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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Purge the Soul

As I find myself distant and my emotions controlling, I find a need to purge the soul. How can one cleanse from inside? In all essence to purge is the revelation of ones being and the acceptance of ones own soul. Unlocking the restraints and battling the demons that take up valuable space within.

It was as if every teardrop
flowed from deep inside,
cleansed the inner soul but
did nothing for the mind.

Passing clouds of darkness
linger for way to long,
building many barriers that
shuns the heart of song.
Runs far,
runs fast,
runs into
your arms.
On the edge of a cloud...
It is in the presence of silence that I hear
 the voice of the soul speak the loudest.

I just wanna tell you
how I'm feeling today,
no rainbows to bridge
the miles that keeps
your love away.

The darkness is
consuming like a
wall that closes
on in and there
is where the
loneliness begins.

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