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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

...my sky so blue.

Life is a big book,
some chapters are shorter than others.

My father use to say " a leopard never changes his spots."
but as we mature, wisdom provides us with another view.
I deleted a few chapters but
somehow they keep reappearing.
My want and need are identical...
What makes a perfect morning?
1. No alarm clock
2. No place to go
        3. Lying in your arms.
Many memories fade from thought,
a few are engrained into my soul.
The heart provides us with the canvas of choice,
that is why if we don't like what we see
we can paint over it.

What makes the sky so blue and
shouts of my love for you?
The dreams the catalyst to view
the heavens in a variety of hues.

Touch of heaven speaks
through the sun and moon.
Starry nights which seem
to whisper " I love you.

Wake up  in the morning
with a smile upon my face,
gratitude in my heart for
our special place.

No erasing the chapters
that time as locked away,
for you are in my heart
in a forever kind of way.

When my life is over
and the days have passed
me by, remember our love
when you gaze unto the sky.

We secured forever with
that first  loving smile and
from that very first moment
documented the hour.

Souls that learned to dream
and make them all come true,
by capturing the love and
watching as it made the sky blue.


Walking through the darkness
to hold you close at heart,
and bridge the distance as I
bring you from a far.

Rainbows and clouds
created for two as I travel
each night to bring my
love to you.

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