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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Independence has taken on a whole new meaning as I found myself responsible for more than I ever imagined. Of course I think it is independence with strings as the network is much more complicated at my age. But as we celebrate the birth of a nation, I will also celebrate when hearts and souls soar free.

Living on a memory and those sweet dreams of you,
dancing on the clouds in the sky above the blue.
Happiness and joyfulness is all that can be found
when I call out your name and the blue birds
fly on down.

Secrets kept safely deep within my heart, I care
not to share them they were there from the start.
They are built on passion and fueled by desire
the love of two souls that have yet to reach
the ground.

Awakened like the angels in the early birth of spring,
the season now passed brings the hot of summer dreams.
Hills that become a conquest with more yet to follow
on the road of disbelief when hearts meet up with sorrow.

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