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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 05, 2013

It is not always black and white

I always found decisions to be difficult because there is a multitude of ways of looking at them. It is like standing at four corners and peering into a life. From each corner you can see it how it would affect the people in the center. It made me think, is a person brave or weak when their choices reflect what others feel and need and not what they feel and need? There is definitely no easy answer. It is like being a fly in a web, the web is tight and the more you struggle the tighter it becomes. So tight that you feel like you're suffocating.

I just wanna live
and wake up to your kiss,
I just wanna live
and feel the tenderness
of your lips.

I just wanna know
that you love me true,
I just wanna know
how you make my
sky blue.

The more you see beyond the blue,
the tighter the web that strangles you.


Margie said...

Rachel, I'm so glad to be reading your writings again.
You write with much insight and also beautifully !

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie, Glad to have you back and I happy you enjoy reading.