel, no matter where
I go, I hold the magic
of your love as I
shout it out so the
world will know.
Touching hearts,
whispering souls,
wonderful emotions
that with you unfolds.

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