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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sometimes I find myself deep in thought, and then my emotions begin to kick in and like the rain that falls upon the leaves,the tears roll down my cheek.

The soul speaks in question ,
"what causes such sorrow?"
to that the heart replies,
"the missing and wanting
to have him  by my side."

The soul again took to speaking
and to my surprise, the words
were cast of love that brought
a warmth to mind.

" No need for missing nor
wanting of any kind for
love is in your heart and
always by your side. "

Again the heart trembled"
weary am I , that I should
hunger for his touch
as he lay here by my side/"

The soul is very wise and
once more took the reigns,
" forever is a long time
and in the heavens your
will stay. "

But the heart was stubborn,
it was the emotions that
dared to deny , for it was
the want of flesh to wipe
the tears from my eyes.

The soul spoke softly
and spoke of the script
of life, the angels in
passing and stars
that bridge our lives.

" Listen closely
and this much I will
say that you are touched
my kindness in the
most unique of ways. "

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