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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, July 20, 2013


The knight in shining armor
may rust but true friendship
shines on forever.

Something's we can't explain,
time, diversion and pain.
Heartache and heartbreak found
 a way to make the skies gray.

Something's we can't explain,
mountains, rivers and distance
 as they lay a claim, until I met
 up with you on that special day.

Something's we can't explain,
but I hold it to the this very day
a friendship both wonderful 
and warm and graciously true.

Something's we can't explain
nor do I really care as long
as I have you that is all I
need for my soul to share.

Something's we can't explain
the struggles and the woes,
so I leave them all behind
like the wind that blows.

Something's we can't explain,
the time or place but I know
my sweet your make my
heart race.
They are not tears of sadness
but these emotions do reveal
how your love touched my heart
and allowed my soul to heal.

Pulled me out of the darkness,
stood by me through the day,
believed in me completely
in the most wonderful way.

Happy Anniversary!

I didn't go on looking
I never hoped to find
a love so wonderful
to have for all  time.

With me on darks days
never leaves me alone,
a special friendship 
in my heart grows.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
a love so wonderful
to have for all time.

Wipes away my tears,
dances on my clouds,
loves me no matter
if my spirit is down.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
 a love so wonderful
to have for all time.

Kissed my lips gently
held my hand tight,
on this stroll both
day and night.

I didn't go on looking,
I never hoped to find,
a love so wonderful,
to have for all time


Looking out my window while
watching the rain falling down.
Yesterday has already spoken and
tomorrow doesn't make a sound.

Choices placed me on this path
and I know not where it leads,
memories of old are passing
and I am left with only dreams.


They took away the trees carved with our love,
chopped the willow which embraced like two
spirits in love.  The flowers no longer bloom
where the hills in sadness stand, they dared to
wipe the memories where nature took a hand.

Nothing can erase what has found a place in me,
the joy and happiness like dancing in a dream.
There is the energy I feel when I thought that
nothing could heal, the love you give to me
bonded stronger than the bond of steal.

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