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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I believe we are connected by a source of energy. It is like the old adage " you are the company you keep." Though I feel the energy is more of a Galatic network, an interwoven mesh that either st
rengthens us or weakens us.
A young friend of my children passed away yesterday. My son especially was at a loss as he tried to confront death of a person who has died way to soon. I always thought of Tim as a "Gentle Ben" type of person.  When a person in your personal network passes away, it is as if a break in the tightly woven fibers has broken free. I find the loss leaves a hole within us. Sort of like the case of the woulda,shoulda,coulda.  Though we internalize the what if's, we have come to some understanding that It was his time and that some people have accomplished touching hearts and souls in a shorter
 time period than others. It kind of lends it self to the other adage " The good die young " Maybe that is because they have set out on their journey and in a short time accomplished their goal. As many times that I have said that, I don't know if I really believe it.  Especially when you look around at the negative sources in the world and how some people manage to live longer with evil in their heart.

I never liked goodbyes,
hello is much more fun,
nor liked a dead end road,
I keep following the sun.

I never like the fading of
a beautiful white rose,
never the less I enjoyed
watching it grow.

I never like time as
it controls the hour,
cutting short the
moments as I quickly

                        Tired, tired, tired ...good night

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