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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 18, 2013


People can't make a person happy,
but they can reveal the happiness within.
My biggest struggles come with the unknown.
I am always on a need to know basis.

Love is not a possession

it is a way of living life.

Do you hear the song bird

singing at your back door?

The song of happiness

you have yet to explore.

Do you know forever is

a quaint fairytale told?

The story of love that

never ever grows old.

Happiness is only obtained

through one's own thoughts.


Everyone has their own hell

on the upside for every hell their is a heaven.


There is no sadness in a short journey,

but  much sadness in a journey cut short.
I believe that we are here upon this earth until we get it right,
some of us are slower learners.

There is an upside to being a hermit,
no entanglement to strangle the breath out of you.,
The taste of heaven upon one lips
toys with the reality.
The hell that binds the flesh
cannot place restraints upon the soul.
That which flows through the heart,
anchors to the souls and takes up
space within the mind is most
likely an obsession.

I struggle with the meeting of souls,
as the restrictions set upon this earth
restrains the spirit.


Love or an obsession,
it can't be both.

The strangest things cross my mind,
"he eternal resting place" concept
of body or soul ?

I felt death and it was void of energy,
spirit and light.

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