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Monday, July 01, 2013

Just a thought

When I was a little girl it was so very important that we say our prayers each day. No matter what the day held, we were to kneel beside the bed and recite memorized prayers at night and again before rising in the morning. Of course we were never to ask for any special favors, because the Lord doesn't grant request of greed. Each night I would say "Dear Lord... may I  be strong enough so I can help myself and others. " As time went by I found it was not so much in prayer but in actions that our life was dependent upon. The path we walk, the decisions we make and who we choose to walk with us.
It has been commonly said " the eyes are the window to the soul "
that was my big mistake... I didn't look.
My mind is like seeds scattered in the wind.
It is not possible to hate something you once loved,
as nothing is as it once was.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...occasionally they are made for you.
The revelation is some cross your path,
others are there for the long haul.
Friendship can only do so much ,
the willingness to get out of bed
 and face the day well that is ...
Cautious or wiser? maybe both.
I don't know which is worse,
waking from the dream to find it's only a dream
or failing to dream at all ?
If you ever seen a classic romance movies
they would have you believing you can dance on the clouds forever.
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
that is kind of me on a daily basis.
The love of life is kind of like when you are looking for
your eye glasses and they are on top of your head,
 it's there we just can't see it.


Life is a puzzle tossed up in the air,
the pieces are all around and finding
them to interlock correctly is our

Love would never walk away, it would see you through the day, like the sun that meets the moon it never fades into the gray. Rainbows are fleeting, the stars are here to stay as true love takes a heart and holds it through the day. ~

Love is meant to be shared or
it becomes and empty vessel
going nowhere.

That which is like a rainbow
exciting and beautiful but
quickly fleeting, reminds
us lust comes and goes
but true love is forever.

There is a weakness in the web that
was heavily spun throughout the years.

The deeper you go into yourself,
the more you understand around you.
Here is my heart and like a kaleidoscope you
can see through it the ever changing world.


I am not sure you can ever be
 prepared for the unwritten chapters.
I was fifteen the first time I experienced a broken a heart...
but it wasn't till today that I accepted it.

There is traditional and than there is love.

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