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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Be Good To Yourself

I was working in the gardens today. The gardens were not so forgiving for my neglect. The weeds were taller than I and some of  my prized roses struggled to survive. There are so few summer days and even less as time passes so quickly.
In a recent conversation a comment was made " be good to yourself". My mother always said if you don't take care of you , you can't take care of others. I take it in a philosophical way that it means being true, accepting self for self. Finding that point of freedom where the mind and soul come together in acceptance of our earthly time. I always found there to be a unique sense of energy that can be shared, unfortunately the energy can be both positive and negative, so goes the old saying" you are the company you keep." The garden is my way of recharging, escaping and healing during times of stress.

I wanna  live,
as time is all there is,
I wanna dream
if dreaming brings you near.
I wanna wake up
and kiss you sweet love,
I wanna tell you that
I love you true.
I wanna love you,
love you.

Butterfly flowers,
majestic in bloom
border the gardens
below the skies so blue.

Raindrops falling
and a rainbow appears,
and like the clouds in passing
your name appeared.

I felt a  silly tickle,
and a smile was on my face
as I thought of the times
that through my mind raced.

My heart felt joy,
my soul raced with desire,
from that first moment
you sent a blazing fire.

If tomorrow never comes,
this my love I'll say,
that I am truly grateful
for each and every day.

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